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My Country, Repository of Filth.

I don’t know where else to vent my anger and disgust. My country, England, has in the space of a few days descended into chaos, with feral youths and mindless thugs looting, destroying, and terrorizing with impunity.

Of course, now they’re trying to show the ‘British Community Spirit’ on the news – locals coming together to help clean up, which is all very laudable, but doesn’t solve the problem. THE POLICE ARE UNABLE TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT.  The culprits are generally brats spewed forth from the loins of the underclasses. They have no concept of community, law and order, or common decency. They have waived the right to their Human Rights. The parents of this pond-life should all be summarily sterilized, and the culprits should be incarcerated for life, made to serve in the Army, or shot. Extreme? Perhaps, but I’ll tell you what – I mean it. And don’t tell me it’s a result of ‘youth services cuts’. To riot because the nanny state isn’t scratching your back anymore is contemptible, as is using the excuse of an accidental shooting. People need to obey the rule of law, otherwise society breaks down. This scum are CRIMINALS, pure and simple. There is no higher purpose, they’re just to damn stupid to do anything else.  One throws up one’s hands in horror when we see the ‘extreme’ punishment some Muslim countries mete out to their criminals, but I’d like to see one of these neanderthals try to leg it from Curry’s with his 42″plasma TV if he’d had his hands chopped off. And if you’re asking “Surely you’re not advocating that, are you? ‘ My answer is “YES, I BLOODY WELL AM, AND IF THEY NEED SOMEBODY TO DO IT, I VOLUNTEER.  I saw a sickening video of a bunch of these animals ostensibly trying to ‘help’ a young man who had blood pouring from a head wound, having been caught up in the riots. It was just a ruse, so they could rummage through his backpack and take anything of value. The piece of human waste that walked away with his prize laughing to his mates will NEVER contribute anything useful to society. He will be a pariah and a draw on resources until the day he (thankfully) draws his last breath. There is no time left for ‘outreach’ programmes, or any other of these stupid ‘initiatives.’ The lunatics have taken over the asylum, and they need to be exterminated, before we all go up in flames.

Kev Moore


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A Cup of Coffee with my Friends

"Liquid Topaz, page 107," 5x7inches, mixed media, copyright 2011 Shelley M. House.

Stopping by to share a cup with some old friends. This piece is part of my new altered book series, “Liquid Topaz.” It’s been a fun summer project. I should be finishing it up this week, so I can call it done before the kids start school next week. Symphony rehearsals start up again in a couple weeks, so I need to put more time into practicing my violin.

Sitting outside the Wine Market on a hot summer night.

I’ve been selling my art at more outdoor venues. Just last Friday night was one of the fun Art Walks on the Square. I enjoy being a part of this growing creative community, and there is a wonderful energy to interacting with potential customers this way. I’ve got more Art Walk pics at my gallery blog. I’ve entertained thoughts of playing my violin outside at one of these events, when it cools off a little. I’ll keep y’all posted on how that goes 🙂

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Ciao from Italia!

(This article was previously published in moore:music)

Coffee stop en route through France

The more ardent moore:music followers amongst you will perhaps have noticed the dearth of articles on here of late.

This is because we’re off exploring Italy in The Boomobile, our home from home on wheels. Having followed the coast from the French-Italian border, seeing the amazing Cinque-Terre, Portofino, Santa Maregherita and Pisa, we have turned inwards today, about 20 k south of the port of Livorno, and come to rest in the Medieval Tuscan town of Volterra, a wonderful collection of churches and buildings within walled defences, and views across the Tuscan countryside to die for.  The trip has been a strangely reminiscent one thus far, as we ‘ve called at many places along the French and Italian coasts that I visited when I was touring my solo show on Ocean Village. I even got to fly from Genoa again, as I nipped to the UK to fulfill a BC Sweet gig commitment!

Have bikes, will travel…now, where’s the padlock key?

At one point, I was flying into Pisa every fortnight, via Munich, and across the Dolomites, to rendezvous with the ship, and often saw the leaning tower on our approach, but this was the first opportunity I’d had to get up close. It’s open to the public again now, but at 15 euros a go, I find the prices even steeper than the staircase, and went with the ‘Karl Pilkington’ philosophy: it’s better looking from the outside in, than the other way around.

Shock discovery: Jeff’s song is Italian!

We’ll probably hang here for a day or so, then explore a number of other Tuscan towns, with plenty of motifs to keep Miki busy painting here in The Boomobile. Stay tuned for more updates!

Danger: Artist at work!

Kev Moore

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The Wall Revisited: Art by Snowlight

The shining Georgia sun inspired me to take a snow pic today. I am also creating “the wall” for my next show. I’m trying to narrow it down to my most romantic pieces for a Valentine’s Day theme.

I’m excited to announce that this time I’m getting ready for the Grand Opening at my own gallery space.

