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I have a dream

As fate would have it, we are in Memphis on Martin Luther King Day, and we just had to take a trip to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, which has been built upon the site of the Lorraine Motel, scene of Dr.King’s assasination in 1968. The motel has been preserved, and the museum built around it. On MLK day, there is a special $2 admission fee.

After a fortuitous wrong turn off Highway 55, we ended up in Tom Lee park, a lovely expanse of grass and pathways on the banks of the Mississippi, and we got our first glimpse of this mighty river.  The park is named after ” a very worthy Negro” -according to the quaintly-worded monument, who saved many lives in a steamer disaster in 1954. The parking there was free, so we decided to walk up to the civil rights museum from there.

Appointment with History

As we crested the rise and made our way towards it, the Lorraine motel, and that balcony and the fateful room came into view. Mahalia Jackson’s voice soared on the morning breeze and I was stopped dead in my tracks. I wasn’t prepared for it to look exactly as it did on that day in 1968. It was like being thrown back in time with the force of a hammer. I remembered this event as a 10 year old boy, and it’s repetition through the media as I was growing up. One bullet that altered the course of history. Such emotion welled up within me as I witnessed this scene, I almost broke down. A queue stretched into the distance along the sidewalk, a great ebony snake, for there were few white people here on this day, maybe half a dozen in addition to Miki and myself.  We joined the throng and waited our turn, paying our dollars to be confronted with the hard facts of oppression, bigotry, violence, ignorance, and plain stupidity. With mothers showing their children their history ahead and behind us, I got a feeling how Germans must feel who pluck up the courage to visit the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, where I have been.   What did surprise me was how recent segregation prevailed in American history, and I feel that Britain for all its faults , was enlightened a lot sooner than the U.S.


I learned about folk heroes such as Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, brave women who made their name as guardian of the Underground railroad and abolishionist respectively.

When we reached the glass case that displayed the ridiculous costume of a Ku Klux Klansman, I felt a wave of shame for the colour of my skin, and wondered “my god, what must they really think of us?”   I hope the vermin that started that despicable organisation and anyone who subsribed, or indeed still subscribes, to its beliefs – rot in hell.

We boarded a bus which told the story of the legendary Rosa Parks, who rightfully received an award for her actions as late as 1991.  When we finally reached that balcony, and looked out at the window across the street from where the shot is adjudged to have rang out, I felt a shudder of realization at just how easy it is to take out a figurehead. But, as history has proved, however many bullets you have, you will never shoot down a dream.

We crossed the road to explore the section that covered the life of the gunman James Earl Ray, and as I was reading a little about his life, Miki said “you know what? why are we spending our time on this guy? He is nothing, just a common criminal.” I pondered her words for a moment, and realized his ‘fame’ was indeed an illusion, a perverted, inverted version- courtesy of the greatness and the vision of his victim. James Earl Ray deserved not a minute more of our time, and we turned our backs on the detritus of his sorry little life.

As we left the Civil Rights museum to enjoy the rest of our day, I felt privileged to have had the chance to visit this place on this particular day. Happy Birthday MLK, I salute you.

"Take me to the River....."

Kev Moore

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Loneliness for 2


In case you worry: no, it’s not us!

I was just about to wash up the glass as I saw this scene…

And to see how this love story ends go to

“Together again!”


By Miki

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Coffee for an Ex


Miki's Ski Coffee Cup

Monday, time again to have some coffee together here!

I have ordered this cup from my friends from The Bay Attic for a very special and very personal occasion.

As I left Germany some years ago, according to my everlasting habits, I went away leaving behind me most of my personal stuff, things like books, CDs, paintings, clothes, bicycle, skis, etc…  well I am normally not so much attached to “things”, and even less to “past things”, which might be the reason why I leave them behind when they belong to another part of my life. But there is something which I left behind last time, which I really regretted, and wanted to have back: my last ski suit! I don’t know why I especially love that one, perhaps because of the  happy colours, yellow and orange… perhaps also because it fits me very well, and it is rather difficult for me to find these kind of clothes for my unusual body complexion (please, no, don’t ask details!  🙂  ). And surely too because I loved the time I spent wearing it!

