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Our beach

The beach here in Lowestoft

The beach here in Lowestoft

 I thought I would post a picture of the beach where I live. This was taken in late summer on  calm day; I walk there usually, taking about forty minutes to get there. The beach changes every day according to season and weather, and I stroll along, and bring home holey stones, shells and all sorts of flotsam and jetsam to make weird sculptures. Sometimes we see seals, and even porpoises. Jellyfish and starfish get washed up and we throw them back.

I never expected I would live by the sea. I count it one of my many blessings that I do.  I wrote the following poem over a year before we came to move here. I do wonder who was listening when I wrote it…  



When I wake, I want to feel

The sea breeze creeping cool

Through my open window,

Filling the room with the scent

Of the salt tang and the seaweed.

When I wake, I want to hear

Gulls, not rooks, calling raucously

Beyond my open window

And hear not the soft sough

Of the wind in the trees

But the hiss and gurgle

Of the sea lapping the shore.

On a winter’s morning

When the high winds have raged

Throughout the night,

I want to go outside

And find what the sea has thrown

Beyond the high tide mark

And sift the treasure from the trash.

I want to sit and watch

The sun sink beneath the waves

While a driftwood fire

Dances and crackles beside me

And the sound of the sea

Fills my ears with peace.

by Viv



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  1. What a pleasure again, Viv!
    This is funny, we have a very special friend in Lowestoft, and I wonder if you know him as I guess that he is a kind of celebrity there. We met him in Portugal last Summer, he was a part of The English Team at the Power Boats World Championship. We met him per accident there, his name is Brian Block, Kevin became his assistant by the championship, it was very exciting and we deeply enjoyed Brian’s company. Perhaps we will meet again this year for the World Championships in Portugal first, and then in Hungary… It would be funny if you know him too!

    Wonderful poem too! I lived directly by the sea the last 6 years, now we have moved and are 5 kilometres away from the sea, but it is almost the same. Always when we drive there, Kevin simply says
    “I love the sea!”
    And for myself I love the sea too, and like you, I especially love all the sounds of the sea.. I have spent many weeks on my brother;s sailing boat, on the Atlantic, and what I most loved there were all these sounds… the sounds of silence almost!
    Your poems are so dense, so evocative, so warm… so poetic!!!! 🙂
    and we always realise how lucky we are to live here.

    Comment by Miki | January 4, 2009

  2. This one’s up there with Masefield, Viv! Great thoughts expressed in words, and touching on all I love about the sea, having grown up in landlocked Derby. I remember how magical it was holidaying in South Wales as a boy and gazing out along the seemingly endless stretch of sand known as Pendine beach.

    So funny, as Miki says, that you seem to live near our friend Brian, who is a great character, and almost single-handedly got us hooked on F4 powerboat racing!

    Comment by kevmoore | January 4, 2009

  3. Aha, you’re a Derby boy then Kev! Our last home was on the Notts/Derby border, in the village of Kegworth, famed for the M1 plane crash; we would often go into Derby on a Saturday or a Friday(my husband’s offical “day-off” was Friday) and he did his Kung Fu at a centre in the middle of Derby. And we often camped in South Wales, finding the Gower peninsula a little known treasure of a destination (unless you’re a surfer that is, as Rhossli Bay is a prime surfing beach, especially off the Worm’s Head)
    Regarding Brian, alas, I don’t know him personally, because the chances of that are small, as he’s a celebrity and I’ve only been here two years. The powerboat races last year took place during the Airshow, and I was teaching the afternoon of the races. Plus, I am not good with crowds, and the usual population of about 60,000 rises to about 200,000, most of them crammed round the Harbour and the seafront, so I was quite glad to have drawn the mythtical short straw and be stuck in a classroom with five German students. I did offer them the opportunity to swap the lesson and do it another day if they wanted to go see the air show but they all said they’d prefer a lesson. Not sure that’s a tribute to their love of learning or to my teaching abilities. I do remember we did a whole load of phrasal verbs….. Oh and one student was the women’s chess champ for the whole of the Ukraine and Russia. Nice kid.
    I have written a lot about the sea, before I came here and not so much after. I dreamed a great deal about the sea even before we knew we were moving; we only knew where we were going for sure 7 weeks before we moved. We were trying to get a house in Norwich but they were all too expensive and those we could afford either needed loads doing or were in areas we’d regret moving to. So we kept getting funnelled towards Lowestoft. Weird. Apart from my battle with depression, this has been the happiest time of my adult life.

    Comment by viv66 | January 4, 2009

  4. I remember well the aircrash, they seemed to be falling out of the sky a lot then, what with Lockerbie also, and our band was travelling around the UK gigging, and we drove past the crash sites of both. Quite sobering. of course Kegworth is also famous for being the home of the cartoonist Bill Tidy, isn’t it?

    Comment by kevmoore | January 4, 2009

  5. Indeed it is; he no longer lives there but he used to go to our local and left them a cartoon for the wall.
    We lived right in the centre of the village and I never got used to the planes that thundered across the sky. I was suffering from man flu when we went for interview and I never noticed the planes then.
    I heard the story of the crash many times from parishioners who’d witnessed it and some had even helped with the recovery operation.
    We’re going to a wedding up near Lockerbie in April, as an aside.

    Comment by viv66 | January 4, 2009

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