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The Irina Bloom Mug

By Miki de Goodaboom


Is anybody out there?

here is Miki… not sure if anybody is still around in our lovely Cyber Cafe “Cafe Crem”… probably not… except of course Kevin, who apparently comes here from time to time and tells the world about his music and the music he loves!

Well, I personally haven’t come for ages… there is nothing more depressing than an empty Café, and I had no idea how to try to bring it to life again. At the occasion, apart from Kevin, I would like to thank Shelley with all my heart, who has been so faithful and active all the time, from the very beginning…

Shelley… are YOU there?

I have a very special reason to come back today, but I hope I will come more often again. Since my last post, I have painted many new mugs, and I will gradually publish them here, together with their little story. But for now I want to present you the “Irina Bloom” Mug.

Irina Bloom Mugs

Irina Bloom is the heroine of the new book with the same name of Brazilian author Tamara Ramos. And is as well a painting by me. If you want to know how my girl landed on the cover of Tamara’s book, please go and read the story in my main blog. You can also read l’histoire d’Irina Bloom en français if you don’t understand English or find French language sexier!  🙂

Here is my original painting

Irina Bloom The Blond Rebel XS

As usual: mugs are a wonderful personalised gift, and Christmas is coming… does it ring a bell? So, if you want to purchase an Irina Bloom mug, please go to

Tamara Ramos Virtual Lounge

So, this is it for today. Kevin and I would love to hear again from any of our Cafe Creamers if you are around. And if you have a new mug, with an interesting mug story, or anything else interesting in your life, just come to Cafe Crem and let us know!



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Kissing under the…


People rarely notice this little plant, because it tends to grow up high. We see it at Christmas and kiss under it, and then forget it for the rest of the year.

I spotted this fabulous crop on a high tree in Cambridge Botanical gardens today as we walked past.

For reasons of censorship, you can’t see us having a snog underneath it but that’s probably just as well.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone with much love from us here in the East of England.. though that blue sky is worthy of a Greek island!


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Snapshot in Ice

Snapshot in ice


The world is frozen,

Every web edged in ice,

Occupant huddled under leaf

Awaiting a thaw.

Seedheads, candied in frost,

Return to brief flowering,

Coated in fragile crystal

So dense it seems furry.

Ferns are turned to fossils,

Chrysanthemums to pom-poms.

Even the air is frozen,

Full of microscopic ice.

Foghorns call across the miles,

Invisible as owls in the night,

And the sea, oblivious,

Crashes softly on the shore.

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Many hot chocolate cups are on their way for this season. This morning there was frost on the patio table and chairs, and I had to run to the trash bins in my light PJs; quick to come back to my safety nest inside.

Soon the house will be full of relatives and children, happy noise will be heard all around these walls and we will enjoy Xmas goodies. I do not need much to be happy. Happy hearts and laughter, family, that is good enough.

Happy Holidays to all and I hope you are enjoying the season as much!

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The Countdown Has Begun!

Today is the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) and that means from now on the days will be getting a little bit longer. Yet the Big Day of the Season for many of us, is still to come. I still love Christmas, even though I’m a ‘big girl’ now! There are just so many wonderful memories of spending time with family and friends that I will always cherish. It’s not about the presents we get or give. It’s about love and caring and togetherness. Those are true gifts we can share all year long.

Not all of us celebrate Christmas. We each have special celebrations and traditions we keep. No matter how you choose to celebrate or mark the season, I hope it is a special time for you and your loved ones.

Merry Christmas to all my Friends here at Cafe Crem. May you have a Peaceful, Healthy and Happy 2009!


From Bonny

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Shelley’s Cups under The Spanish Sun


Shelley’s cups arrived this week, we are overjoyed with this pre Christmas surprise!

The cups look simply fantastic and be sure, Shelley, that we will have our first Christmas coffee out of them!

Merry Christmas to all my friends from

Cafe Crem!

by Miki

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It’s that time of year again…..

Dog-Tired at Christmas, with apologies to Charles M. Schulz...

Dog-Tired at Christmas, with apologies to Charles M. Schulz...

Well, Cafe Cremers, it is indeed that time of year again, as evidenced by Michael’s previous festive entry. Who would have believed we would all  still be popping in here for a coffee and a chat, notching up our second Christmas together?  I know I speak for both of us when I say Miki and I regard you all as true friends, and think of you just as we think of other friends and family at this time of year. Whoever you’re spending it with, spend it with love, and have a good one. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Kev Moore

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Dad in a Hat

Dad - suitably be-hatted

Dad - suitably be-hatted

Dad in a Hat

Pleased as punch and ramrod straight
With present, bought by reprobate
The son who’s nearly always late
No “proper” job, his hair a state
But brings a smile to Father’s eyes
When finally, after several tries
He finds a prezzie he adores
So, much, he actually went and wore
The thing, as we stepped out for lunch
It’s funny, but I had a hunch, that
Being as the old one’s tat
It’s just the job –
Dad in a hat!

Poem and Photograph Copyright Kev Moore 2008

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This beautiful pattern on my Dad's patio table inspired the poem below...

This beautiful pattern on my Dad's patio table inspired the poem below...


Make mine frosted
Like the icing on a cake
Glisten, glitterati
Take all the time
You need to take
Anoint the un-anointed
With your slender silver flake
And a send a softened shimmer
O’er the steel-grey winter lake

Carpet seasons grey
With endless skirts of wondrous white
And rustle trembling branches
In a phosphorescent light
Then, cracked and broken
As the morning sun demands
Your patterns and your swirls
Are like the lines upon our hands
Foretelling futures frosted new
Make diamonds from the morning dew
A beauty that is seldom seen
This winter, cloaked in crystalline.

Copyright 2008 Kev Moore

Photo by Kev Moore

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The tides of Yule-fuelled spenders
Wend their way through streets declaring
But from their pockets lonely change is chinking
“Yes, but how?”

The plastic heads for meltdown
As they’re given little choice
Consumer pressure fuels the needs
Of little girls and boys

And trudging home with battered baggage bustling on the bus
These serial shoppers gaze with frightened wonder at the rest of us
Who opted out of this, the madness of the Christmas week

And far away across the empty marshlands,
The sun, yet to retreat and retire,
Its final flames of arcane fire
Gives licence to the winter moon
Who comes out , just to take a peek.

Copyright Kev Moore 2008

Photo by Kev Moore

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