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Over the Hills and Far Away – 10 – St.Jean de Luz by bike

From our vantage point in the Motorhome, we could see across the railway tracks to the waterway that fed the harbour, following it upstream from under the road and rail bridges and off into the distance. There seemed to be a cycle track on both sides, and we decided a good way to spend an afternoon would be to cycle up one side, and back down the other, finding a suitable crossing point somewhere upriver. It didn’t quite work out that way, being as the only crossing point we found was a motorway bridge, which seemed an unnecessary risk to take, not wanting to end up as an adornment on some 180kph Mercedes bonnet. So we split the trips into two, cycling up and down each side of the water on two separate days. It was great fun, and absolved some of the guilt for missing our regular swimming at home.

The flags of the European nations adorned the Road bridge. I think the Greek one had an 'IOU' pinned to it.....

We were regularly greeted by the SNCF express trains outside our window. If only they’d stop for a few minutes longer, we could order our breakfast from the buffet car.

Breakfast is served...if you're quick

Looking down into the waters as we cycled along, we could see it was teeming with fish, I wondered why they needed to bother with all the boats. Couldn’t they just sit on the bank and scoop them out with a ladle or something?

Fish, but curiously, no chips.....

At the far end of our first journey, i.e., when the cycle path sort of ran out and offered up the possibility of off-roading, we found that some fishermen had indeed abandoned their boats in favour of the easy pickings we had recently seen.  The weather was so lovely, and the sweat worked up on the bike ride so authentic, I inadvisedly appeared sans chemise on camera. You may think I’m wearing a white vest, but no, that’s my unfortunate tan lines.

If you look closely, you can still see the remains of the entire stock of America's waffles.

We enjoyed the two rides down either side of the waterway, and it gave us the idea to extend our range and make plans to visit nearby Socoa on the bikes before we took our leave of France. But more about that in the next instalment.

One of the many beautiful squares in St.Jean de Luz. See how the trees have been nurtured to grow together.

Kev Moore


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