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The days pass so quickly in the spring. May zooms by, and suddenly it’s summer. The kids and I are adjusting to a lazier schedule as I get the place ready for houseguests again.

The Medicine Wheel Ceremony went very well. It was a powerful event. I am just now starting to hear bits about what happened at each location. I was the Ambassador for the Tennessee site. It was very peaceful–just me, the kids and husband at a beautiful campsite between the mountains and a river.

I am working on an article about the ceremony at our campsite. We had timely visits by a woodpecker, butterflies and a fox. I am still trying to figure out what they all represent. I also found a snakeskin the day before the ceremony. I went to visit a lake near my home where I like to meditate, and there it was, right in my regular spot. I actually forgot about the snakeskin until after I got back from Tennessee, and had started a series of snakeskin print art. I’m getting those pieces ready right now to submit to the next art show.

I have to go clean the house now, but I will try to come back and visit soon. Looks like I have some catching up to do 🙂


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Azaleas for Miki


Pink flowers for a beautiful friend.

Isn’t Springtime grand?

I love these flowers that come back year after year, in spite of the drought.

Big hugs, Miki!


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for an amazing girl+

on my way i go

looking forward to today

wondering what if i really could make a difference

in someone’s life

and came upon this flower

and i knew yes i could

and i would

wishes and dreams

hopes and possibilitities

mountain streams and cotton woods

a flower breaks through

for you

the color set against the greys

truest gift

purity faith and poem

inspiration finds me

on this

your splendid day


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