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It doesn’t matter!


It doesn’t matter!


Honest to God, son – it doesn’t matter!!

So you’re having the drumstick,



There’s no need to correct me

as to whether I said

you would eat

the drumstick first …

or last …

There’s no rules to sweetie eating!

Honest to God, son – it doesn’t matter!!

So you’re wearing your coat,

with the hood taken off.

Its sunny – no worries!

There’s no need to correct me

as to whether I said

you could zip your sleeves

in, or take them off …

Its your coat and your choice!


Honest to God, son – it doesn’t matter!!

There are more things to worry on

than sweeties and coats

and more things to correct me on

when you’re older and wiser.

But for now .. let it go – and just trust that I know.


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Joyce Marion Moore

 Joyce Moore 

A child of the thirties

Derbyshire born

Unconditional love

Smiles, soft and warm

Loved by her brothers

Numbering four

To school she would send me

With a kiss through the door

I remember her freedom

As we left the nest

The new job she relished

Doing her best

But the tears that she shed

As I got my own place

Were as nothing to the rivers

That ran down my face

As my dearest, my Mother

Crossed over at last

And I’m scared that the memories

Will fade like the past

I try and I try to recall her sweet smile

But the illness that took her

Indiscriminate and vile

Intrudes on my thoughts

And its hard for a while

But with patience that image recedes from my brain

And there, in the light, stands my Mother again.

Copyright Kev Moore 2008

I wanted to write some words about my Mother, and well, out this came.

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I don’t know if a coffee gene exists. So that you can inherit the liking of coffee (or coffee cups). But the name of my mother was the one I put in the title and which, in English, would sound like Jenny-who-drinks-coffee. It was my mother’s nickname. Still is, in fact, since she is 82 and counting, with a younger sister, the only survivors of a 13 children family… She was called that name (her sister still calls her like that) because it was common knowledge in the family that you needn’t to prepare very elaborate meals to please my mother (Eugenia, shortly Jenny): if you would give her a large cup of caffé au lait and some bread she would be quite happy… and they called her Jenny-who-drinks-coffee… Not a bad nickname, after all… Another time I will tell you her secret coffee making ritual… For now, here she is, in her prime, in a detail of the painting I gave her for her 80th anniversary… Ion Vincent Danu

My mother in her prime

ION VINCENT DANU, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

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