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Over the Hills and Far away……The Pyrenees and Beyond – 1 –

The breathtaking route through The Pyrenees

A little late, but as promised, the beginning of a short series chronicling our trip North in the Boomobile to get it a clean bill of health. After picking up Miki’s folks, we opted to do the drive from Benidorm to Tarbes in one go, around 750 km, and we were unbelievable fortunate to cross the Pyrenees in bright sunshine, on clear roads, with a glistening blanket of snow everywhere. It looked truly spectacular, otherworldly, as we meandered our way between the imposing peaks. Miki was inspired to paint a watercolour when she got back after our trip. You can see it on her site HERE.

Searching for bread.....

Opting to stay in Tarbes for a few days, we were blessed with some unexpected sunshine, and managed to visit the beautiful local park, and get out on the bikes to neighbouring villages. Right in the centre of town, the Massey Garden looks like an English Park with giant Himalayan Cedars and Giant Sequoias. Massey was a naturalist who also helped with the design of the Versailles park near Paris. His garden in Tarbes also contains a museum, featuring European painting from the Renaissance to today.  On top of all this, The Boomobile passed his test with flying colours, so he’s free to careen unencumbered around the roads of Europe for another two years!

In an English Country Garden......except it's French!

The Lake in the Jardin de Massey

I was really glad we’d finally decided to take the bikes. It was a close call, as I expected awful weather. As it turned out, the whole trip would give us many chances to pedal ourselves to the edge of a heart attack.

Taking a break on the way to Ibos - Pyrenees looming large in the background

We left Tarbes and headed off Westwards for the Atlantic coast……but that’s for the next instalment!

Kev Moore


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  1. Oh Wow! How inspiring you are for my Morning Cafe. Hope you do not mind if I paint a picture of your Pyrenees Mountains and of the La Mie du Pain photos.

    All of my ((( Circle of Hugs))) to you and Miki.

    P.S. I am looking for my own Boomobile again. Ms Patches and I are going on a trip this year. Maybe two. But Our first trip will be on a train. Maybe the second too!

    Comment by Sherrie Roberts | May 7, 2010

  2. Thanks Sherrie! Please, paint away! Miki has in fact also painted La Mie du Pain, from a sketch she did while we were there, she’ll be posting it on her blog soon I think, so keep a look out.

    Comment by kevmoore | May 7, 2010

  3. […] If you want to know some facts about that garden, just go to Cafe Crem and read Kevin’s post “Over the Hills and far away…”. Kevin loves history, and me, it bores me to death! I guess I was introduced quite painfully to […]

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