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Space Food

Space Food, by Nicole and Shelley

Starting on my trip
In my new white spaceship,
I thought I would cry
When I hit a blueberry pie.
Certainly this would stain!
Who knew it would rain
Bananas, oranges and kiwi
So dense I could hardly see?
I heard tomatoes splat,
And when I thought that was that,
Space coffee flew past.
I had to think fast.
I filled my cup, grabbed a cake,
And landed for a coffee break.


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Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

My own hand-painted Easter Eggs in a handmade macramé basket

We don’t have egg-coloring kitswhere I live, and all the eggs here have brown shells, meaning a dye wouldn’t work on them.  Our solution is to hand paint eggs every year.  I got this handmade basket five years ago in an artisanal cooperative shop while on a vacation.  The small chocolate eggs in colored foil were purchased at a chocolate shop.

Here are some close-ups of our hand-painted eggs.

My Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

My Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

I painted them in stages, using poster paints.

–Madame Monet

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Walking into Clarksdale – 2 –


Our second day in Clarksdale began with blue skies, and so we decided to explore a little of the surrounding area, heading first out to a  town called Friar’s Point on the banks of the Mississippi.

Initially, we couldn’t see the river for the huge levee that protected the town from possible flooding, and there were signs everywhere telling us that the levee was not a public road and warning us no trespassing, so we drove into town, got out and wandered around for a while.

It was really quite eerie. There was an almost total absence of people, and the shops were full of items, yet closed up, shrouded in dust and cobwebs, almost from another time. Even the museum, with the rusting hulks of farm machinery and an old tank standing silent guard outside, looked abandoned.

The Petrol Station looked like it hadn’t pumped gas since the invasion of Kuwait, yet the town sported a shiny Police station and Post Office.

Some of the houses were lovely, yet there was an air of decay about the place.  A old lady, driving by, slowed and rolled her window down, greeting us warmly.

“Ya’ll visiting  Friar’s Point? Mighty nice to have you here!” – and she proceeded to tell us where to find the church where Conway Twitty would lie in the ditch listening to the gospel music. He was born here apparently, and the lady went on to point out other items of interest, such as the house up by the highway that was destroyed by a recent tornado. This qualifies as an attraction, it seems. I thought it rather more likely to keep people away.

We asked her about the shops. She told us the main shop was closed because the owner had diabetes, and the petrol station closed because the owner had cancer. During this conversation a black guy had wandered up and told the old lady someone had been trying to kill him, gesturing to his head. She took this news with remarkable aplomb, as though he’d been asking her the time. It seemed he was perhaps one bud lite short of a six-pack. We made our excuses, and like the Confederates before us, beat a hasty retreat.

It was telling that no-one had stepped into the breach and re-opened the shop or the petrol station. The town, still bearing the scars of Union shelling from the river, was finally dying.

The lady had told us that we could in fact scale the levee and go on down to the river, so that is what we did, and Miki did a couple of sketches before we left. It was sad to see a town this way, yet moving to talk to someone who was still clearly proud of the place she had lived all her life.

The town had a marker on the blues trail , commemorating Robert Nighthawk, who called this town his home at various times in his life, and also immortalized it in song in 1940. I hope the trail helps to bring visitors back to Friar’s Point and breathes some life back into this proud old town.

We hit the road again and explored a little of Highway 1, discovering a lake off the beaten track and a house where a guy had made a fence around his property entirely out of kiddies’ tricycles!  Being hugely influenced by American horror movies, I couldn’t help but think the guy had abducted about 100 innocently-pedalling children in order to get his free fence! -or perhaps his wife had been inordinately fertile……

We spied a general store by the side of the highway and popped in for a look. We received the warmest of welcomes, enjoying a burger, some complimentary snacks, great coffee and conversation with the locals. Great Southern hospitality!

