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Any Port in a Storm

Now my art and music merge… I recently completed this art piece as a companion to my song “Any Port in a Storm” which tells the tale of sailor returning from many years at sea to find his first love, a prostitute from the docks, faded and in her twilight years. He spends an evening with her, but ultimately leaves on his ship the next day, whereupon so overcome with grief and longing for her lost looks and youth, she gets drunk and hurls herself into the sea. A happy, uplifting song, then!

Have a listen:

Any Port in a Storm

I’d been 17 years out at sea, and I was beside myself
Longing for land, and a hand, to lead me to bed
As we docked at the Quay,
The pitch and the roll started leaving me
And drunk on the moment
I found myself easily led

Any port in a storm – I tumbled so easily
As I entered her boudoir the velvet was welcome and warm
Any port in a storm – it’s not what it seems to be
But the face I remembered
Looked back at me faded and worn

I first walked the docks, as a wide-eyed and innocent cabin boy
And longed for the ocean to spirit my boyhood away
Then one painted angel transported my senses to paradise
And that picture remained in my mind until this fateful day

Any port in a storm – I tumbled so easily
Though she seemed to be smiling her eyes were reflecting despair
Any port in a storm – it’s not what it seems to be
But she offered her hand and we danced as if no-one was there

(Full speed ahead bosun!…………OOH UP SHE RISES…)

The following morning, a bottle in hand on the harbour wall
She pirouettes drunkenly, bids me her final goodbye
As the waves came and took her
I heard from the quayside my Captain call (all aboard!)
And I boarded my ship with regret, and a tear in my eye

Any port in a storm – I tumbled so easily
It’s surprising when you’ve been at sea how the years will fly by
Any port in a storm – just what did she mean to me?
She was too old to work down the docks
But too young to die…..

Words & Music © Kev Moore 2009



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  1. Great lyrics, a bit sad but beautiful. The painting is spot on. The sailor is priceless, and I appreciate that at least you let the “lady” go down wearing a great pair of shoes.

    Comment by Pamela Allegretto Franz | December 11, 2010

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