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My Country, Repository of Filth.

I don’t know where else to vent my anger and disgust. My country, England, has in the space of a few days descended into chaos, with feral youths and mindless thugs looting, destroying, and terrorizing with impunity.

Of course, now they’re trying to show the ‘British Community Spirit’ on the news – locals coming together to help clean up, which is all very laudable, but doesn’t solve the problem. THE POLICE ARE UNABLE TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT.  The culprits are generally brats spewed forth from the loins of the underclasses. They have no concept of community, law and order, or common decency. They have waived the right to their Human Rights. The parents of this pond-life should all be summarily sterilized, and the culprits should be incarcerated for life, made to serve in the Army, or shot. Extreme? Perhaps, but I’ll tell you what – I mean it. And don’t tell me it’s a result of ‘youth services cuts’. To riot because the nanny state isn’t scratching your back anymore is contemptible, as is using the excuse of an accidental shooting. People need to obey the rule of law, otherwise society breaks down. This scum are CRIMINALS, pure and simple. There is no higher purpose, they’re just to damn stupid to do anything else.  One throws up one’s hands in horror when we see the ‘extreme’ punishment some Muslim countries mete out to their criminals, but I’d like to see one of these neanderthals try to leg it from Curry’s with his 42″plasma TV if he’d had his hands chopped off. And if you’re asking “Surely you’re not advocating that, are you? ‘ My answer is “YES, I BLOODY WELL AM, AND IF THEY NEED SOMEBODY TO DO IT, I VOLUNTEER.  I saw a sickening video of a bunch of these animals ostensibly trying to ‘help’ a young man who had blood pouring from a head wound, having been caught up in the riots. It was just a ruse, so they could rummage through his backpack and take anything of value. The piece of human waste that walked away with his prize laughing to his mates will NEVER contribute anything useful to society. He will be a pariah and a draw on resources until the day he (thankfully) draws his last breath. There is no time left for ‘outreach’ programmes, or any other of these stupid ‘initiatives.’ The lunatics have taken over the asylum, and they need to be exterminated, before we all go up in flames.

Kev Moore


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  2. Sir: my heart goes out to the good people of England. I cannot disagree with your analysis of the origins of the riots, or the identity of the participants. I feel saddened that the nation that spawned my own country, and to which we Americans owe so much (language, government, folklore, literature, to name only a few) has experienced so much violence. I will pray for the restoration of order in England, and will also pray that those who make and enforce the law realize the causes that you have so well described, and react accordingly.

    Our hearts are with you.

    Comment by Charles Souza | August 13, 2011

  3. Hi, Kevin! Oh, boy! Ugly and disturbing images. If in England such things are possible…imagine the state of the world… I’ve lived some similar moments (but the circumstances were different and the motivations more profound, I think) during december 1989 events in Sibiu, Romania. Then, the army gave freely guns (AK 47! ) to some young revolutionaries…Not a good ideea…But it seems that Molotov cocktail and bricks can do a lot of harm too…

    Comment by ivdanu | August 24, 2011

  4. I feel really sad reading this. To me, what you wrote had the same spirit of violence as the riots. I am not sure that responding to violence with violence can ever solve the cycle of violence – only understanding and forgiveness can lead to healing.

    Comment by David | October 20, 2011

  5. You’re probably right David, but I can only forgive people who show contrition, and I certainly don’t understand them.

    Comment by Kev Moore | October 21, 2011

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