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Life Cycles


This is my godson. He is lying on  the tummy  of my sister, his gradma. I was lucky to get this face on file for he is always on the move.  I  can feel his happiness whenever I  am around him, for he is surely a happy guy, now 4 years old.  

I have no children of my own, but my nephews, nieces and grandnieces and nephews are like children to me. It’s a real  pleasure to see them growing, saying funny, smart things that make me  stop and think. I am amazed by how fast time passes by. It was like  yesterday that I  had his  his father oin my arms,  few days  old.   I saw  them small and then, in a flash, they are adults  and having children of their own, like this  ball of happiness. Life cycles, how beautiful they are! 

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