That evening, after resting up at the motel, it was time to pay a visit to Ground Zero, the club owned by actor Morgan Freeman. As we pulled up outside, it looked like nothing more than a dilapidated old warehouse, with a porch out front sporting a couple of old sofas. The only clue that it was a venue was the glowing neon sign sporting the Ground Zero logo. But walk through the doors and you were stepping into the coolest blues club around. The place had an amazing atmosphere, and graffitti, primarily visitors signatures, covered almost every square inch of the walls, and in some cases, the ceilings. This was Blues Mecca.

Big Dave throws some shapes at Ground Zero

On stage was Big Dave and the Evol Love band, and we ordered a couple of beers and sat down. With BBQ wings and Potato Skins to die for, we were in seventh heaven!

When Dave took to the stage for his third set, he invited me up on stage. And so another ambition was realized, as I sang and played “Spinning Wheel Blues” in downtown Clarksdale Mississippi. Does it get any better than this?

Kev Moore


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Mugs from Germany

2009 German Mugs S

Last weekend Kevin was again away gigging in Germany. Honestly, I hate it when he goes, although I am sincerely glad that he can live out his passion on big stages with such great bands and great musicians as Christie and BC Sweet. Always when I see photos or video footage of the gigs, it strikes me how happy Kevin looks: no doubt, music is his world. and I know it will always be.

Anyway, not everything is negative for me when he goes away. Most of the time, when he comes back, he has a little something for me. This time, it was something very special. Rainer, a German fan of Christie, who over the years became a friend of the band and in the meanwhile, since I met Kevin,  of me too (although I never met him personally), had brought to the gig 2 new mugs for our mug collection.. such a lovely gesture from him, isn’t it?

And here they are! I chose the one with the German colours, naturally,as I lived most of my life in Germany! I love my new mug and my coffee tastes especially good in it, of course  🙂

In the background of the painting you can see the members of Christie: Jeff Christie, Adrian Foster, Simon Kay and, last but not least, Kev Moore. By the way, I hope the guys will forgive me if I put Kevin in the foreground, but well, HE is my boy and he clearly gets most of my attention.

A big thanks from Kevin and me to our friend Rainer!

by Miki

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Have a drink on Café Crem….

or rather have Café Crem on a drink!

mug-cafe-cremI have spent the last few days creating  Planet Goodaboom’s Art and Music Boutique online. I have started  creating products featuring some of my artwork: mugs, postcards, stamps, fridge magnets, aprons, ties and even shoes!

Of course I have started with the mugs, as they are my favourite products ever! And of course I had to make a Café Crem mug, featuring what was our logo from the very first moment. I will add some other products featuring Cafe Crem soon, so please keep coming to the Boutique.

Well, it is available now in Goodaboom’s Boutique, in many different designs, as travel mugs too, and in many different sizes and handle colours, and even inside. Have a look there, I have done many other mugs which I find quite cute. (sorry for the self compliments, but I do like them!).


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Accident of Birth

I was born a blonde
But beneath layers of fairness
There lurks a redhead,
Fiery, impulsive and hot.
I was born a Pisces,
On the cusp of Aries, Scorpio rising.
But I’m no bland cod-fish though:
I’m Jambalaya, in Cajun sauce.
I was born in the South;
Accident of fate, Northern stock.
Lose a leg? Hop, girl, hop!
They breed ’em tough up there.
I was born a woman.
But my inner man sits firm,
Fists balled primevally
Nursing a proper pint.
I was born complicated:
Don’t try to understand me,
It’ll just make your brain spin.
Best just let me be.

by Viv

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Choco and Vanilla Tea Lights for Dinner


It is 10 PM in Spain right now, I have just lit the tea lights for our candlelight dinner, and as promised to Viv in a comment thread somewhere, I made a photo for our friends from Café Crem, so that you can spend this lovely evening with us, kind of!

But fingers away from the food please, Kevin cooked only for 2 persons!

PS: the Mac addicts among you will certainly recognise something they love in the top right corner…

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Earthmother, manqué.


