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The effect of Feminism on Spanish Women, or, Why do they all look so miserable?

Angry Woman

It might be an outrageous claim, but it’s true. Feminism, like a drinkable water supply and fresh milk, reached Spain later than most, and consequently, hit like a tidal wave.

The Spanish are very good at picking up the ball and running with it; when they discover something (like the internet, or satellite TV) they very quickly adapt it into their way of life, and create succesful companies which often buy out the original British templates. But, with rampant feminism, the effect was nothing short of catastrophic. Almost overnight, the women became harder, meaner, and figuratively and literally, began to wear the trousers.

The result is great swathe of miserable, frowning, angry and downright rude women. They have faces like ” a bulldog chewing a wasp” – to borrow a quaint old British expression; scrunched up, truculent and bitter.

More seriously, the Spanish men, are turning from their own singularly scary women, and are seeking the more feminine and (currently) less confrontational East European variety who, thanks to the inefficacy of communism, are now in plentiful supply. One can’t help feeling the Senoritas have scored something of an own goal here.

But, every once in a while, the mask drops, one of them might laugh, or smile, at an innermost thought, and their faces are transformed. Let us hope this tide of negative emotion continues onward, out in to the Mediterranean, sweeping away the stern masks and steely resolve, and the Spanish women regain something of their femininity, for the sake of their suffering menfolk, who, I’m sure, spend their days yearning for that nanosecond smile.

As I expect a fatwah to be taken out on me by the entire Spanish female population, I shall now be moving to Chechnya and calling myself Shirley.

Kev Moore (Mrs.)

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  1. Dear Shirley, I don’t know what a fatwah is, but I do know that without our feminist foremothers you would be busy cleaning house all day rather than indulging your “little hobby of painting”! I put quotes on that that because I remember when women and their interests were spoken of in that diminutive fashion….Sincerely, Gloria

    Comment by psychscribe | February 18, 2008

  2. Dear Gloria, a fatwah is a death sentence (muslim usually) …which leads me to wonder if a “thinwah” would merely be an annoying poke in the eye.

    I take your point about the diminutives….if you watch some old TV stuff now…it makes you shudder to see the condescension towards women…but I think the Spanish took it to the Nth degree, too fast, with unfortunate consequences.

    Comment by kevmoore | February 18, 2008

  3. Dear Kev: Ok 🙂 About the fatwah, in Italian we have an expression mal occhia, meaning the evil eye. (i’m not sure that i spelled it right) Now I am having a senior moment because I can’t remember who our writer is here who is Italian? Can you tell me if men give the mal occhia or is it only the domain of la strega? (translation: the witch)..actually what’s really amusing me lately in my writing here and on my personal blog is that i used to be a FLAMING feminist….these are just embers compared to where I used to be coming from – still, the issues are the issues…i stopped flaming when it suddenly dawned on me that i had a husband i loved and a son i loved and so maybe i was being a bit harsh!

    Comment by psychscribe | February 18, 2008

  4. Mal occhia = deochi, in Romanian! I’m not quite Italian (if you don’t consider the Ancient Romans as Italians…) but I think mal occhia (or “deochi”) could be the deed of enyone giving you a mean look (that’s why, for instance, small children are “decorated” with red or blue ribbons – anti-mal occhia!

    Kev-shirley, you know something? the communist regime had his good parts: I was raised in one and we were taught very seriously that men and women ARE equal in all respects… never occured to me otherwise… So, maybe East European women don’t seem (or do not show themselves) as Feminist as that but they are proud and eventually fierce individualities…

    Comment by iondanu | February 18, 2008

  5. Unfortunately what Kevin says about Spanish women is true. I remember how lovely Spanish women were “before”, and it breaks my heart to see them today, hart and aggressive.
    But I must add something. We are talking above all about the women living in our area, which is anyway a very special place, where I think an extreme social structure arose, due to the turism and the confluence of about 60 different nationalities from all around the world living together in a small room. Not only the women changed here, the men too. They all became more arrogant, less generous, less respectful towards strangers (to be honest, not their fault, the Spaniards haven´t been treated very well themselves at the beginning…). Just by the women, together with the extremist feminism, it gives an explosive mix and leads to a very unpleasant behaviour.

