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Do-Rag – more from my Arty mojo!

Today I’d like to present “Do-Rag” one of my new comic gang, The K-Krew.  Named after his ever-present headgear, Do-Rag also never removes his ‘puffa jacket from da hood’. So keen is he to maintain his cool – He wears it in 90 degree heat. He becomes insufferably hot to keep cool. He thinks it makes him look hot, to be cool, except he’s not, but he doesn’t show it. How cool is that? To replenish the weight loss due to fluid evaporation in his puffa, he eats unfeasibly large hamburgers. Weight loss is frowned upon by Do-Rag, who is so large he exists in two different zip codes. Oh, and he’s the leader of The K-Krew. Cos he’s the biggest. And very cool.

Do-Rag....he do like his burger stacked, man.......

Do-Rag & K-Krew © 2010 Kev Moore

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  1. This one hot, cool dude! You rock!

    Comment by Pamela Allegretto Franz | September 29, 2010

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