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Café Literati

We have decided to open in Cafe Crem  “Cafe Literati”, The Literary Room, open to all actual and budding writers from Cafe Crem, and starting NOW! This is a place where you can publish your poetry, short stories and novels, and be sure that all will be read and commented with attention and respect.

You will find below a list of all categories published in Cafe Literati, ordered according to their authors and style. Please click on the links to access them.


    1. Yes this is indeed a most joyful occasion. I tip my wine glass and nod my head to Miki and Kev for once again keeping things fresh and foraging ahead with a willed determination to make Cafe Crem special for all of us.


      Comment by Michael Pokocky | December 26, 2008

    2. Yeah Bubble Boy Avatar is born. Can’t wait for the story Miki!

      Comment by Michael Pokocky | December 29, 2008

    3. Ahh!!! A literary Cafe; Cafe Literati. Miki and Kev you have tapped into the groundswell that is positive energy and it is giving back to you for all the kindness and hard won creations that go together to make up your dynamic team. Your friends are all here and more will come to participate, have a coffee and perhaps and hopefully contribute from their edge of the Net. Amazing!!!

      Comment by Michael | January 9, 2009

    4. I will tell you the truth about the name, Michael. In fact we wanted to call it Cafe Literatte, some kind of word play on Cafe Latte. But I spelled it totally wrong as I opened it! And today I am happy about it as it allowed me to use the Cafe Latte for “Cafe L’Arte”

      Comment by Miki | January 9, 2009

    5. Now I really need to block out more time to do some reading! Writing prose has always been difficult for me. Even my poems I like to keep short. But it just so happens I am trying to write some longer things for an altered book project I am working on.

      Does anyone here know Czech? It is my latest translating interest, inspired by memories of my Bohemian grandmother.

      Comment by shelleymhouse | January 13, 2009

    6. Certainly sounds interesting, Shelley, but I surely don’t know any Czech words!

      Comment by kevmoore | January 13, 2009

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    8. Oh how cool! A place for my poems! You guys are amazing, the things you create, online, offline, everywhere..

      Comment by psychscribe | January 18, 2009

    9. Bonjour Coeur de Rose, so nice to see you here!
      Yes, Cafe Literati is place for your poetry! I have just installed a poetry writing table for you here (unpoetic translation: a category called “Psychscribe’s Poetry”), so when you post some poetry, just add these 2 categories to it. It would be wonderful to see your poetry here!

      Comment by Miki | January 18, 2009

    10. Hi Miki! I can’t find it…I looked in categories but it wasn’t there. I am also a brand new photographer – would it be ok to post my photos in the art section?
      Hugs! Psych

      Comment by psychscribe | January 18, 2009

    11. Hi Psych! If you write a new post, you will see your category appear where all the other categories are. it is in the category “Cafe Literati”, subcategory “Psychscribe’s Poetry”. Tick both when you post a new poem.
      At the moment the category does not appear on the home page, because you don’t have posted any until now. But as soon as you have posted your first poem, it will be there, like the other ones too. if you have a problem, just post your poem, I will edit it then and add the categories, and you will understand then.

      Of course it would be great to see your photos in Cafe l’Arte!!! I will open right now there your “own exhibition room”… means the same, a subcategory called “Psychscribe’s Photography” in the parent category Cafe L’Arte.
      Can’t wait to see your photo work!!!

      Comment by Miki | January 18, 2009

    12. Hello Psyche, great to see you again! looking forward to your poems and pics!

      Comment by kevmoore | January 18, 2009

    13. Is it ok to post stuff that I’ve already published on my personal blog, or do you want only originals?

      Comment by psychscribe | January 18, 2009

    14. Of course it is ok. You can really post any own poem or own literary text you wish here, this is OUR literary Café!

      Comment by Miki | January 18, 2009

    15. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. I’m happy to be back 🙂

      Comment by psychscribe | January 18, 2009

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    19. Mike, my browser won’t open your link to Bubble Boy (safari)- I’m wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

      Comment by psychscribe | February 7, 2009

    20. oops, typo, of course i meant Miki

      Comment by psychscribe | February 7, 2009

    21. Hi Psych and thanks!
      The link didn’t work, but it seems to work now. Thanks for finding it!

      Comment by Miki | February 7, 2009

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