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Love Mugs

By Miki de Goodaboom

As I said in my last post, I have decided to reconnect with Cafe Crem, our wonderful Cyber Cafe for artists, musicians, photographers and writers. I hope I won’t be the only one here, although I know, as a very wise friend of mine said:

“Don’t expect too much from people!”

Anyway I just checked and saw that the last mug painting I published was my “Mobile Mug” on the … 12th of September 2010! My God, I can’t believe it is more than 3 years ago! Shame on me! But at least I was not inactive in that time, and my love of mugs is still alive:  I have painted some new mugs from our fantastic and always growing mugs collection. Also, during a quite recent painting trip to Cyprus,  I started a series of sketches showing the coffee mugs we get when we have a coffee break  while we are travelling around.

So, speaking of love, there is nothing more natural than starting with my “Love Mugs”, a gift from Kevin to me for Valentines 2012.

Love Mugs S

I really adored them, they are just like Kevin and me: happy, funny, intertwined and…

hearts all over and around us!


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Family time

I’ve just said bye to my son Corey after he spent a few days with us here in Spain. I really don’t get to see him as often as I would like, and it was wonderful for Miki and I to have him around. Living here, you get into a routine and often don’t take the time to get down to the Playa like the tourists do, so it was fun to do that with him.

"..Jus' waitin' for da bus..." - not really, we took the car.

He starts his second year at Huddersfield University today, studying Music Production, and he already has more technical know-how than this old-school rocker! What’s great though is that it’s a shared interest, and we can talk about production ideas, gear, new music,  etc together.

We all had a great meal together at our fabulous local Chinese – anybody visiting Turre, we can heartily recommend it!

Duck in Orange sauce not pictured.

The next time I see him will probably be in the UK  when I’m rehearsing with Christie for the Estonia shows, and he’s promised to come along to watch.

Kev Moore

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A Cup of Coffee with my Friends

"Liquid Topaz, page 107," 5x7inches, mixed media, copyright 2011 Shelley M. House.

Stopping by to share a cup with some old friends. This piece is part of my new altered book series, “Liquid Topaz.” It’s been a fun summer project. I should be finishing it up this week, so I can call it done before the kids start school next week. Symphony rehearsals start up again in a couple weeks, so I need to put more time into practicing my violin.

Sitting outside the Wine Market on a hot summer night.

I’ve been selling my art at more outdoor venues. Just last Friday night was one of the fun Art Walks on the Square. I enjoy being a part of this growing creative community, and there is a wonderful energy to interacting with potential customers this way. I’ve got more Art Walk pics at my gallery blog. I’ve entertained thoughts of playing my violin outside at one of these events, when it cools off a little. I’ll keep y’all posted on how that goes 🙂

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Ciao from Italia! – 5 – Anything on Wheels

Rock, and furthermore, Roll...........

We’ve certainly come to discover during this trip that the Italians love their cars, but they also love pretty much
everything on wheels. Here’s a selection of a few, just from the towns of Cortona and Greve di Chianti, covering
the whole shebang, from a Quadrophenia-inspired turquoise scooter and a beautiful blue rock’n’roll Harley, to
matching Pink Vespas and a vintage bike in pristine condition with matching hand tooled Italian leather saddlebags.

What's better than One pink Vespa? Two, of course!!

All Mod Cons

Italian class in a bicycle

Cortona was a revelation (if you’ll pardon the biblical pun) we ascended a precipitous path which turned out to be the stations
of the cross, the twelfth being the Crucifixion. The thirteenth appeared to be a discarded wine bottle, the message appearing to
be that that amount of suffering would drive anybody to drink. I reckon that’s why they use wine in the Communion.

Atop the fort in Cortona

We mistakenly thought we’d reached the summit, but discovered a huge fort overlooked the Cathedral where we now stood from
another 200 feet or so, so like the idiots we are, we had to get to the highest point – but were rewarded with a breathtaking view
across Tuscany back into Umbria and Lake Trasimeno, scene of our recent cycling triumph.

Kev tries to get to grips with his drinks problem.....

Currently chilling in Greve di Chianti, surrounded by bottles of its namesake, we are quietly girding our loins for an assault on
the city of Florence some time tomorrow.