My ex-husband was so kind to send it to me some weeks ago, even twice, as the packet wrongly went back to Germany the first time! To thank him I had this cup featuring one of my sport paintings (ski, of course!) specially designed and  made for him. I sent it today, and I hope he will be happy about it.

But this is not all. Now I have a message to everybody: if it is possible, please try to not to keep too many grievances against former partners. For myself I could never understand how people who loved each other once, so much that they married, could end up hating and fighting one another. I can’t really explain why, but this is something which deeply hurts me. Concerning my ex, he has always behaved in a wonderful way since we divorced, although I certainly didn’t deserve it, at least from his point of view… and I still consider him as my friend, the same way as I always did. It is not always easy, I know, because a divorce is a tough thing for everybody, but with some goodwill, it is often possible!

I hope it is possible for all of you, too, who read this post… but honestly, I doubt it!  🙂

By Miki

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Don Moore and The Windmills


Following Danu’s post yesterday showing us one of his paintings of Don Quijote and Don Sancho Panza, I thought I should show you today my version of the story… not a painting, but a photo, taken about 2 years ago at the windmills from El Quijote. Now I am sure that most of you know the story, or at least have heard about it, but how many among you have really seen these windmills? Not many I guess! So I am sure that many will be pleased to see that these windmills really exist and still are in a wonderful state… above all the one on the left!

By Miki

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My Friend The Little Man

"Samson", by Miki - Pastel & Pencil, 65 x 50 cm, 2009

"Samson", by Miki - Pastel & Pencil, 65 x 50 cm, 2009

Just finished this portrait of one of my favourites actors, Michael J. Anderson, whom I discovered for the first time in the series “Carnivale”. I was seduced at once and always thought when I saw him:

“I wished I had such a little man as a friend…:

I chose to draw him with a coffee cup in the hand, in honour of my favourite place in WordPress:

Café Crem!

by Miki

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The Thread


By Miki

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The Window


By Miki

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can-i-be-your-wild-stallion-sI chose a very naughty picture to wish you all,

mu friends from Cafe Crem,


I hope you will forgive me for the naughtiness…

But how could it be different:

you saw my wild stallion on the Valentines drums yesterday, didn’t you?

By Miki

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Window On The World by Remi Makhoul

Remi Makhoul

Remi Makhoul

I commented on Final Words by Psychscribe and talked about the Kidz Dream Team in MiniBar in Cafe Crem and mentioned Remi Makhoul and I found this last thing he wrote Window On The World (before he died).  I think it is fitting to re-publish it here to express what Remi would have said today if he saw what was happening here on Cafe Crem and with MiniBar.

Window on the world by Remi Makhoul.pdf


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Love is in The Air…


I am working right now on designing some Valentine eCards for my eCards gallery at Plaxo, and I will take the occasion to say, in the name of Kevin too, a big thank-you to all our authors here. You are all marvellous people and amazing artists, and we love you a lot!

This is why I dedicate to all Cafe Cremers my first Valentine love card!

We are all very busy in our lives, have 1000 things to do, and this is why it is even more incredible for us to see this activity in Cafe Crem. To see that you all take the time to come here and  share your stuff and view the works of others is “beyond the call of duty”!

A special thanks will go here to Michael Pokocky, who had some great ideas which finally lead us to create our 3 beautiful rooms, Cafe Literati, Cafe l’Arte and Ca’ Puccini. He has always been one of the most prolific and supporting Cafe Cremers, and I must honestly say that right now, we are missing him quite a bit here. Him, his thoughts, his poetry, his wonderful photos and philosophical sketches! This is why I sent him a mail yesterday, just telling him that… Good news: he might be back soon!!!

by Miki

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