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Over the Hills and Far Away -13 – Arnedillo explored


Situated as we were half way up the gorge, it was easy to see most of Arnedillo laid out in front of us, but it still harboured a few hidden delights upon closer inspection. An old stone bridge spanned the gorge at its narrowest point, affording us access to a winding path that climbed the hillside, giving us spectacular views of the town.

The weather continually threatened to change for the worse, and the sun barely appeared, but we still had a delightful time exploring.

Fearless in the extreme, I trip the light fantastic down the hillside like a newborn gazelle....

However, I seemed unable to shake my fear of falling rocks.......

We discovered many oddities along the path, including some very interesting, yet seemingly abandoned old dwellings.  One of them had the coolest staircase.

Seriously open plan staircase from a pre-IKEA civilisation.

"Is it a bird, is it a plane?" - "No, Raul, it's that English idiot skipping down a mountain..."

The biggest surprise Arnedillo had in store for us however was a 2 kilometer long tunnel hidden beneath the town. As we discovered it, two small children were emerging from the gloom. We asked where it led. The little lad, drew himself to his full height and sadi in Spanish -“Oh, it goes all the way under the town, there is a small section where it’s a little wet, but you’ll manage.” I’m sure he impressed his small companion. We had our bikes by this time, and set off on the most surreal subterranean ride I’ve ever experienced.

I bet Lance Armstrong hasn't done THIS.

As usual with the bikes, we got a bit carried away and decided to head along the cycle path thoughtfully provided towards the next village.

"Right, that's it. I'm turning around. I've only just got enough fuel to get back."

"My white bicycle" - which Scottish band had a hit with it? Answers in the comments please!

Arnedillo was great fun, and after buying some local Rioja for our neighbours, we set off relentlessly South once again.

Kev Moore

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