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My First Memphis Mug

Next step in my travel diary in mugs… Memphis!

We got this mug at the Information centre about 20 miles away from Memphis, coming from Nashville along the Music Highway. It was the first time that we had entered such an Information centre, and I must say that You Americans make a great job of these places. Later on on the trip we would always go to these centres before we arrived to our destination, mainly to ask for city and road maps, which are provided for free and with a big welcoming smile… some of these places offer the visitors  some free coffee too… simply amazing! One really feels welcome and cared for… what a difference to the treatment we are used to in our modern touristic Spain!!!

Before I went to Memphis, I did know something about the town, and not only that I had heard the name before ( not like with Nashville, see my last post “Starbucks Mug Nashville”). As far as I remember I had heard it for the first time in a Spanish bar in Benidorm, many years ago, where an English singer was singing for the tourists, one of the songs being “Walking in Memphis”. I loved the song and since then, I had always dreamt to go to Memphis… the power of music! Also, I knew that the Mississippi runs through the town… the Mississippi, such a wonderful name to my French ears, enough to feed another romantic dream: to see the Mississippi! But this is about the sum of my own Memphis knowledge! As we had planned the trip, Kevin had told me that Memphis is deeply connected to Elvis Presley, to B.B. King and to Martin Luther King. But frankly, I had no idea how!

Anyway, as I saw that lovely mug there in the centre, I could not resist, I had to get it.  Kevin was not that happy about my choice, he thought it was quite kitschy, and he might be right, but I love it! And today I can say, that I drink my milk coffee out of it with a big pleasure… kitsch or not, the mug has its place in my heart! One can’t really see it on my painting, but it has some relief on it, and some musical instruments are flying through the sky… on the other side of the mug! If you want to see them, I guess you will have to buy the mug… by the way cheaper in downtown Memphis than in the centre  🙂 (I ‘m glad I bought it there though, the lady was so nice!)


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  1. So glad you have some kitschy stuff from Nashville and Memphis.. Memphis is my old stomping ground. My sons are native Memphians born on the second floor of the Methodist Hospital. There Father was also born there. I am from Mississippi. I hope you have found more of the French and Indian words to be nice to your ears. Of course I hope you went to the Memphis Zoo to see the connection We have with Memphis, Egypt. A reason for the Pyramid. One of Cleopatra’s needles is now housed in the Mayor’s office. For years it was at the zoo. Because it was a rock it was placed near the front gates. It arrived in two pieces. I sat on that rock as a child. Stuck they Great American Habit of Chewing Gum all over Cleo’s rock. When Memphis began the Wonder of the World Series to bring art and culture to the program, Egypt was first on the list. The Egyptians kindly ask where Clepatra’s Needles was stored and requested its presence at the exhibit. Whoops!!! Us, old timers told them where to find Cleopatra. Talk about an almost grand political fiasco. I pray your trip through my South has been and will always be fulfilling for you and all that you Love!
    Thank-you for all the wonderful! Memories.

    Sherrie Roberts, Lynn, MA North Atlantic Sea.

    Comment by Sherrie Roberts | March 17, 2010

  2. Very nice painting, Miki !

    I saw a very charming old lady called Lucille… Do you know ? 🙂

    Comment by Joël | March 17, 2010

  3. @ Joel
    Ooops… noooooo, I don’t get it with Lucille! What do you mean?
    By the way: tu n’as pas encore recu la petite surprise?

    @ Sherrie
    Hi, and thanks for the nice comment! No, we haven’t been to the Zoo, at least not inside! But we went to look at it from outside, as I had seen great pictures of it on a travel guide. But we had no time to go in, it was our last day in Memphis and we wanted to visit the Sun Studios… but what you write makes me want to go to the Zoo, surely!
    And yes, our trip through the South was very fulfilling, and I can’t wait to back there. Perhaps in October, to the Arkansas Blues festival in Helena…

    Comment by Miki | March 17, 2010

  4. Lucille is the name of BB King’s guitar… 🙂

    Oui, j’ai reçu votre surprise et je vous ai envoyé un mail sur hotmail. J’étais étonné de ne pas avoir de réponse. Ne l’avez-vous pas reçu ? Je n’ai pas osé écrire ici à quel point j’ai la chance de vous connaître…

    Comment by Joël | March 17, 2010

  5. Oh bon sang, c’est vrai, Lucille! Kevin will kill me if he reads that, he told me so many times about Lucille!!!! We even saw Lucille in the Blues Museum, and also a giant version of her in the Gibson factory! I am so bad with names…
    Et non, nous n’avons pas reçu ton mail… mais le plus important est que tu aies reçu la chose… on avait déjà commencé a réfléchir comment t’en procurer une autre, au cas ou elle se serait perdue en chemin!

    Comment by Miki | March 17, 2010

  6. Miki, vous ne pouvez deviner l’émotion que j’ai ressentie… Savoir que vous êtes allés spécialement revoir ce grand Monsieur rien que pour me faire plaisir… Vous êtes vraiment adorables. Je l’écris ici avec conviction !

    Comment by Joël | March 17, 2010

  7. [j’ai renvoyé mon message sur vos 2 adresses…]

    Comment by Joël | March 17, 2010

  8. So, funny! You were dancing the whole time with Lucille and did not remember the Muse that made the Music!

    Comment by Sherrie Roberts | March 17, 2010

  9. @ Sherrie
    as I said, I am very bad with names! A reason to feel ashamed, I suppose 🙂 But I won’t forget Lucille again, I promise!

    @ Joël
    Message bien reçu cette fois-ci…

    Comment by Miki | March 18, 2010

  10. Gorgeous. I love the way the blue of the cup leaps out.

    Comment by sittingpugs | March 22, 2010

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