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Here comes the mug !

I know, it’s about time that my mugs and me make a new appearance in Cafe Crem!

It has been such a long time since my last mug painting, I guess the last one was the Memphis mug about 6 months ago? Something like that. Not that I love my mugs less, or find them less ‘paintable’, I was just busy with some other motifs.. and some other people.

By the way I want to thank Shelley and Danu who joined me on Easelspace, this artist community from which I have been part of the co-hosting for some months now. I am glad to have them with me there, it makes me feel home. As well as Kevin of course, who is also a quite active member there, with his art work and with the poems he writes inspired by some Easelspace artists’ paintings.

Anyway, here comes the new mug…

be careful and keep out of his way, he is coming very fast!

Mobile Mug

By the way: “Mobile Mug” was a gift from Kevin… I was sad that day, he went out and came back with Mobile Mug for me… that mug was really full of love – even though it’s expression might not convey it!   🙂


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I used to upload photos of coffee cups here.  Remembere Toi & Moi on a rock by the Riviere Simon?  Or the eye few shots of my moleskine journal with a coffee mug in the photo?

I was reading popurls® ( popurls® is the mother of aggregators, a single page that encapsulates up-to-the-minute headlines from the most popular sites on the internet | by thomas marban) and found a coffee mug story going around the net.

Enjoy and I will be uploading my photographs and philosophical sketches soon as I load them of my back up disk (but I want to write a kind » 24 Modern Mugs and Creative Mug Designs.

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Ugly Mug


Finally I have managed to get something coffee related into cafe crem! The mug in the picture was my star creation at age 13/14 after a few weeks doing pottery at my secondary school. The teacher told various other members of staff about it that it was the best she’d seen any pupil produce, and this little dewdrop filtered back to me in the time honoured tradition. The photo alas is not so good but I am still getting the hang of the new camera even though I stil have no software; this was uploaded by the simple(haha!) expedient of putting the camera SD card into my new EEpc laptop and getting my husband to figure the rest out….It was then all transferred onto what we like to call a “remembering twig” and thus onto my PC.

If you’re wondering how a single mug has survived almost thirty years of use and about ten house moves, then blame my teacher. For some reason a tiny area inside the mug didn’t take the glaze and so the resulting mug has never held liquid of any sort and therefore only qualifies as a coffee cup from wistful thinking. It annoyed me at the time that all my work at the potter’s wheel getting the basic vessel right, then the sculpting of the face and the handle all went for nothing because a dip in the glaze missed a tiny portion of biscuit-fired clay, but now I am glad because I am sure that it would have been broken beyond repair by now otherwise.

Sometimes a mistake proves to be a blessing.

by Viv

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A Tale of Two Mugs, or, how the heir lost his receptacle (with apologies to Jethro Tull)

Cups Spiderman and Homer Simpson

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to fuse together, a coffee cup entry and a parents/children entry, so here it is.By the way, this is my first ever watercolour (I know, you can tell!). I have been inspired by Susan and Danu’s recent entries. It depicts two cups, and each have their own, albeit different, stories attached. Both were Christmas presents, but only one, to my shame, reached its intended recipient.

Let us begin with the one on the right. the Homer Simpson mug. This was a gift some years ago from my daughter. what the picture doesn’t tell you, is that it contained a large double chocolate donut, which lasted approximately 0.2 nanoseconds after the wrapping was removed. She gave me that kind of look which said; “oh, yeah, I know YOUR weakness, Daddy!” I mumbled a thank you between the mouthfuls and errant crumbs, and tried to hide my shame by opening other presents. Every time I look at that cup, I am reminded that I am only one donut away from falling off the wagon…..

So, inevitably, the mug on the right. a glorious celebration of the institution that is Marvel, in this case personified by Spider-Man. I bought this for my son, but, foolish child that he is, he reckoned without my juvenile tendencies. The puny mortal thought that spidey was HIS generations to revere, HAHAHAHA!! (((maniacal, echoing laughter))) Did he not know that I had a pile of Marvel and DC comics higher than my bed???? I had Daredevil issue NUMBER 4, for god’s sake!! and so it came to pass that, after opening the present at my house, the mug never left, and has remained a fixture in my kitchen ever since. Corey is bereft, and has to drink from lesser vessels, probably depicting crap superheroes like the Flash (He can run fast, big deal…Superman does that before breakfast).

So, although my son and I have learned to move beyond my festive faux pas, I urge all of you parents out there, be careful if you choose a gift for your offspring that you yourself covet….Remember the wise words of Peter Parker’s dear departed Uncle “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Kev Moore

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