Café Crem

Art, Music and Words around The Coffee Table


About one year ago, I was confiding privately to Susan Cornelis my dreams about Cafe Crem. I wanted it to be an inspirational place for artists, musicians and writers, a place with many different beautiful rooms. And this is what it has become now, a development I am very proud of.

But there was something more I told her.  Something of which I particularly dreamt. I wanted in Cafe Crem a special place for children, for their art, their words, all of what makes them so unique. I had ideas like choosng a theme -at that moment I thought of “The Little Prince”…- and inviting parents to post their kid’s drawings, poetry, whatever, on this theme.

Soon I abandoned the idea, first because I realised that having no children myself nor any child “available” in my close environment I couldn’t contribute myself. And anyway, it is clear that people have no time for my dreams, it’s hard enough realising their own!

But this dream haunts me regularly, and some days ago, it hit me particularly strongly as I read  Shelley’s Post  “Pink Lemonade” :

“… Picasso said it took him a lifetime to paint like a child, so I always pay close attention to what my children draw. I think my lesson here is that I need to loosen up a little bit more with my writing… “

And then again, 2 days ago… Kevin was very poorly and had to stay in bed most of the time. I mentioned he was ill to Pomme, my wonderful friend in France, and a little bit later I received a mail with a drawing attached, made by her little boy for Kevin. To make him laugh and feel better – and in fact Kevin laughed and felt better as he saw it! At that moment I knew that it was time realise my dream!

So, dear Cafe Cremers, we still have some room free here in Cafe Crem and I absolutely want to dedicate it to children. This is why I now announce the opening of:

“The Minibar”.

I suppose this will be the last room I open for a long time, but certainly not the least!

I invite everybody to post here drawings, paintings, poetry, words, from their own children, from themselves as they were children, from children from their families or acquaintances. I have no doubt that their works will be inspirational for all of us…  listen to Picasso!


  1. Oh…I wish I had some! I have NO children in the circle of my life, though I just found out I’m going to be a grandmother, but the baby won’t be born till end of September…a little soon for artwork!!! (By the way, I am soooo thrilled about the pregnancy you can’t possibly imagine – I’ve been waiting for so long!!!)

    Comment by psychscribe | January 24, 2009

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