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But is it Art?

I did a day trip as part of my job, taking about 40 English kids to France. Our destination was Bologne-sur-Mer. All around Bologne-sur-Mer there are sculptures using old cars and bits of cars. It’s very amusing to see some of them but is it ART?

I like it but do you?


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Like Dominoes

domLike Dominoes

The days fall like dominoes
One, Two, Three, Four
They are relentless, until the last
A cascade, a waterfall of time, unslowing
Enjoy the moments in between
Enjoy the seldom seen
If we could stop an instant and hold it in our hand
But it ripples through our fingers like a grain of sand
And the days repeat and disappear
Too fast to seize the moment
Too quick to grasp the portent
Until the end of our toppled life comes into view
A pile of days, all used by you
Like dominoes.

© Kev Moore August 2009

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Tree Gods


Tree Gods


They wait, these trees.

Slender children of older gods,

Mighty as towers but long gone,

Fallen to ruin and leaf mould.

They wait, these trees.

Winters pass like melting snow;

The glades grow dense, with brambles

Hiding their burrowing feet.

Moss-furred stumps,

The bones of their ancestors

Remind them of past glories.

They wait, these trees.

Summers pass like blooming flowers.

The dells ring with song

And deer run in hidden paths

Of dappled sun and shade.

They wait, these trees.

The tiny child grows up,

Grows old and passes on,

Houses rise and houses fall

Towns boom, towns bust,

Kings and queens come and go.

The trees alone remain.

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The colours spell danger-

Yellow and black in bold stripes,

And the drone like a chainsaw,

Cartoon-ish, exaggerated madly.

An unmistakeable intruder,

Buzzing wildly and bumbling

From window to wall,

Every footfall audible

Like a prehistoric bug

Blundering into our modern room.

And yet, I feel no fear.

This insect, as big as my thumb,

Does not terrify me.

I feel simply wonder and love.

by Viv

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The Lazy Poet

He went through life oblivious

To all good things

That were his fortune to behold

The beauty of a summers morning

The joy at seeing children

Welcomed back into the fold

The sight of two old people

Walking hand in hand

Or swallows heading southwards

In the sky

Never seemed enough

To stir his hand to writing

He’d just observe, in passing, with a sigh

And all this depth of wonder

Washed in silent splendour

O’er his heart

He never grasped the need

To write it down, and play his part

For there are wonders in this world

that someday maybe lost

We fail to tell about them at our peril…

…And the cost to each man’s soul

Each infinitesimal  amount

Diminishes by sad degrees

Just what we are about

So the old, old lazy poet

In the autumn of his years

Pledged to write of childhood dreams

And all his hopes and fears

But all too little, much too late

As preparing now to meet his fate

He watched the cloud formations in the sky

And he put aside his pen and let a tear roll down his cheek

Onto the empty page, the lazy poet died.

© Kev Moore, 10am, in bed, 11/07/06

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Just words

Just words
No one listens to me.
But then I have nothing to say
I have not said a thousand times before.
I'm dying for someone to hear
My silent screams
And offer help.
I'm searching for the words:
The right words
The magic words.
They're just words;
They hold no power
To save or damn me.
Just words: no more.
by Viv


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Wally on The Rocks…


‘… and this is me in action!

(2007 –  France, La Bretagne)

by Miki

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In Search of Miki…

I know, I am repeating myself: I just posted the same entry in my blog!
But somehow I wanted to share this funny thing with you here in Cafe Crem, and on the same occasion increase the probability to find Miki… and it is a way too to show you one of Kevin’s cartoons from his series “Kevin’s Komics Korner”. I hope he will post more with time passing by…



The internet is really a funny thing! The other day I received the following mail from Canada

“Hi there we came across some old canvass paintings of a young girl and boy. We are not a 100% sure if this is your work from many years ago, If there is a forward email address I can send you some picture’s.
Thank you so much for your help”

I didn’t think for one second that the paintings could be from me, but I was curious and asked to see the pictures. The man kindly sent them to me, and I must say that it was very strange and touching for me to see my name on these old paintings! Of course it has nothing to do with me, but still!…

It was by the way the second time in some months that somebody contacted me thinking I am some other Miki painter. The other one was an Italian painter, and he thought I might be a mate of his from many years ago… a Miki man!

The even funnier thing is that Kevin, about one year ago, drew from imagination the following cartoon of me


which is extremely similar to the girl in the painting! What a curious world we’re living in!

Anyway: if by chance the author of these paintings comes to read this, or if anybody knows that Miki, please contact me… the man in Canada seems keen about it!


by Miki

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Café L’Arte

Some Coffee Cups Art by the Artists from  Cafe L’Arte

Following the example of “Cafe Literati”, our  Literary Room here in Cafe Crem, we have just created “Cafe L’Arte” (you get it? Cafe Latte…) , open to all actual and budding artists from Cafe Crem, and starting NOW! This is a place where you can publish your art (paintings, drawings, cartoons, illustrations, … must not be always coffee cups art!) and be sure that all will be viewed and commented upon with attention and respect.

In the page “Café l’Arte” (in the menu bar at the top, right)  you will find a list of the artists exhibiting in Cafe L’Arte and a link to their works here.

by Miki

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Let’s go back to your childhood….

Altogether now....."WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!"

Altogether now....."WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!"

The children’s play area across the road from us offers a rich tapestry of life. I posted a while ago an article about an old Chinese guy, sat on a rocking horse, contemplating life. The other day, this snapshot presented itself, and it brought to mind a quote on The Pomegranate Blog, where it was postulated that:

“The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, the second half by our children.”

It’s a quote from a 19th century lawyer, Clarence Darrow, and it has some basis in truth. but looking at these two on the swings yesterday, I think it’s fair to say that, with one’s own children, it might just be possible to relive your childhood on your own terms.

Kev Moore

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