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Love Mugs

By Miki de Goodaboom

As I said in my last post, I have decided to reconnect with Cafe Crem, our wonderful Cyber Cafe for artists, musicians, photographers and writers. I hope I won’t be the only one here, although I know, as a very wise friend of mine said:

“Don’t expect too much from people!”

Anyway I just checked and saw that the last mug painting I published was my “Mobile Mug” on the … 12th of September 2010! My God, I can’t believe it is more than 3 years ago! Shame on me! But at least I was not inactive in that time, and my love of mugs is still alive:  I have painted some new mugs from our fantastic and always growing mugs collection. Also, during a quite recent painting trip to Cyprus,  I started a series of sketches showing the coffee mugs we get when we have a coffee break  while we are travelling around.

So, speaking of love, there is nothing more natural than starting with my “Love Mugs”, a gift from Kevin to me for Valentines 2012.

Love Mugs S

I really adored them, they are just like Kevin and me: happy, funny, intertwined and…

hearts all over and around us!

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Night Coffee (in Pink)

Coffee and romance — what a lovely combination for February.

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Coffee Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sharing a link

I was sent this link and found it very interesting so I hope you guys do too..

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Happy Earth Day!

Hello everyone! It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since I first drew my “Butterfly Flower” in honor of Mother Earth. The original idea behind it was based on the “butterfly effect” and Chaos Theory, the idea that one butterfly could eventually have a far-reaching ripple effect on subsequent historic events. The flower is my representation of the Flower of Life, a sacred geometric shape found in all major religions of the world. I want everyone to know that each and every one of us, through our loving creative thoughts, has the power to create the vibrations that will heal our planet.

Cafe Crem is the place where I feel most connected with this world. The creative interaction here from friends all over the planet feels strong, and always warms my heart.

Thank you, everyone, and have a beautiful day, in honor of our Earth!
Peace and love,

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Coffee Love 300

Do you measure time by how much coffee is left in your cup? Do you know it’s time to eat something after you’ve had your 3rd cup of coffee?

It seems like it’s been 300 cups of coffee since I’ve chatted with my friends here at Cafe Crem, but the coffee love is still strong!

Coffee hugs all around!

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Loneliness for 2


In case you worry: no, it’s not us!

I was just about to wash up the glass as I saw this scene…

And to see how this love story ends go to

“Together again!”


By Miki

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The Dream Van

This is what Nicole wants my van to look like.

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Coffee for an Ex


Miki's Ski Coffee Cup

Monday, time again to have some coffee together here!

I have ordered this cup from my friends from The Bay Attic for a very special and very personal occasion.

As I left Germany some years ago, according to my everlasting habits, I went away leaving behind me most of my personal stuff, things like books, CDs, paintings, clothes, bicycle, skis, etc…  well I am normally not so much attached to “things”, and even less to “past things”, which might be the reason why I leave them behind when they belong to another part of my life. But there is something which I left behind last time, which I really regretted, and wanted to have back: my last ski suit! I don’t know why I especially love that one, perhaps because of the  happy colours, yellow and orange… perhaps also because it fits me very well, and it is rather difficult for me to find these kind of clothes for my unusual body complexion (please, no, don’t ask details!  🙂  ). And surely too because I loved the time I spent wearing it!

My ex-husband was so kind to send it to me some weeks ago, even twice, as the packet wrongly went back to Germany the first time! To thank him I had this cup featuring one of my sport paintings (ski, of course!) specially designed and  made for him. I sent it today, and I hope he will be happy about it.

But this is not all. Now I have a message to everybody: if it is possible, please try to not to keep too many grievances against former partners. For myself I could never understand how people who loved each other once, so much that they married, could end up hating and fighting one another. I can’t really explain why, but this is something which deeply hurts me. Concerning my ex, he has always behaved in a wonderful way since we divorced, although I certainly didn’t deserve it, at least from his point of view… and I still consider him as my friend, the same way as I always did. It is not always easy, I know, because a divorce is a tough thing for everybody, but with some goodwill, it is often possible!

I hope it is possible for all of you, too, who read this post… but honestly, I doubt it!  🙂

By Miki

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The Thread


By Miki

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