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My Paintings and Designs now available as free Ecards


I explain it all in my blog, where they are available and how it works. Just wanted to inform my friends here about it. As you saw in one of my former posts featuring this design, I am working right now on a Valentines series, so if you have some official or secret love, feel free to tell them with one of my cards!

by Miki


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Love (2)

I wrote the following poem when a friend of mine was struggling with feelings that were at the time utterly unwelcome; I think we’ve probably all been there….


Love (2)


Falling in love is much like falling sick:

It wasn’t part of the original plan.

There’s never a right time for it,

But when it happens, there comes

A terrible sense of inevitability,

A point when you can’t put it off

For a single second longer

And you succumb wholeheartedly.

It sometimes sneaks up uninvited

Like a stealthy summer cold.

You kid yourself it’s just pollen

That makes eyes and nose run:

The ache you feel is just overwork,

The heat in your veins merely

A reflection of the searing sun

And the shivers that shake you

Are geese parading over your grave.

But as the symptoms grow

So too does the unwelcome news

That there is nothing you can do

And it must run its true course.

Sometimes you recover, wake

To find the signs have vanished

Much like the glistening morning dew

As the sun warms the new day.

A faint uneasy memory remains

And you bless your luck at escaping,

Getting off so lightly this time.

Other times you toss and turn,

Boil and burn for years on end,

Find no relief, no end, no cure.

You get used to it finally,

Grow to enjoy the constant fever.

You won’t die of this disease,

But at times you might wish to.

Falling in love is much like falling ill,

But it is part of someone’s plan.

It’s timing is never our own,

And what we learn from it

Is both its gift and its curse.


by Viv

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Madmen across the Water – Part One – Portugal 20

The Bridge at Barca (Boomobile visible thru last arch)

The Bridge at Barca (Boomobile visible thru last arch)

We headed South, keeping faith with the mighty river Douro, and, by default, the Spanish Border to the East. After about 20k of fairly unremarkable scenery, the landscape changed dramatically as we began to thread our way through towering slopes terraced with hundreds upon hundreds of vines. This was serious wine country. The river, an azure ribbon winding its way down in the valley, and the Spanish slopes on the far bank home to a myriad of Olive trees. The old stone signposts at the side of the road told us we were approaching a place called Barca de Alva, but it wasn’t on our map. We checked the bigger road map, and found it; a small settlement where the Douro turns West and heads for Porto.

Looking down at the river, I was wondering how navigable it was, as it seemed very broad for the last few kilometers. Just then, we spied a huge river craft at its moorings.

The Douro Queen

The Douro Queen

We had arrived at Barca de Alva, and discovered that a series of River cruise ships seemed to operate out of here. As we drew nearer to the docks, we saw a number of motorhomes – but with a difference. Attached to each was a huge awning, and beneath, a powerboat! We had stumbled on the venue for a huge Powerboat championship this weekend! All the early arrivals were English, though an international field was expected for the weekend. Even more amazing, the little town had laid on electricity!! Possibly the only place in the whole of Portugal where they had free juice, and we’d found it!

These crazy people race these craft at speeds reaching 160kph across open stretches of water such as this. It seems the Douro at this point is ideal for the huge oval circuit that the boats will be competing over. We resolved to watch this spectacle at the weekend, but with around 40 competitors eventually turning up, our time by the riverside may be limited.

We decided to stay a second night, see how many are arriving, then perhaps leave for a day or two, exploring the river, returning late Friday night to try and get a parking space again.

The more sedate river boats also appeal to me – I love the idea of languidly heading off downriver to Porto. But to be honest, we don’t really know if that’s what the boats do. We’ve made a note of the website, and intend to check it out when we get home.

Douro Queen and Vasco de Gama

Douro Queen and Vasco de Gama

As we settled down for that first night in Barca, we watched the English and American passengers chatting amiably on the top deck. We sat and drank our tinto by the riverside enchanted by the beautiful reflection of the illuminated bridge in the waters of the Douro.

Wonderfully romantic! – and a frisson of excitement, awaiting the roar of the engines that will shatter the tranquility this weekend….

British Powerboat awaits the weekend

British Powerboat awaits the weekend

Kev Moore

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Pistoles de Marie Antoinette+

Since Kevin is busy working on the second part of his post I’m sure he’d love to be nibbling on these!!!
Pistoles De Marie Antoinette
Introduced by Sulpice Debauve, the royal family chemist, this range of chocolate “coins” was first developed for Queen Marie Antoinette in order to ease her distate for taking medicines. She was so delighted with them that Monsieur Debauve was commissioned to create an entire collection called the Pistoles de Marie Antoinette.

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Coffee Kisses

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

by Shelley

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By Miki

This morning I found this wonderful piece of paper placed on a gift box

Lovemeter Valentine

and inside the gift box this is what I found:

Valentines Chocolate Heart

And I can tell you, this heart is enormous!

So people, what have YOU given or received today?

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Be my Valentine!


The heart that loves is always young!

A heart in love with beauty never grows old!

And here it is, my still-wet valentine, to wish you love and eternal life. Apparently the French get credit for the following. . .

Love makes time pass. Time makes love pass.

But this is I’m sure not true in the case of my favorite French person who we know so well.

Anyway, I hope you will all enjoy your day in the company with someone(s) you love. I’ll be thinking of you while I munch my chocolate!

Love, Susan

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The apple never falls far from the hearts…

By Miki

Apple and hearts and Valentines

In German we have a saying

“Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm”

“The apple never falls far from the tree”

which means something like: children always copy their parents, look like them, behave like them, etc…

I don’t want to discuss here the truth of this expression, I much prefer to change it a little bit and remind all of you that it is soon Valentines. Why the apple? Well, last year, on Valentines day, when I came to my Apple laptop in the morning, it was covered with hearts… they looked like leaves fallen from a tree… this gives me an idea: I should sell Apple following motto

“The hearts never fall far from Apple”

Anyway, I would love a Valentines party in Cafe Crem on the 14th. Love is the most important theme on the world, so I think we could at least give it one day, don’t you think so?

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