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The nests we build: another cafe crem collaboration

Is there any limit to the versatility of the Kev Moore?  Check this out!  My second Soul Sketching demonstration video, completed with the soundtrack “Misty Mountains” by Kev.

And maybe in the comments section here Miki will tell the story of the early morning awakening with the theme in his mind.  A great artist just takes dictation while the voice of god whispers in his/her ear.  Well, something like that.  Anyway, thank you Kev!  It’s a perfect fit.  And next time I’m thinking a little henhouse rock n roll.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Soul Sketching #2“, posted with vodpod
copyright 2009  Susan Cornelis

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Soul Sketching in the Cafe

I’ve managed to drag myself out of my sickbed today to present this project that our very own Susan Cornelis and I collaborated on just over a year ago. I showcase it here, now, because there are plans afoot to create a new one – I know it’s true, she sent me a picture of the cameraman!

The video stars Susan, and I had the very great pleasure to write the music to accompany it. In another thread, I spoke about the Celtic “tricks” people use in this kind of genre – and I dug into a whole bag of them!  I love the collaborations here in Cafe Crem…Shelley – yours will be up next!

Kev Moore

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A flag with a new meaning


“Corn and Old Glory”, 30″ X 20″ watercolor

Bob and I were watching the election results last night with Andy and our other son Ben, who’s at UBC in Vancouver, was with us on Skype. And Bob and I were attempting to describe to them how we felt about this point in history. “The only thing that comes close is when man first walked on the moon!” I watched Obama’s speech with tears streaming down my face and saw all those American flags waving. . .and for the first time probably since I was a child, I felt proud to be an American. . .not in a patriotic-my-country-is-better-than-yours way. . . but proud that we could have so overwhelmingly elected a brilliant, multi-cultural, black man to be our president and our face to the world with hope. Hallelujah!

Which brings me to this painting which I did a few years ago when I was so enthralled with living in the country(as in countryside, not U.S.). My associations with the flag were along the lines of amber waves of grain, mom and apple pie. Yet I had a friend who was aghast that I would display a symbol which stood for a country with such a tarnished reputation in the world. I came to feel embarrassed by it and put it away. Today it popped back into my mind, and so, here it is. (available in the original and giclee print)

I hope you’re feeling like celebrating today too. We’re not champagne drinkers so last night I made chocolate chip cookies. Wish I could offer you one.

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A replacement brush for Bill

by Susan

Happy Birthday Bill! I thought I’d replace that Kolinsky sable brush that flew into the river when the weird guy startled you. After all, what’s an artist without his brush?!

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Kev’s Secret revealed

by Susan

Have you ever wondered how this man, half a century old today, can spend every weekend hopping around the continent playing gigs, then come home to his unstoppable gypsy girlfriend who takes him galavanting around southern Spain the rest of the week? Hummingbird nectar. Yep! High octane. Did you know that the hummingbird has the biggest heart in the animal kingdom? It beats about 1220 times a minute when it’s flying (that’s 10 times my heart beat while I’m doing Jazzercise!) No wonder it can turn a middle aged man into a crowd pleasing rock star and much more. ANd the identity of this particular little bird pictured above? Can you guess?

So now that your secret’s out Kev, the tabloids will soon get a hold of it and you will have to go further into the recesses of Spain and Portugal to have any peace. Oh well, it had to come out sooner or later.

Happy Birthday with love from Susan!

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Little old lady at Coffee Catz

Oh dear, I suppose someday someone will be referring to me as “the little old lady who”, although I’ll never be a LITTLE old lady. Anyway, the title is just to refer to the picture I posted a couple days ago. I did this sketch as a response to Miki’s commentary about ways that people at CAfe Masko read the newspaper (which she never does). A kind of anthropological commentary. . .This was sketched before the L.O.Lady started her crossword puzzle. One would surmise from this that a bagel can be eaten while reading the paper, but must be finished before the serious business of cross words begins.


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Led by the heart

by Susan

For your birthday, dear Miki, a portrait of one of the many faces you’ve shown me in our brief and wondrous acquaintance. . .not the sporty Tom-boy with the cap pulled down over the eyes, not the serious portrait artist or even the humorous sketcher, not even the romantic woman in love. . . but the one who leads us all with her wild heart into fantastic new territories of the imagination. She is spirited and free! And I’m galloping right behind, ready for the next adventure.

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Getting started

OK, so here’s my confession. And it’s particularly apropos after Kev’s post (which I will read in more detail when I have time!) You see it doesn’t really ever occur to me that people would be interested in hearing about ME, (though Miki assures me that is quite untrue) or even in my opinions about things. My little family, and certainly my two teenage boys do not express much interest at all, probably because they think they know all there is to know. Makes sense.) I do wonder what it would be like to be famous, like Oprah and think that the whole world is interested in you. But I don’t think I’d like that – all that positive and negative attention – all those people thinking they know you. Who is the you that they know? Not the me that I know and am interested in. (Obviously I’m not the performer type and than heaven there are those types in the world!

I have a close friend who’s into astrology and we’re both Pisces of a similar sort. We can easily merge with that ecstatic creative energy of consciousness and are endlessly “entertained” by it. We can also experience that same energy in others most of the time. However, when it comes to being a particular personality in this world and promoting ourselves in some kind of ego way, of marketing our skills or whatever,. . . well it’s hard because in a sense there’s nobody there to market. Other people see “it” but we don’t.

For that reason, here I am, showing up for my CAfe Crem buddies, invisible to myself and hopefully not to you. I just started a painting this morning which I will share with you now because it so speaks to my own process. I actually was just playing around (the ego directed painting rarely works for me), putting some paint and ink down for a background for figure drawing tonight. But I do believe it’s a self portrait.

by Susan

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Zoey meets Le Petit Prince

(acrylic on textured paper, 22X15″, by Susan Cornelis)
Forgive me for straying slightly from the topic of God. Your response may be “Good God! What is that fat chicken doing on Cafe Crem? But this is about that meeting of le petit prince – remember how suave he looked after Miki dressed him up for his meeting with the Zoey the chicken? (You can see him and read the beginning of this story here.) Well, I’m afraid that Zoey got a bit too excited in anticipation (as chickens are wont to do) and when he arrived. . . well she came on a bit strong. . .got so puffed up with pride at having been selected, from all the hens in the coop, and by a prince no less. . .well, you can see that she turned all kinds of colors so that le petit prince’s handsome new outfit did not match her at all. . .and he was quite dismayed when she turned out to be the same height as him. I mean, how would you feel if this chicken were as tall as you and approached you ready for some affectionate response. . .well, need I say more? His little planet suddenly looked quite homey to him, even without the Zoey he’d imagined, and he disappeared quite suddenly, leaving Zoey totally bereft with her sisters cackling with glee at her failure with the prince. But can you blame him?
Perhaps in your response you can bring God gracefully into this picture?

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Be my Valentine!


The heart that loves is always young!

A heart in love with beauty never grows old!

And here it is, my still-wet valentine, to wish you love and eternal life. Apparently the French get credit for the following. . .

Love makes time pass. Time makes love pass.

But this is I’m sure not true in the case of my favorite French person who we know so well.

Anyway, I hope you will all enjoy your day in the company with someone(s) you love. I’ll be thinking of you while I munch my chocolate!

Love, Susan

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