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Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters - Kev Moore & Miki de Goodaboom ©2013
Muddy Waters – Kev Moore & Miki de Goodaboom ©2013

I’d like to present today the first in an artistic collaborative series by myself, and my partner, the French artist, Miki. My drawing style is very different from hers, and in a bid to create something a little bit unusual, I suggested that I should draw the basic character, and then turn the project over to her for completion, and indeed,  the end result of this first effort looks exactly like a cross between her style and mine! We’re really happy with it, and we will be creating some more over the coming months. I picked Muddy Waters for a number of reasons, one being that Pinetop Perkins played in his band for a while – the late blues piano legend whom I met in Austin on my BLUE ODYSSEY trip a couple of years back, and also did an art work of (see link) ….and Muddy…well, I always loved the story of his first visit to England in 1958, when all these English high-brow blues purists accustomed to the more sedate acoustic blues Big Bill Broonzy and the like were shaken to the core by his loud electric guitar and stompin’ beat! Muddy’s ‘shock and awe’. I like that.  So here he is, out by Lake Michigan, in a snow storm over Chicago ( which it was when we arrived there after exploring the Mississippi delta in 2010) Muddy, like so many other bluesmen, made that journey to the windy city, so it seemed a fitting backdrop. Hope you like it! If you like it a lot, then you can buy it in a variety of formats by clicking on the widget below.

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Kev Moore


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Spank de Plank

Almost certainly lurking in my subconscious since my days wandering around the Caribbean with my reggae show, here’s a character I’ve called “Spank de Plank”  – a very cool bass dude!  He’ll be the last character to earn a place in my forthcoming exhibition in Turre in March, though I’m sure many more will pop out of my head and onto the screen during the coming year!

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(Also featured in moore:music)

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Do-Rag – more from my Arty mojo!

Today I’d like to present “Do-Rag” one of my new comic gang, The K-Krew.  Named after his ever-present headgear, Do-Rag also never removes his ‘puffa jacket from da hood’. So keen is he to maintain his cool – He wears it in 90 degree heat. He becomes insufferably hot to keep cool. He thinks it makes him look hot, to be cool, except he’s not, but he doesn’t show it. How cool is that? To replenish the weight loss due to fluid evaporation in his puffa, he eats unfeasibly large hamburgers. Weight loss is frowned upon by Do-Rag, who is so large he exists in two different zip codes. Oh, and he’s the leader of The K-Krew. Cos he’s the biggest. And very cool.

Do-Rag....he do like his burger stacked, man.......

Do-Rag & K-Krew © 2010 Kev Moore

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Gettin’ my arty mojo back

My new album still languishing in the mixing stage, and still awaiting parts from around the world, and a 2 hour show of unfamiliar songs to rehearse by the weekend, you’d think the last thing I’d need was another project, but with Miki as a muse and my own idea-generating brain it’s own worst enemy, I find myself rediscovering my art. now, when I say ‘art’ , I don’t mean stuff of the sort of quality Miki produces, I mean my own quirky little characters and cartoons. I’ve started to get to grips with using the computer possibilties in conjunction with my ‘real’ sketches and have begun to create a series of characters. They will be called THE K-KREW, and today I present the first of them.

This is Trash Talk, first member of The K-Krew to go public, and the only female. Sweet as apple pie, but with a mouth you want to take out with the garbage. Frequently gets her into trouble. Consequently not often asked to perform at public speaking engagements……

(“Trash Talk”, “The K-Krew” and all artwork © Kev Moore:2010)

Kev Moore

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The Unreasonable Man

Last spring I was suddenly involved in a poetry book illustration project… and here is the result:I am proud to announce today the publication of this book, called

“The Unreasonable Man”

Book Cover The unreasonable man

and written by the Australian poet

Tariq Segal.

In his own words

“Well…  I’m thrilled to announce, the release of my book, my thoughts about life, through the years that this took.
Glad that it’s finished, and glad that I spent, time penning my thoughts, letting emotions vent…”

The book is designed as a coffee table poetry book. It contains 60 of Tariq’s favourite poems with each poem accompanied by either an illustration or photograph.