La Dolce Vita....

Kev Moore

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Caio from Italia! – 4 – Lake Trasimento by bike (and boat)

Well, if I’m to be honest, we biked two thirds of the lake, but let me tell you, that’s enough
for anybody!  Clocking up a minimum of 31 kilometers, we set out from Castigliano del Lago
and followed the shoreline counter-clockwise, skirting the nature preserves and visiting the towns
of Sant’Arcangelo, La Frustra, riding through the Oasi la Valle preserve, San Savino, stopping for another
great value and tasty Machiatto just outside San Feliciano, up through Monte del Lago, Torricella and finally
Passignano. With the wind in our faces most of the time, we were dead beat by the time we reached
Passignano, having completed the aforementioned 2/3rds of the Lake.

We decided to check out the delightful ferries that plied the waters, and found one was leaving in 30 minutes
that could talke us to the largest of three islands, Isola Maggiore. (Imaginatively named – ‘biggest island’)
We grabbed another coffee before boarding the boat to the island, which proved to be a little treasure.
It housed an entire village, which, at its largest in the 16th century, housed 600 inhabitants. Now little more than
a collection of tourist shops, restaurants and folorn churches, it nevertheless has a delightful charm.

We then hopped another boat, bicycles in tow, which took us back to Castiglione, where we’d started in
the morning. By now the wind had really whipped up and the waves crashing oin the shoreline as we cycled back
to the Boomobile made the Trasimento look more liuke an angry Ocean than a lake.

Totally exhausted – but a greatr day out!

Kev Moore

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Ciao from Italia – 3 – Pienza and Montepulciano

We spent a day and night in Pienza, a sleepy little town which very nearly played host to a huge Papal palace when when of the old
Popes who hailed from here got a severe case of megalomania and laid foundations to relocate from the Vatican!

The town itself had a few great motifs for Miki’s painting, and we managed to park up for the night just outside the old city walls.

Then it was on to Montepulciano, which seems to have made it’s primary trade that of shoemaking, and leather work. There were
outstanding examples of this classic italian craftsmanship in almost every other shop. Once more we encountered the almost
unexplainable disparity in the price of a Latte Machiatto. We visited a beautiful cafe, caterering to the public with several smartly uniformed
waitresses and waiters in opulent surroundings. We were served a lovely large Latte and charged just 1.10 euros each! Go figure.

It was an interesting and diverse town, and we decided to stop the night here too. Today, we’ll make around 40 to 50 kilometers to
reach Castiglione del Lago, where we hope to stay by the lake for a few days

Kev Moore

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Ciao from Italia!

(This article was previously published in moore:music)

Coffee stop en route through France

The more ardent moore:music followers amongst you will perhaps have noticed the dearth of articles on here of late.

This is because we’re off exploring Italy in The Boomobile, our home from home on wheels. Having followed the coast from the French-Italian border, seeing the amazing Cinque-Terre, Portofino, Santa Maregherita and Pisa, we have turned inwards today, about 20 k south of the port of Livorno, and come to rest in the Medieval Tuscan town of Volterra, a wonderful collection of churches and buildings within walled defences, and views across the Tuscan countryside to die for.  The trip has been a strangely reminiscent one thus far, as we ‘ve called at many places along the French and Italian coasts that I visited when I was touring my solo show on Ocean Village. I even got to fly from Genoa again, as I nipped to the UK to fulfill a BC Sweet gig commitment!

Have bikes, will travel…now, where’s the padlock key?

At one point, I was flying into Pisa every fortnight, via Munich, and across the Dolomites, to rendezvous with the ship, and often saw the leaning tower on our approach, but this was the first opportunity I’d had to get up close. It’s open to the public again now, but at 15 euros a go, I find the prices even steeper than the staircase, and went with the ‘Karl Pilkington’ philosophy: it’s better looking from the outside in, than the other way around.

Shock discovery: Jeff’s song is Italian!

We’ll probably hang here for a day or so, then explore a number of other Tuscan towns, with plenty of motifs to keep Miki busy painting here in The Boomobile. Stay tuned for more updates!

Danger: Artist at work!