    Comment by Miki | February 19, 2008

  6. Miki,do the words “more arrogant, less generous, less respectful toward strangers” apply to how they treated the women as well? Because if so, then they already were that way only less so…and then we can see that women could continue to accept such behavior, or begin to look at the premises of feminism and start to say “ah ha!!!!!!! I don’t deserve to take it anymore!”

    Comment by psychscribe | February 19, 2008

  7. I find this very strange. I do have a friend who lived in Spain for several years. I asked why she didn’t end up marrying a Spanish man (instead of a Moroccan). She told me all the Spanish men were super “mama’s boys.” If that’s so, maybe THAT’s what’s upsetting all the Spanish women.

    Madame Monet

    Comment by wpm1955 | February 23, 2008

  8. you talk like you know something about the Spanish culture! Like you live in Spain to be able to judge. Just because you see something on tv or hear things from other people or whatever, does not mean it’s like that.. your stupidity really does not have limits!! its just as big as your previous commentators’
    –“oh.. i remember how lovely spanish women were “before” and it breaks my hart to see them today” –fucking dumb!!!!! what, are you fuckin 100 year old to have seen the change??
    whatever it is you have against the spanish culture.. why dont you drop it and instead look inside you and judge your own shitty living form

    Comment by eric | May 29, 2009

  9. Well I am spanish, I was born, raised up in Spain and have spent all my life in Spain. Nobody can say me I don’t know my own culture and my country. And let me tell you something: what Kevin says might sound a bit exxagerated but it is true. Sometimes they are very rude, angry against men and with a bitter face. Some radical feminists even think that smiling to a man is equal to lowering oneself.

    Comment by SpanishGuy | January 26, 2010

  10. Hi, my name really is Shirley. I’m an autodidactic feminist from Portland, Oregon, usa. Last year I lived near Madrid with my husband and two boys, studying traces of feminism in adolescent literature by Spanish women writers since the 1920s. It was fun!

    In my town (Alcala de Henares), I was surprised and happy to see many men- grandfathers and fathers, caring for children, even little babies, after school, more so than here in Oregon. I think Spanish feminists have done a great job. But many do seem very serious or very sad.

    I like your page.

    Comment by Shirley Dawn Stanfield | May 20, 2010

  11. Well, I haven’t visited this thread for a while, but I’m glad I have! I’ve just seen Eric’s comment to Miki – talk about an ignoramus! For your information Eric, Miki does live in Spain, has done for many years and has spent time here for around 50 years, she speaks Spanish and has fully interacted with the people here. We can only comment on what we see. I love your intelligent use of expletives to make your point, I’m sure you are a fine debater. 😉

    Shirley: Hello and welcome. From my own perspective, I have no axe to grind with Spanish women, I just feel it is a shame that some, not all, women equate pursuing feminism with putting up a hard, unforgiving facade to men, and as our Spanish guy commented, smiling is classed as equal to lowering oneself. The real issue is that men and women are equal, but different. The problem being that a great percentage of both sexes feel uncomfortable in their new roles, and are unsure of how to behave, for fear of ‘letting the side down’. When I was raising my daughter, back in the mid to late 80’s , I was the only father picking her up from school in a playground full of mothers, I guess that has changed significantly.

    Comment by kevmoore | May 20, 2010

  12. Oh, I hadn’t seen Eric’s comment either! But generally I don’t answer comments which are written in such an aggressive way.

    Comment by Miki | May 20, 2010

  13. […] [UPI, image] Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest odd & weird news. […]

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  14. We call it: FEMINAZISM.

    Comment by Don Diego | February 12, 2011

  15. Don Diego – nice play on words! 🙂

    Comment by kevmoore | February 12, 2011

  16. What the article describes is 99% true. Hard to say but it´s like that. I´m Spanish, born and raised in Spain. I know my country “a bit” and must say that I won´t have any serious relationship with a native Spanish woman even if they were the last standing on Earth. It sounds harsh but that´s the way it is. I´ve already found someone far beyond the Pirynees, and the differences are huge, so huge that I sometimes doubt that Spanish women are really womeen. Have a nice day.