Look how big these windows are!

I will be sharing the new gallery, the Art Forum at DuPre’s Antique Market, with 10 other fabulously talented artists. Here’s a sneak peek inside while we get things ready.

These movable partitions are nifty!

Owner Mike Barie shows us the "stage," where we can create art while on display.

My spot, 3rd one in along the wall.

I wish all my Cafe Crem friends could be here! I’ll try to keep y’all up-to-date with plenty of photos. I posted a few outdoor pics at my other blog. Thank you everyone for all your support. I love you guys!


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Dutch Courage!

Come on you Hollaaaaaaaand!!!!

All my life, there have only been two teams that filled me with awe at the beauty of their fluid football – My beloved Derby County of the 70’s moulded by the inimitable Brian Clough and Peter Taylor, and the legendary Dutch national side of the ’74 World cup,  a side which featured Johhny Rep, Neeskens, and perhaps one of the three greatest players ever to walk the Earth, Johan Cruyff. (The other two being Pele and George Best, don’t talk to me about Maradona) – yet despite appearing in back to back finals, they have never lifted the World Cup.

Now, given our concerns about the Spanish people generally getting a bit above themselves, what with Nadal cleaning up at Wimbledon, and the Spanish team already European champions, Miki and I are wholeheartedly throwing our support behind the Dutch in tonights World Cup final. To that end, we have festooned our balcony with three orange shirts and an orange sun lounger mattress, leaving no doubt as to where our allegiances lie. Cunningly, we contrived to have a blow out in the Roadster this afternoon, so making it less likely for wanton vandalism in retaliation for lack of support for the local side. However, should Spain be defeated, I am ready to accept that second hand Spanish omelette may be hurled at my shirts after full time.

Anyway, to borrow a large telecommunications company’s catchphrase:

The future’s bright, the future’s ORANGE!!!

Kev Moore

Miki here: I add here some fun I have made in honour of the finale…Don Quijote ready to affront eh Dutch windmills!

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My disgust for the so-called ‘beautiful game’

Suarez, kissing his fairplay shirt.Spare me the hypocrisy.a little picture of an even smaller man

No apologies for a football topic. Deal with it, people.

I am angry. I am angry because the game I loved has now descended so far into farce that it no longer knows its arse from its elbow. Angry because incompetent Uruguayan officials don’t understand that when a ball crosses the goal line by a metre, it should in fact, be given as a goal. Angry because when an attacker passes a ball and his colleague is by the goal line with not only the opposing defenders but also the goalkeeper behind him, it is offside. Angry because the governing body FIFA ineptly lurching from one crisis to another led by the obseqious and obese Sepp Blatter, refuses to use modern technology to rule in such incidents, when a simple glance up to the giant screen would in fact suffice. Angry because so-called professional players collapse like a house of cards clutching their faces in agony when they receive the slightest brush with the opposition. Angry because adulterers like John Terry are awarded with the privilege of playing for their country, which they do dismally, after cuckolding one of his team mates, causing the wronged man to forego his dream of playing at perhaps a once in a lifetime tournament.

But last night was the last straw. Uruguay (hey, what a surprise)  and in particular the grinning, cheating fool Suarez, dragged the game to a point so low, we might as well sprinkle the holy water and say the last rites now. It was a slap in the face for the game, and a kick in the crotch for Africa, who, despite the sorry spectacle that has been served up there in terms of football, have triumphantly hosted this competition.

Suarez.  I really need to convey the depths of my disgust for this man. Single-handedly,(literally) maliciously and selfishly, he wiped out not just Ghana’s dream, but that of the entire African continent with an act of cheating so despicable, I will forever look upon Uruguay, and more importantly, the unrecognizable farce that the game has become as soiled beyond redemption. I simply do not recognize that team as victors. They disgust me. The moral victors here are the Africans. They have my respect. That is one thing cheating cannot buy you. Suarez, your grinning, self congratulatory misguided sense of your own importance and self-righteousness sickens me to the core,hang your head in shame. I hope you are given a football lesson by the Dutch and dispatched back from whence you came.

Bill Shankly, legendary Liverpool manager famously said “football isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s much more important than that…” Well, no longer Bill, no longer. The game you once knew lies broken and filthy in the dirt, and needs putting out of its misery, and all the ‘fair play’ badges on all the shirts in the world won’t help. A cheat is a cheat. Perhaps FIFA should make a nice badge for Suarez with CHEAT embroidered on it. At least the game could then claim to have a stake, however miniscule, in the truth.