Kev Moore

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Spank de Plank

Almost certainly lurking in my subconscious since my days wandering around the Caribbean with my reggae show, here’s a character I’ve called “Spank de Plank”  – a very cool bass dude!  He’ll be the last character to earn a place in my forthcoming exhibition in Turre in March, though I’m sure many more will pop out of my head and onto the screen during the coming year!

If you want to buy a print of Spank online, click on the widget below:

Art Prints

Kev Moore

(Also featured in moore:music)

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Any Port in a Storm

Now my art and music merge… I recently completed this art piece as a companion to my song “Any Port in a Storm” which tells the tale of sailor returning from many years at sea to find his first love, a prostitute from the docks, faded and in her twilight years. He spends an evening with her, but ultimately leaves on his ship the next day, whereupon so overcome with grief and longing for her lost looks and youth, she gets drunk and hurls herself into the sea. A happy, uplifting song, then!

Have a listen:

Any Port in a Storm

I’d been 17 years out at sea, and I was beside myself
Longing for land, and a hand, to lead me to bed
As we docked at the Quay,
The pitch and the roll started leaving me
And drunk on the moment
I found myself easily led

Any port in a storm – I tumbled so easily
As I entered her boudoir the velvet was welcome and warm
Any port in a storm – it’s not what it seems to be
But the face I remembered
Looked back at me faded and worn

I first walked the docks, as a wide-eyed and innocent cabin boy
And longed for the ocean to spirit my boyhood away
Then one painted angel transported my senses to paradise
And that picture remained in my mind until this fateful day

Any port in a storm – I tumbled so easily
Though she seemed to be smiling her eyes were reflecting despair
Any port in a storm – it’s not what it seems to be
But she offered her hand and we danced as if no-one was there

(Full speed ahead bosun!…………OOH UP SHE RISES…)

The following morning, a bottle in hand on the harbour wall
She pirouettes drunkenly, bids me her final goodbye
As the waves came and took her
I heard from the quayside my Captain call (all aboard!)
And I boarded my ship with regret, and a tear in my eye

Any port in a storm – I tumbled so easily
It’s surprising when you’ve been at sea how the years will fly by
Any port in a storm – just what did she mean to me?
She was too old to work down the docks
But too young to die…..

Words & Music © Kev Moore 2009


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A trip back home

On Wednesday night last week, I flew back to the UK to catch up with old friends, musical colleagues and family, and do a show in Great Yarmouth with BC SWEET, as part of a 70’s festival. Even though I’d allowed myself a couple of extra days, it was still a very hectic time!  It was great to see my son again – he’s now settled in at University in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, where he’s studying music production, and his band Jilambis have their new EP out, which is on sale HERE.


It was also nice to see Graham Oliver of Saxon, a long-time friend, with whom I’ve worked on several music projects, and who played me tracks from their forthcoming album, which sounds very tasty! Graham lives very near the old Yorkshire town of Conisboro’ which has given the world not only Saxon, but also singer Tony Christie and the larger-than-life Shakespearean actor, Brian Blessed, with whom both Graham and I have also appeared.  Conisboro’ Castle is a key location in the Walter Scott classic, “Ivanhoe”, and I managed to get a shot of it as I drove past. A real building, blurring the lines, as the novel does, between fact and fiction.

You can almost hear the clash of swords.....

I also caught up with my friend and musical colleague Stef, who played drums on several tracks on my BLUE ODYSSEY CD, and met up with Nick, brother of the great British vocalist Jess Roden, for the first time after a lengthy correspondence.

You can see some shots from the show by visiting moore:music HERE

Great Yarmouth, sits on the East coast of England at the mouth of the River Yare (as one might expect!) in the county of Norfolk, and the terrain is very reminiscent of Holland, being extremely flat. But that isn’t the only similarity it shares with our Dutch neighbours, as you can see from the photo:

.....and not a sign of Don Quixote.....

I spent the last few hours with my Dad in Derby before flying home. The sunshine giving me a chance to mess about with the camera in the garden, trying to photograph cobwebs and spiders, with varying degrees of success!

Although the sun did its best to keep shining, it was cold, and I was glad to return to sunnier climes on the Sunday, albeit with a bad dose of influenza!

Kev Moore

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