Sometimes I find it hard

To resist the growing urge

To cook for the children,

The ten or twelve I never had,

Or cater for the horde

Of hungry friends that once

Came knocking at mealtimes,

Eager for food or fellowship.

The phantom feet still beat

A path at times to my door,

And wait like patient pets

For recognition and relief.

At times like these, I shiver,

And make vast cauldrons

Of hot and bubbling soup

Massive crumbles and pies,

Roast beef, all the trimmings,

And try not to count

The empty chairs around

My waiting, groaning table.


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…. and then the phone rang.


“ …. and then the phone rang”

You know, there are moments in my life when everything is trundling along how it should be, everything in its place, everyone carrying out their alotted role …. and then the phone rings ….


You need, really, to know the geography of the lower level of our house for this one …. imagine three rooms … on the right is one big room (utility/computers), on the left are two small rooms (bathroom and kitchen) … the phone is beside the computers.


So … hubby is in the kitchen making dinner.  My son Matthew and I are in the bathroom, washing hands ready for dinner.  Jack – our extraordinarily huge black Greyhound – is in the utility room, laying on the carpet by the computers.  The washing machine is busy working away in the utility room, all three computers (yes, we’ve gone one each) are switched on and humming away, hubby has got music on in the kitchen … all of which is fine, except the phone rang.

In what was probably less than ten seconds, all hell broke loose.  Matthew ran towards the phone (don’t ask me why) and fell over Jack … who jumped up and panicked, because he always thinks it’s his fault, bless him, scooted towards the stairs by the kitchen doorway, causing hubby to fall over him as hubby ran towards the phone from the kitchen.  Meanwhile, I am picking Matthew up off the floor where he’s fallen between the two computer chairs.  Hubby reaches the phone just as the washing machine starts its VERY NOISY spin cycle.

I manage to complete a very athletic (for me!) move and hit the “off” switch on the washing machine, because I just know that hubby will not be able to hear himself think with that going on.  Hubby, meanwhile, is muttering about “pan of chips in kitchen” as he answers the phone.  Jack has run upstairs, making enough noise for a herd of elephants, I’m on my way to rescue the “pan of chips”. Matthew is wailing about his poor knee and hubby is trying to talk to the phone company about their complete inability to issue a correct bill for the television/phone/internet service.  At this point I realise that – inexplicably – Matthew is waving a can of Mr Sheen furniture polish around, looking like he has every intent on using it (where did he get it from?  Surely he didn’t have time to find it, inbetween washing hands and falling over dog?).  In a somewhat delayed reaction, hubby hits what he thinks is the “off” switch on the washing machine, except of course he’s turned it back on.  As I pass, I swoop upon the can of Mr Sheen and wrest it from the grasp of indignant son, finally reaching the kitchen to discover that “pan of chips” is indeed as described … a frying pan with chips sizzling in hot oil. This is a complete nightmare for me – I just don’t do that, its too scary!  If anybody wants me to cook chips in our house, its an oven job!.  I realise that the chips are done, so turn off the gas and start fishing them out before they turn into something you could use to nail a fence together, when the washing machine starts spinning again!  Huh?? In confusion, knowing that I’d switched it off earlier, I dash out and switch it back off again – and dash back to the kitchen, where I throw everything that hubby had just taken out of the oven back into the oven again.


I think the phone company has got our house bugged and knew the very worst time to ring.  They had to.  That couldn’t all have been coincidence.  Could it?




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Many hot chocolate cups are on their way for this season. This morning there was frost on the patio table and chairs, and I had to run to the trash bins in my light PJs; quick to come back to my safety nest inside.

Soon the house will be full of relatives and children, happy noise will be heard all around these walls and we will enjoy Xmas goodies. I do not need much to be happy. Happy hearts and laughter, family, that is good enough.

Happy Holidays to all and I hope you are enjoying the season as much!

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