Tariq says:

“.. I think the artwork alone is worth owning a copy, and being able to review my thoughts as well can only but confirm your own sanity…”

Well I must confess, most of these illustrations, about 50 I guess, are my paintings. 🙂

And here is what I have written in the preface of the book:

“Having myself been an „unreasonable“ person from the very beginning of my life, my encounter with The Unreasonable Man could not fail. As I started reading his poetry, I felt at once a deep connection to his wild world of thoughts, passion and revolt, and agreed at once to become with my art, a part of it.

I was amazed to see how many of my paintings seemed to have been created exactly for his poems,  illustrating in vibrant colours, lines, forms and structures what the poet is saying in words and the empty spaces in between.

But not each of his poems found its rightful painting.. We both collaborated in a weird process of  re-creation, by which  the characters featured in some of my paintings started to assume a life of their own, moving and wandering around, invading Tariq’s universe of poetry, in search of their own particular place among his words. Sometimes they even ended up taking possession of other paintings, either chasing the original occupants away or, more peacefully, finding their place at their side. You will understand what I mean when you look at the original works through my websites!

Anyway, to work on the illustration of „The Unreasonable Man“ was a totally new and very exciting experience in dealing with my own art, seeing me naturally „forcing“ them to interact and fit to the words.

I want to thank Tariq for this wonderful experience and his wise and creative advice in the choice of the paintings.“

For those of you interested in the musings of this troubled mind the book can be purchased online from the US  at:
1. :
2. :

The books are also available through Tariq Segal himself, above all for those of you who are in Australia. If you are interested please contact Tariq at

by Miki

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B•fly and the Sea-Anenomes


“….and so the B•Fly tour took the excited holidaymakers deep into the sea of blue slippers, searching for Sea-anenomes…”

Following Shelley’s recent post, inspired by what I saw as undersea creatures in her art, her mention of a butterfly and present of blue slippers, not to mention the Yellow Submarine poster in our kitchen, I came up with this comic book art Butterfly craft carrying intrepid holidaymakers into a comfy sea!



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Bubble Boy – 21 –

Bubble Boy - 21 - , by Miki

Bubble Boy - 21 - , by Miki

(Original German Version)

(Bubble Boy – 1 –)     (Bubble Boy – 20 –)

… and he ran and ran until most of that oppressive, so unpleasant feeling had vanished. And when he couldn’t run anymore, he stopped and fell asleep on the ground.

But not long after that, he suddenly woke up, even more scared than before. He had had a horrible nightmare: Barbra had appeared to him as a gigantic, naked skeleton who tried to bury him alive into the sand! It’s no wonder that Bub awoke in such a mess, isn’t it?
Scared to death, he rummaged around in his pocket to check if the bottle was still there and the tiny creature still inside of it. Of course the bottle was still there, and Barbra was still a tiny little Witch in her purple gown and green hat! Our Bub had no idea that nightmares are not real, and often only the mirror of our most terrible fears. But well, real or not, the fact is that they can scare the pants off us!
As Bub took the bottle out of his pocket, he was stunned to see that Barbra was really still inside of it, still as tiny and fleshy and clothed as before, and apparently sleeping, He had no idea what it was all about, understood though that things around him seemed to be different when his eyes were closed or open. But he was too exhausted to think further and tried to sleep again.
But he couldn’t anymore… I suppose he was much too scared to meet the giant skeleton again! So he got up and walked all the way back to the crossing.

In the distance he could already see Tiwoo sitting on the pole. She had been so terrified by the bones and the skull in the desert that she had flown directly back to the crossing, without even casting a glance behind her and noticing that Bub had fallen asleep to the ground! But as she saw Bub now, she flew to meet him with hysterical screams of happiness
“Tuwit, Tawoo!”
Bub was quite surprised about such a friendly reception. It was the first time in his life that somebody seemed to enjoy his presence and a warm feeling for the owl invaded his heart.
Well, judging by her reaction to the skull in the desert, I suspect that Tiwoo too had had these kind of bad dreams which scare the pants off one -even though an owl doesn’t wear pants, the feeling is surely all the same- and was simply overjoyed not to be alone anymore!