Kev Moore

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Tales from the Old Country – UK descends into Political farce

One of the lucky ones

I’m not really a Political animal, but I felt I had to briefly comment on the farcical goings-on in my old home country. Oh, how we laughed at the U.S.A. when they brought Dubya to power when he hadn’t even won, but now it seems that the Mother of Democracy has sank to equal, if not greater depths.  It looks like the Conservatives are heading for 36% of the vote, and around 307 seats, around 47 seats more than their nearest rivals Labour – but our quaint system means that, although they have more seats than any other party, if they don’t reach the magic 326 overall majority, the present incumbent, the dour and singularly unappealing Scot, Gordon Brown, can claim squatters rights and try and enter into a coalition with the 3rd placed Liberal Democrats. Yep. that’s right. The two LOSERS are able to try and form a Government the people don’t want. It puts Nick Clegg, leader of the third most successful party on the night, in the role of Kingmaker. This in itself, is bad enough, but the real horror of the night was the truly stupefying scene at major cities (Leeds, Sheffield, and others) where hundreds of voters were queueing around the block, unable to vote, and eventually were turned away when the Polling stations were shut at 10 pm.

Oh yes, the good ol’ U.K., once a bastion of fair play and democratic thought, with their soldiers dying in Afghanistan, in order to give Afghans the vote, has disenfranchised its own citizens.

This to me, is yet another nail in the coffin of my country. I’ve long thought the country I grew up in had ceased to exist, but never did I think to see the day when it descended into third-world politics.

It is a day of shame. Will the last person on the boat to Calais please turn out the lights.

Kev Moore

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CHRISTIE gets World Cup Fever

As the Football World Cup in South Africa fast approaches, thoughts turn to World Cup songs for the England squad and fans, and this year, with it being the 40th. anniversary of the release of ‘Yellow River” by CHRISTIE, Renowned rap artist Aggi Dukes has collaborated with Jeff to produce “Hat-trick of Lions” giving YR  a ska-like feel which could just become infectious on the terraces this summer!

Check it out:

Kev Moore

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Blue Odyssey

Today, I’m announcing the commencement of my new solo CD project, entitled “Blue Odyssey”. With a projected summer release date on the moore:music label, it will be a musical diary of our 2 month trip around the American south, specifically in Nashville, Memphis, Clarksdale, New Orleans, Austin and Little Rock – and the musicians and musical influences we encountered along the way. I’m really excited about it, and hope to involve some of the people I saw in concert and met whilst over there. It really will be a musical journey, and the “initial sketches’ of the first few songs are in place. What I’ll be doing on here is a diary of my progress with the tracks, the trials and tribulations, and projected involvement of other musicians.  I hope you’ll follow along!  Tracks in their formative stages at the moment include:

Never get to Nashville, Buttermilk Boogie, Basement full of dreams, and The Ghost of Bessie Smith.

Stay tuned!

Kev Moore

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Live Music Capital – or City of Crime? – an outsider’s view of Austin

Filing your tax return - American style. Make no mistake, this is an act of terrorism.

The Austin leg of our trip was one that I’d particularly looked forward to – its reputation as the live music capital of America, its hosting of the South by South West music festival, and its legendary son Stevie Ray Vaughan were just some of the reasons we were excited.  But a different view of the city, a darker side, has emerged during our time here.

There is a huge Police presence for one thing, and the local news is reporting murder and acts of vandalism on a regular basis. But when you add to that the lunatic Joe Stack who decided his complaint against the IRS would take the form of a terrorist attack on their building, only a few blocks away from us, things really took a downturn.  What is it in the American psyche that turns a part-time bass player in a country rock band into a kamikaze pilot?  -and just how much problem could he have had with tax, given that he had the luxury of a $300,000 house to set fire to – AND HIS OWN PLANE?????  Am I missing something here? Is it the American dream? Are you entitled to blow your countrymen away if you don’t have excessive wealth? 

That sorry episode aside, as we left to go out last night, we noticed a gas station being taped off as a crime scene with Police and Ambulance in attendance, and wondered at what had occurred. But that was nothing compared to our return. We discovered that our Motel had been turned into a taped off crime scene also, and we were stopped and interrogated before being allowed to drive in. After ducking under our very own crime scene tape, Two doors down, the apartment had been taped off, and the place was crawling  with Police and a Crime Scene van was parked outside our window for the entire night. We were assured that we were in no danger, which we naturally didn’t believe for one second. If they were screening visitors to the site, who were they looking for?

Our Motel- includee in the price, a coffee machine, TV, and the thrill of sleeping in the middle of a crime scene.

It saddens me that a country that has such an open-hearted, friendly and generous side seems to be infected with such a high percentage of bloody lunatics that give it a bad name. Let us not forget, only a little way to the North is the town of Waco, or perhaps it should be called Wacko, given the events that unfolded there some years ago, following the catastrophic ‘meeting of minds’ between the FBI and a bunch of religious nuts.

Texas tourist industry take note, our view of Austin has been tainted by what we have seen here.

Let us hope that someone, some day, cleanses this cancer from society before twilight’s last gleaming.

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