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Travelscapers: Around The World in Arty Days…

I don’t know how it is with you, but me, I have so many travel plans and dreams in my head that 10 lives would not be enough to fulfil them! My dreams have always been for example, to go to Siberia, China, India, Peru, The Moon… I will certainly do what I can to realise some of them, but for many obvious reasons, not all will be possible. But when one can’t really travel, there is a way to visit places without spending too much money or time, and it is ART. I do love to look at beautiful photos from far away countries, and of course, even more than photos, I adore  paintings featuring the beauty of all the places and people in our world.

This is why, Adrian Durham and me have started a new project, called Travelscapers. Our aim is to exhibit on our platform as many paintings from around the world (scapes, towns,  nature, people, folklore) as possible, the challenge being to gradually cover the globe with paintings, according to the motto:

“”Around the world in Arty days” is a site for artists and art lovers, run by artists. I would love to invite painters from around the world to join us. Well, when I say “invite”, it is not quite true.Unfortunately to run such a site costs money, and much time. We can offer our time, but for the rest we will have to charge a fee of 10 $ per year to be a member of travelscapers,

But think about it: together we are much stronger. The chance that our works get found and purchased on the net is much higher on big artists community sites than on private artists sites. We will do all the necessary work to get as much traffic as possible there. And anyway, I know from my own experience that there is an incredible amount of people around the world who search for paintings from the places where they live, where they have been on holiday, or from where they dream of. Travelscapers will become THE place where they will go, as soon as we have a very representative amount of paintings from around the world.

If you want to join us in, exhibiting your paintings and travel sketches of places there, leave a comment here, or contact me at

or simply go to travelscapers and register!

by Miki


June 22, 2010 - Posted by | Art, Cafe L'Arte, drawing, Miki's Paintings, painting, travel


  1. Really interesting and informative images. You’ve certainly outlined your subject with a detailed and comprehensive manner. Some of these links are amazing, top stuff, love it.

    Comment by ukbettcentral | June 22, 2010

  2. Hi, Miki. count me in for Canada, Quebec! but only in October since before I’m up to my ears in taking care of my young daughter (due to give birth in september). I will soon explain you more in a private email… Good luck (I mean lots of succes!) with your marvelous project. I don<t know where you find all taht energy of yours!

    Comment by iondanu | June 22, 2010

  3. Incredibly exciting to have a ‘front row seat’ watching this new project unfold!

    Comment by kevmoore | June 22, 2010

  4. Thanks Danu! If you join, I hope that you will also post paintings from Romany!
    Yes, please write to me and tell me more… I haven’t been communicating much these last months and have lost the thread to everybody here! Quite sad, but well, I am back (at least I think so!) and would love to hear from you and your grand child in spe… will he/she be the first? If I didn’t miss one, it is, n’est-ce-pas?

    Comment by Miki | June 22, 2010

  5. This is such a neat idea, Miki! Makes me wish I did travel sketches. While I was doodling a coffee cup this morning, your post inspired me to figure out if I can draw pictures of Atlanta. It would be fun to let myself to take a freer approach to drawing buildings than I did when I was an architect.
    I will come back in a bit, to share my latest cup of coffee with you.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | June 28, 2010

  6. You should do some, Shelley – it would be cool to see Atlanta through your eyes!

    Comment by kevmoore | June 28, 2010

  7. Hallo, Shelley!
    Yes, I love the idea very much myself. I do fancy to see the whole world painted bt many different artists from everywhere…
    I am so glad to make you think of drawing pictures of Atlanta… would so much love to see some!
    Many years ago, I was giving drawings classes, and I had some students who were architects. They all came to me with the same aim: they wanted to learn to draw freer, like you say.
    It was for me very fascinating to follow them, to follow the process of freeing their drawing lines…

    Comment by Miki | June 28, 2010

  8. Hi Shelley,
    I’m in. And I just happen to have a load of pieces that I thrashed out whilst in Sicily which is a nice little bonus! Ithink the website is a great idea. Let us all know what we need to do next.

    Comment by Bethan Stritton | July 2, 2010

  9. Hi Bethan,
    thanks for the comment! In fact it is me, Miki, with another person, who have started the Travelscapers project. I ma glad that you love the idea. I will write to you personally…

    Comment by Miki | July 3, 2010

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