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Tales from the Old Country – UK descends into Political farce

One of the lucky ones

I’m not really a Political animal, but I felt I had to briefly comment on the farcical goings-on in my old home country. Oh, how we laughed at the U.S.A. when they brought Dubya to power when he hadn’t even won, but now it seems that the Mother of Democracy has sank to equal, if not greater depths.  It looks like the Conservatives are heading for 36% of the vote, and around 307 seats, around 47 seats more than their nearest rivals Labour – but our quaint system means that, although they have more seats than any other party, if they don’t reach the magic 326 overall majority, the present incumbent, the dour and singularly unappealing Scot, Gordon Brown, can claim squatters rights and try and enter into a coalition with the 3rd placed Liberal Democrats. Yep. that’s right. The two LOSERS are able to try and form a Government the people don’t want. It puts Nick Clegg, leader of the third most successful party on the night, in the role of Kingmaker. This in itself, is bad enough, but the real horror of the night was the truly stupefying scene at major cities (Leeds, Sheffield, and others) where hundreds of voters were queueing around the block, unable to vote, and eventually were turned away when the Polling stations were shut at 10 pm.

Oh yes, the good ol’ U.K., once a bastion of fair play and democratic thought, with their soldiers dying in Afghanistan, in order to give Afghans the vote, has disenfranchised its own citizens.

This to me, is yet another nail in the coffin of my country. I’ve long thought the country I grew up in had ceased to exist, but never did I think to see the day when it descended into third-world politics.

It is a day of shame. Will the last person on the boat to Calais please turn out the lights.

Kev Moore


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  1. Hi Kevin.

    No way for the frenchman I am to make comments on Great Britain politics.
    But I guess sadness in your post.
    Friendly yours.

    Comment by Joël | May 8, 2010

  2. Hi Joel, well – I’m sure France-and the world can see the mess our political system is in. Sadness, perhaps – resignation, certainly, stunned disbelief though, perhaps covers it better!

    Events over the next few days and months may tell a different story however. The people have voted in such a way as to force inter-party co-operation, in effect herding them into a position where they have no choice but to act in the common good of the country, to do otherwise is tantamount to political suicide, but we shall see.

    Comment by Kev Moore | May 8, 2010

  3. In France, or you are from “la gauche” (labour) or you are from “la droite” (conservatives) ; there is not really a “center”, so parties must do difficult alliances.

    I suppose it is the same thing in GB : I have read such differences between the three candidates that I think it would not be easy.

    I am very surprised to see that losers could be winners. I often wonder what is the use of our vote ?

    We can only hope that the aim and the priority of politics is to do their best for people, beyond their differences. As one said, I have a dream…

    Comment by Joël | May 8, 2010

  4. Indeed, Joel, I must confess to having become disillusioned long before I left the UK. My constituency (the area which provided an MP for parliament) has always been staunchly labour. they are so entrenched in Leftist dogma up there that if you put a Red Rosette on a Monkey they’d probably vote for it! the system therefore, breaks down, because my vote against them is a useless vote. Exercising my right to vote was pointless. Under the current system, I could only make a difference if I moved to a marginal constituency. However, this time around, many didn’t even get as far as the ballot box!

    Comment by kevmoore | May 8, 2010

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