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The Pink House

Today after swimming -we drive everyday to an indoor pool to swim 1000 metres and keep fit…- Kevin said to me:

“I have a surprise for you!”

and instead of driving home he took the opposite direction. Now, I love surprises, but I always try to find out beforehand what the surprise is. And Kevin normally can’t resist to all the charm,-and blackmail if necessary, I use to find out and  eventually tells me. But this time, although I tried hard all the way, he kept his mouth shut, mysteriously smiling.

“Serious stuff…” I thought, a little bit worried.

After a 20 km drive, we arrived in a place called “La Concepcion”. Kevin suddenly braked, entered a big wild patio and said:

“I bought it for you, to match your Converse Pink Bag!”

You certainly can imagine my surprise…

Above all when I visited the house…

The toilet… a double one of course, installed outside, because the weather is so good around here… logical, isn’t it?

And the living room, outside too

and the bath too…(well, the boat is so old , it will naturally let the water in!)

and, perhaps the most exciting part, the swing set which, you might recognise, is in fact a plane!

So, what do you think, isn’t it a wonderful surprise?

And doesn’t it fit great to my pink Converse Bag?


PS: it is a joke of course, Kevin did not buy the house for me… but the house does exist and we have been there today!


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  1. Why not buy it to match the Purse? Beautiful! Of course you know– Out West the norm of decor is to make sure you have an Outdoor or almost Outdoor Bathroom. Some come with Tub Covers for seating when Having BBQs. Not of course at my Western Home. I sometimes cannot believe the money they spend for the installation and the ahhhh Cover Ups!!!!


    Comment by Sherrie Roberts | May 30, 2010

  2. How delightful! My favorite is the swingset.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | May 31, 2010

  3. The swingset is wonderful in its eccentricity, isn’t it Shelley? I loved it too!

    Comment by kevmoore | May 31, 2010

  4. It was big surprise. The swing set is most coolest one I’ve ever seen.

    Comment by George Knight | June 28, 2010

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