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Mojacar on film

I found this on my internet wanderings yesterday. basically , it’s where we live (5 minutes away anyway) so I thought I’d share it with you all. I especially like the Spanish bloke doing the commentary – Miki says his voice typifies the Spain she remembers, which is fast disappearing. Enjoy!

Kev Moore


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The YouTube Phenomenon, or, the richness of obscurity…..

Perhaps the least successful recording band I’ve been a part of ( when compared to the likes of Christie and BC Sweet) was Tubeless Hearts. Jointly formed by myself, the two Trevs, (Midgley and Sargent) and Simon Kay, and latterly featuring Adrian Foster, Tubeless Hearts was our baby, created amid the post-punk New Romanticism of 1981. It ran uninterrupted for an amazing 15 years, with just one personnel change. We were a great little band, toured with a few luminaries of the day, gigged 5 nights a week, did a few radio shows and the odd telly appearance. Our first single was a double A side, recorded at the studios where Def Leppard, just a few months before had recorded their breakthrough EP, indeed, we shared the same producer, Roy Neve.  It had a limited pressing on the Yorkshire-based Posh label.  Over the years, it has attained a sort of cult status among collectors as far afield as Australia and Japan, particularly “Posh records’ completists, who attempt to collect the entire label’s catalogue. I’ve seen it advertised for 50 euros!

Our next recording of note, many years later, featured our good friend, the Saxon guitarist Graham Oliver. It was a full length CD of original music, composed by me and Fos Foster, when the group has slimmed down to a three piece, though Trev Midgley  made an accidental guest appearance! Being skint musicians, we often reused tape, and found on the fade out of one of our new tracks, the remains of a Trev demo! It fitted so well with the outro of the song, that we asked Trev if it was okay to leave it in. it seemed right, as he’d been the driving force of the band for so many years.

This album, entitled ‘Three‘, released in 1994, has also gone on to achieve cult status, the subject of a review in the 100th issue of Powerplay rock magazine, it has become an AOR collector’s item, fetching, like its little brother, large sums on the internet.

But yesterday, I discovered the latest phenomenon. Complete strangers have begun to upload tracks onto Youtube, accompanied by only a shot of the cover.  Below , I include three examples. Firstly, the single Paperback Romance, written by Trev Midgley and Al Quinn, secondly, Telephone, written by me, (both from our debut single) and Thirdly Paradise Beach, written by me and Fos Foster. You can hear Trev’s track come in towards the end! We also took the liberty of sampling some seagull noises from a track by Welsh rockers Budgie called “Parents” on the very end fade out. (I’ve met them, they’re nice guys, so I’m sure they will forgive us!)

Despite any other success I have enjoyed with subsequent projects, I feel a special warmth that the music we made with Tubeless Hearts still endures. Achievement in this case is not measured in sales, but in the knowledge that you made something good, and lasting.

Why not also check out my latest post on moore:music HERE?

Kev Moore

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Cafe Crem “Hands across the Ocean”

Computers, and the internet, never cease to spark wonder in the child that still lives within me – particularly on occasions like today, when Miki and I “took part” in our friend Susan Cornelis’ Fantascape workshop. We were the two “virtual” students in Spain, peeking in, via the wonder of skype video, to watch her work with 6 “real’ students in her workshop studio in Southern California.

It was great fun, and I’m tempted next time to get my guitar out and give them a song over the air. Here’s a pic of Miki, in one of the moments when she won the battle for the chair in front of the screen!


Photo by Kev Moore

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The nests we build: another cafe crem collaboration

Is there any limit to the versatility of the Kev Moore?  Check this out!  My second Soul Sketching demonstration video, completed with the soundtrack “Misty Mountains” by Kev.

And maybe in the comments section here Miki will tell the story of the early morning awakening with the theme in his mind.  A great artist just takes dictation while the voice of god whispers in his/her ear.  Well, something like that.  Anyway, thank you Kev!  It’s a perfect fit.  And next time I’m thinking a little henhouse rock n roll.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Soul Sketching #2“, posted with vodpod
copyright 2009  Susan Cornelis

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The Philosophy Sketches Project

In keeping with the creative fires of collaboration that are cutting an artistic swathe through Cafe Crem right now, I submit a video project here that strives to present our very own Michael Pokocky’s philosophical sketches in a new and unusual way.  That is to say, I have set them to music, and “performed” a narrative to accompany them. it was a most interesting challenge, and I hope you like the results. Cafe Crem: once again greater than the sum of its parts!

Words and images © Michael Pokocky

Music © Kev Moore 2009

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Strange Costumes – the video

Following the recent collaboration between Shelley and myself,

I present here another facet – the video to Strange Costumes!

© Music written and performed by Kev Moore 2009

© Lyrics and art by Shelley M House 2009

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Attention please!

Have a look


to read and hear about the greatest news in Europe today! 🙂


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The Coffee Cup Mambo

Here’s a little something I wrote a few months back, in homage to Cafe Crem. I never got around to doing a video for it until recently -so now, here it is Cafe Cremers, in all it’s glory. It’s dedicated to all our friends here. Enjoy!

Kev Moore

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Let US talk about US

By Miki

I have taken a new decision. I am sorry, but it is in my unsettled nature to always take new decisions and change things… Three months ago I had decided to change a little bit the concept of Cafe Crem, introducing the monthly themes, and it was good. But in the meanwhile I feel a little bit “stuck” within this concept and I also find it always more difficult to choose a theme. It goes without saying, I guess, that even when one finds a theme interesting, one has not always the time or is not in the mood to make a post, and this leads to a kind of negative feeling, sometimes even frustration.

The last theme having been “God in our lives”, I think it is now time to write about ourselves in our own lives. As we all agree in the past: the best thing in Cafe Crem is its people, and there is for me (and Kevin of course) nothing more important than to get to know each other.

I mean, I don’t really want any more concrete theme in Cafe Crem, I would just like that we all speak about ourselves: what we are doing, what we did in the past, what we plan for the future, what we think, what we dream, where we travel, what we read, what we are listening too, what we hate, what we love, which problems we just have, which paintings we paint, which exhibitions we make, which successes or failures we have, etc… anything which marks our everyday lives and makes them so personal.

As always every kind of contribution is welcome: prose, poetry, photos, music, art, films, etc… And as always, it would be always great to see from time to time some coffee cups here and to read their stories!

And, last but not least: New authors or contributors are welcome in Cafe Crem! As we say in France: “Plus on est de fous plus on rit!” (The more crazy people there are the more we laugh!)

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Michael’s birthday party video+

click on the picture

philosophis’s photo gallery
My 53rd Birthday with my four children and wife
see more of my photos

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