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Space, by Nicole

Beyond Pluto, beyond Mars,

Beyond the many, many stars,

Space goes on forever,

Let’s explore space together,

Mud monsters with many eyes,

Slimy aliens with antenni,

Creepy-crawlies everywhere,

They are rude, they don’t share,

We are blasting, blasting home,

Hey! There’s my garden gnome!

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Space Food

Space Food, by Nicole and Shelley

Starting on my trip
In my new white spaceship,
I thought I would cry
When I hit a blueberry pie.
Certainly this would stain!
Who knew it would rain
Bananas, oranges and kiwi
So dense I could hardly see?
I heard tomatoes splat,
And when I thought that was that,
Space coffee flew past.
I had to think fast.
I filled my cup, grabbed a cake,
And landed for a coffee break.

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Nicole’s picture

Nicole worked really hard on the colors of this art piece, and wanted to share it online. She also wrote the poem herself.

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Baby Rainbow Bird

Baby Rainbow Bird, by Nicole House

My daughter is starting to do her share of “bad guy” art, but I thought I would share something more cheerful today. I guess you could call this a collaboration. I printed out a bird drawing of mine, and she painted it.

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Summer Time

Summer Time

Summer Time

My art lessons are going well. They are a lot of fun.

Wishing everyone well,


click on the picture to see the original size.

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Twin Tawers for Reveng

Twin Tawers for Reveng

by Macauley, 11 years old

Two days ago, when our Carpenter’s son was amusing himself creating artistic works, he drew,with no prompting, this startling image, entitled “Twin Tawers-For Reveng”. I’m not sure what’s more remarkable, the fact that a boy who was just a toddler when it happened is so aware of this world event, or the fact that he advocates revenge. Perhaps in school they highlight the upcoming anniversary of the tragedy nowadays and it is in the forefront of everyone’s minds, adults and children alike.  Certainly, the date September 11 has nothing but grim connotations to me now.

by Kev Moore

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Everi wan died off the boom

2009 The Bomb

by Macauley, 11 years old

Another young artist, called Macauley, 11 years old, has accepted to have some of his works published in Cafe Crem.

Macualey is the son of an English handworker living here, and who is actually building our little home sauna (yes, even in Spain, a sauna is useful, although here and right now any place without air conditioning is a sauna itself). School hasn’t started yet in Spain, Macauley comes with his father, to us, helping him with the building sometimes but spending most of his time in my gallery, drawing and painting.

As you know I am always curious about childrens art. As I saw that picture which he has just drawn, I thought it was worth sharing with you all.

I interviewed the young artist about his work, asking him if all these people are his friends. I got it quite wrong, as his answer was

“No, these are my enemies, and the boom kills them all!”

.. But as to the question of whether these enemies are all real and if he has really so many in life, he said:

“Some are my friends too…”

And then he pointed at Dany in the middle of the picture, and explained to me that he was a fat kid, and had to die first… On the back of the drawing is written:

“Everi wan died off the boom”

He also asked me if I paint “War pictures”. I said no, being more from the pacific kind…

PS: if you live around here, and need a carpenter, just ask me for a reference: Macauley’s father is doing a great job!

by Miki

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Flower by Sarah Pokocky



This is Sarah’s first painting from her first session with a professional painter on 05/09/09

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This is a collaboration with my son Matthew. He drew the lines, and I colored it in. He said it was a drawing of pipes, but it looked more like crop fields to me, seen from an airplane.

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The Dream Van

This is what Nicole wants my van to look like.

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