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Over the Hills and Far Away – 5 – More Biarritz!

Sunshine, Stephen King, can't see it from here, but my cup runneth over....

We’d had such a great first day in this Atlantic French town, that we resolved to do it all again the next day. We spent a nice peaceful evening in the Motorhome park, but saw no sign of any Police coming to collect any fee. We asked the guy opposite, who just gave us his best gallic shrug and informed us that he hadn’t seen anybody either.  The weather was holding beautifully, and I settled down outside to catch some rays and read a little, before prepping the bikes for another trip.

Local nutter dives off perfectly serviceable bridge.

Miki wanted to spend more time that afternoon in the harbour, as its walls and walkways were wonderful material for her sketches. I wandered in and out of the town again while she worked, and even persuaded her to join me for a coffee (believe it or not, it’s very difficult to find a coffee in a French cafe that doesn’t resemble a BP oil spill) -and we succeeded in finding a palatable, if extortionately priced, offering. I believe I have already covered the ‘ let’s charge double because they’re all upper class idiots’ argument in an earlier entry.

Sunglasses from Texas, T-shirt from Aruba, A decent cup of coffee in France? Priceless!

Miki quickly tired of aimless wandering, something I have turned into an artform – and quite sensibly returned to the harbour to continue her work. Some time later, I decided to crash out on the harbour wall with rock music blasting inside my head and a sea breeze around it.

Rock, and furthermore, Roll. - At one with the Universe & everything......

Worryingly, Miki had begun to develop something of a taste for the local wine....

We ended up spending around 5 nights here, and began to explore further down the coast on foot and on the bikes. More of that later…..

Kev Moore


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