    Comment by Albertario | February 13, 2011

  17. The article says the truth. I´m spaniard and the last women i have stay with are Europe orientals, colombian, Polish, japanese and other american women.

    I never have been with a spanish woman because they are so ambitious and she wanted the best all the time.

    The feminism we have now in spain is for throw to eat apart….

    You have to now about Leyre Pajín who is sayinng silly things on TV everyweek. She only is a bachellor in sociology and she is a radical feminist that arise this year as minister in the ZP goverment.

    Note that she wants now women that abort to have 12 weeks out of work…

    Comment by Jandrón de Castilla | February 13, 2011

  18. Thanks for all the latest comments. It seems to me that there is a great swathe of Spanish women who are in danger of losing the one thing that is in fact precious – their femininity. Perhaps, as they storm the ‘bastions of male superiority’ and stand side by side with their vanquished, emasculated men, they will have time to reflect on the delicate balance of nature, and how easily it can all go to hell.

    Comment by kevmoore | February 18, 2011

  19. Feminists deny history…… they distort history….. they cherry pick history to prop up their ideology and fool women into feeling oppressed. The reality is that life was hard for both women and men, no one had it better. without technology and medicine men and women had to live in a nightmare world in which roles had to be defined because that was the way the world was. Today women can afford to complain and whine about how “oppressed” they were without giving a thought to what men had to go through. We could equally say that men were oppressed by the huge responsibility that they had to endure because of no fault of their own. I hate feminism because it denies these simple facts…….

    Comment by Sombody | February 3, 2012

  20. These lines sadly show a lack of culture and knowledge on feminism movements in Spain and it seems based on personal perceptions, of someone who probably can only detect “great swathe of miserable, frowning, angry and downright rude Persons and faces like ” a bulldog chewing a wasp”….because he/she is exactly like that.
    Besides, is very sad to read these lines and the comments. One sees the “small town” ways that these “debate” has taken. Being native of a country, or having live in a country for 40, 50 or 60 years does not make you an expert on the issue. Prove? All of these comments and the “lines” perfectly show that no one has taken into a count recent Spanish history. If they would, maybe they could understand the huge efford that women had to do in Spain just to be “recognized” as a full citizen with political, social and cultural rights…..recently (40 years, that does not give time for the next generation.) and maybe they get to think that gender relations are influenced by political issues and to equilibrate it, takes time…..and the dictatorship generations are still alive. Cultural changes does not come over night.
    Besides, I am happy that Spanish women does not drink as truck drivers, like brithish,Irish and germans women do and, I also happy that they do not come from communist countries were everyone shares the same female sexual services….for few pennys.

    Comment by Marta | February 23, 2012

  21. Oh my dear Spanish ladies, you have learned nothing. You can be strong and still have a man, and children. That is what gives you strength. Be yourself, stand up proud, make your own boundaries within your society, slowly and within you.

    Comment by Jaynee Babin | November 30, 2015

  22. Yeah, just my impression. I actually came here from a Google search “Why are all Spanish women feminists?” 😂

    I’ve lived and worked in Spain for two years and pretty much every women I met hated men and “only needed their sperm” (I quote).

    Too bad because physically I find them pretty attractive.

    Comment by Alexander Antifem | July 4, 2017

  23. My experience is Spanish women can be very harsh and direct so this feminism you say has taken grip of the country is merely a tool. I remember visiting Spain in the 80’s and encountering this frown and speaking in a loud rasping voice in more than just a few. However, when a Spanish woman wants something she knows how to turn into the prettiest sweetest person on earth and it’s very difficult to resist her.

    Now, having said all this we all know this is a generalisation and there are all sorts in all nations. The idea is to find a Spanish woman or other nationality that is special to you and turn her into your princess!!

    Comment by Anonymous | July 8, 2021

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