Now there was only one direction left. This meant that theoretically Bub would find at the end what he was searching for all the time… supposing of course that there was something to find! And what if there was not?  This question slowly and painfully entered his mind, and the feeling connected with it seemed to live very close to all the other feelings of hope and nostalgia he had experienced since he went on this way through Barbra’s Land..
He was struggling in his mind with these kind of thoughts as he noticed, that the air went darker and darker, Not like in all the 3 other directions, where at least some nice light had arisen from behind the horizon or some pleasant smell was hanging around,. Not even the pale moon was to be seen up there in the sky! To tell the truth it had become in the meantime total darkness around him! He started worrying, and feeling very uncomfortable, as he suddenly heard a scream in the distance:
A scream which quite sounded like the ones of the owl, but much more mysterious, and somehow they were sounding as if thousands of owls were screaming at the same time!
Bub thought that he couldn’t be right here. More than that: he had the feeling to go always further away from what he was searching for. But he knew too that he had no more choices, now, and well, sometimes in life appearances are misleading, aren’t they? Anyway, Bub decided to go further, somehow he could not accept, or didn’t want to accept, that he had gone all these ways for nothing, and even worse, that this something he was searching for didn’t exist and was only something like the apparition of the giant skeleton, not really real!

Tiwoo in the meanwhile had  become very cheerful and was flying big circles above his head, often flying a big distance away, then flying back,  screaming impatiently all the time as if she wanted to tell him he should hurry up!
But Bub was really not impressed, and in fact he went slower and slower as the screams from the East came closer and closer until he finally stopped. It was not even that he wanted to stop, he just couldn’t go on anymore, as if a mysterious, invisible force was retaining him.
The thing was that horrible figures were standing in front of him, much uglier than the Witch Barbra as she was angry and full of hate. Figures as big and scary as the skeleton of his dream, but these were really there! And they stared at him with so much more hate than even Barbra did as he locked her up into the poison bottle… surely you understand what I mean!

This is why he decided to run back to the castle as fast as possible and never to leave it again!

(next instalment on Friday 3rd April 2009)

By Miki

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The Dream Van

This is what Nicole wants my van to look like.

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Bubble Boy – 17 –

Bubble Boy - 17 - , by Miki

Bubble Boy - 17 - , by Miki

(Original German Version)

(Bubble Boy – 1 –)     (Bubble Boy – 16 –)

Our three heroes were now outside of the castle: Tiwoo in the air flying ahead, Bub on the ground running behind the owl and Barbra in Bub’s pocket bouncing about in the bottle. Good that you can’t see her by the way, as due to the incessant juddering she got really seasick, and evermore greener and angrier in her face – which she always was anyway!
They went straight on for a long time, until Bub totally lost his bearings. Not that he really had them before, but this time he felt as if he had absolutely no idea where he was, something like that awful feeling you have when you are lost! He looked around, trying to find anything known or comforting to his eyes and his heart. At some point he looked up in the sky and saw the yellow ball he had met as he was still floating in his bubble. The ball was so pale now, and no more round at all and the eyes were hidden behind a grey veil. He felt a strange sadness as he saw her, but some comfort too.
I forgot to tell you before that as a result of the dramatic landing on the castle tower, Bub had lost his memory and could hardly remember what was before. You will say that this probably wasn’t much anyway, having spent his whole young life floating in an almost empty sky, but well, for all of us, people, the personal  details are the most important thing in life. And Bub had forgotten all the details, had forgotten everything about the flight  in the net on the broomstick,  the floating bubble and of course  how he had come to earth in the Land of the Rising Sun. Just as he saw the moon up there something seemed to awaken in his memory, something like a nostalgic sparkling light which seemed to shine from very far away…

Bub didn’t know what that all meant, had no idea why he felt that way, no idea of all this feelings stuff, which normally fills human beings’ lives. Feelings like happiness, sadness, nostalgia, love, hate or even fear, all this was new to him.
He just knew that often he had felt terribly bad, as for example when he was sitting in his bubble and Barbra was staring at him and even worse as she had started screaming. He remembered also how much better he felt as he was crouching on the wonder table, quite big,  and hasn’t forgotten either the ugly look on Barbra’s face as she ran away or as he put the cork back on the poison bottle.

Oh dear! You will object now that I just told you that Bub had lost his memory about everything prior to the landing… you see,  this is exactly what one calls a bug!
But in fact I just wanted to test if you are really listening with attention!

