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Behind, Like a dog’s balls, #3


I can post it now.  This was my first attempt to

illustrate the saying of the dog’s balls,



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Como las bolas del perro.

Siempre tarde, always late… Como las bolas del perro”`= Like the balls of a dog (sounds lighter in English)… What saying in English would convey the same message? I wonder. French?? Any other language here?I don’t have a drawing yet.. Hum-mm I think it would be gross, but hey… anyone can volunteer one, you are welcome…

I will try to come up with one today, it’s too early for me to draw. There are sayings for everything and on every possible wording. This saying is applied to anyone who is late on everything , at the end of the line, the last to appear, the last to understand, the last to get to the meeting, etc…

Many times sayings use the crudest way to convey a strong, direct message,and we hear them all the time when walking the malls or streets, specially from men, who are not afraid of saying the “bad” words.

Well, I think I found a good compromise.This illustrates it.



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Coffee or tea?

I have been away. I have deleted blogs so I no longer exist in the previous space and name.  But I stopped by,  finding many new things and posts. Since I don’t have much time, here is to you all. It has been very rainy and cold here. More than ever, unusually cold and dreary.


I got into my cocoon and hibernated. I love warm places. The sun  came up today !


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Happy BD, Mary


Best Wishes!!!!


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Life Cycles


This is my godson. He is lying on  the tummy  of my sister, his gradma. I was lucky to get this face on file for he is always on the move.  I  can feel his happiness whenever I  am around him, for he is surely a happy guy, now 4 years old.  

I have no children of my own, but my nephews, nieces and grandnieces and nephews are like children to me. It’s a real  pleasure to see them growing, saying funny, smart things that make me  stop and think. I am amazed by how fast time passes by. It was like  yesterday that I  had his  his father oin my arms,  few days  old.   I saw  them small and then, in a flash, they are adults  and having children of their own, like this  ball of happiness. Life cycles, how beautiful they are! 

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I realize many may be away from a computer and cannot post or may not want to post their up close and personal photos , but I think it is a great idea. Now, I never recognize myself in my photos. Somehow I have a better idea of my physical self, rooted in my 30’s when I looked, well… better. I    am willing to face 2008 with an updated idea of ME, and here it is.  I did take a few to select one. Nothing better like the truth, Happy truthful 2008!

I am in my studio/home office , my favorite place of the house making some sketches.

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have a nice vacation


Thought it may be proper to say “bye, bye” in a graphic way. They just happened to be out of their flying saucer parke din my patio and they were friendly so… I grabbed the  camera and told them to pose….They also say ” have a good time”.  Yolanda

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This place will be lonely for a while without kev and miki, but I hope

they’ll be happy wherever they go

I insist… two handles… light, not heavy… colorful… full of joy and fun.


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I remember those “Christmassy”, typical, eggnug Stanta cups which you could use, of course, for anything. They are somehow a symbol of Xmass. Bright red and white. I can smell the chocolate inside. Hummm!

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