Anyway, and this is not a bug, as he saw the moon up there right now, he felt suddenly better. Why he didn’t know, but the reason is obvious to us, isn’t it? I guess it was warm the warm  feeling of having something like a friend, somewhere in this big universe!
But let us come back to the facts now. At some point, after a long walk full of  these new sensations for Bub, they arrived at a crossing. Until this point he had only run behind Tiwoo all the time, and there was no need to think about where to go. But now they had arrived to a place, which seemed to be a very special one. Here was a sign which showed in four different directions. A big wooden sign made out of 4 wooden arrows on which weird characters were written. Of course normal people, at least the ones of a certain age who were able to read, would have recognised the weird signs at once, and read the words:
“North, West, East and South.
But our little Bub was not a normal person, he could not read and hadn’t even a clue what reading meant!

Tiwoo had stopped too, considering the crossing as a good occasion to make a rest. She perched now on the top of the post, staring down at Bub with a kind of  teasing look in her eyes, as if she wanted to say:
“It’s up to you now!”

(next instalment on Thursday 5th March 2009)

By Miki

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Bubble Boy – 16 –

Bubble Boy - 16 - , by Miki

Bubble Boy - 16 - , by Miki

(Original German Version)

(Bubble Boy – 1 –)     (Bubble Boy – 15 –)

Now Bub was standing there, with a tiny little Witch in a poison bottle in his pocket, with an owl who was staring at him from the top of a kitchen cupboard , and all this unfolding inside a Witches castle in the middle of a Witches land.

Following the natural curiosity which inhabits all children on our planet, even the ones born in a soap bubble, he started exploring the castle. Such a castle, with all the corridors, the rooms, the towers, and the hidden corners was certainly a very exciting and mysterious place for a boy. He spent hours and hours running up and down the stairs, opening doors and drawers and poking in all the nooks and crannies, leaving an indescribubble chaos behind him everywhere he went.

Tiwoo, who of course was following him everywhere very closely, got an unpleasant feeling in her tummy, thinking of Barbra who indeed hated it when somebody was putting his nose in her things. And of course, she hated it even more when this somebody was leaving everything all over the place.
On the other hand she was secretly very excited to finally be able to enter some rooms into which Barbra never let her in and always kept locked.
She had always been very curious to see what was hidden behind all these mysterious doors…
But to tell the truth, nothing special was behind these doors. Just totally normal rooms, most of them even empty. Tiwoo understood that Barbra had just wanted to make herself look important with these supposed hidden secrets.

After exploring every single corner of the castle, Bub sat on a step of the main staircase, exhausted. Tiwoo landed on the banister in her usual uncertain style, not too close to Bub, but not very far away either. To tell the truth she had lost her initial mistrust, the boy looking pretty harmless and anyway the lust of adventure was stronger than any fear: she really didn’t want to miss anything!
She realised too that this was THE occasion to make the sightseeing flight above the land around the castle she had been dreaming about for a long time.
Of course she hadn’t forgotten Barbra who still sat in the poison bottle in Bub’s pocket, but she calmed her conscience by the thought that the fresh air might do her brain good, and help to find a way to free our little Witch.

And this is why Tiwoo suddenly spread her big wings wide and took off. The fact that she looked like a bat didn’t bother her at all, because she had never seen bats before and didn’t know how ugly they are. But even if she had known, it probably wouldn’t have bothered her either, because she was a wise owl and knew, that in most cases it is not the beauty that matters but the efficiency. And one thing was certain: her wings were very efficient!

As Bub saw the owl flying away, he decided to follow her: the thought of staying alone in that castle with the ugly little person in his pocket was not reassuring at all!
He screamed:

“Wait for me, please, wait for me!”

and started running after her. For a second Tiwoo thought that there was no reason why she should wait for him, but well, one never knows what crazy ideas could cross his mind, for example, what to do with the bottle in his pocket! She definitely had to keep an eye on him! She let out a deep sigh
“Why always me?”
But once again her sense of responsibility won the day and she was ready to sacrifice her lusts for the sake of Barbra. She also decided to fly in a holding pattern, but not without moaning what a silly creature that boy was for not being able to fly!
On the other hand, she realised that it was perhaps better this way. At least he could never catch her and keep her in a poison bottle! This all the kind of stuff she was thinking about while waiting for Bub… as you can see: the fresh air was really doing a great job on Tiwoo’s brain!

(next instalment on Monday 2nd March 2009)

By Miki

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