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A suitcase full of mugs

Hi.. it’s me, Miki… you remember?  🙂

Well,” mieux vaut tard que jamais”, we say in my country, better late than never! I haven’t been around here in Cafe Crem for ages (there were many reasons for that), but I am today very thankful to all the people who, despite of the low activity, have kept the site alive: Kevin, of course, who never stopped to share with you the great moments of our life, Shelley & “Jr”, Michael, Sitting Pugs… to be honest I have no idea who else is really still around, so, whoever you are, thanks for still getting your cup of coffee from us..

I haven’t read them all, but I know that Kevin has regularly written posts about our stay in the USA. For my part, I haven’t written anything, neither here nor anywhere else, my whole writing activity in these 2 last months having been reduced to 4 postcards I sent to my parents, with more or less the words : “Tout va tres bien. Bises. Miki&Kevin”. and to a few obligatory mails… never have I been so far from getting the Nobel Price for Literature, I guess…

Anyway, I am back now, although I can’t say for how long. But my intention is to exhibit in Cafe Crem the 15 mugs we brought from the States. Yes, 15 mugs, from many of the places we have been! We even had to buy a new suitcase to bring them back.

As Kevin told in his first post, our flight to Nashville turned into a nightmare, and instead of flying via Dallas, we flew via New York. In spite of the long queues there and the endless security checks, we had some time left to look around and search for some comfort (we were exhausted!). Kevin found at once a Starbucks Cafe, and the first thing I saw there was a beautiful mug featuring New York. What a great memory of this forced stay in JFK, we thought, and without a second of hesitation we bought it! This was the beginning of our USA collection… at that point we wondered if other big towns we would visit would have their own Starbucks mug, and one of our first tasks each time we arrived in a city, was to look for them. You’ll see if we found some.. at least if the blues does not catch me and I give up my project to show you the whole USA collection!

Anyway, here it is. As always with my mugs, it looks a little bit wild and untamed… and the colours are different… I really could not use my usual warm colours for this painting as it was awfully cold as we landed in New York, it did not feel right!

by Miki


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  1. Hey Miki, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, hey Miki (do people ever burst out into that song when you tell them your name? ^_^)?

    Wonderful mug. I like the way you did the handle.

    Comment by sittingpugs | March 11, 2010

  2. What an amazing holiday you had. I thought Kevin did a bang up job with his travelogue. I told him on a few occasions. I get where you were coming from and sending you well wishes.

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | March 11, 2010

  3. @ Michael
    Hi Michael, how are you? Any chance to read some of your words or see some new of your great drawings in Cafe Crem? I enjoyed them so much…
    And yes, it was an amazing time, we both can’t wait to go back there! I will make some paintings from our time there, especially in New Orleans I guess, from the musicians, the Mardi Gras, perhaps also from the Saints… i have already done some paintings from a Jazz band called The Jazz Vipers in New Orleans, you can see them in my nornal blog and in my portraits blog, if you want…

    @ Sitting Pugs
    Hello back, and thanks, always so nice to see you here and read your original comments!
    Look, I didn’t even know that that Miki song exsts… shame on me I suppose!
    But generally, I never go out without Kevin, and when I am asked about my name, I suppose that people won’t dare to start singing a song in front of the big Kev Moore 🙂

    Comment by Miki | March 12, 2010

  4. I re-appropriated it a bit. ^U^

    Comment by sittingpugs | March 12, 2010

  5. Great to see your stuff back here Miki!! 🙂 Can’t wait for more memories of the trip artistically realized in your inimitable style.

    Pugs: good shout with the vid! The interesting fact about this song is hat it started life as a ‘b’ side for an English band called Racey, and it was written by Chinn and Chapman, who wrote most of the hits for the original singer of one of the bands I play with, BC Sweet! I must also admit to owning “The Best of Toni Basil’ – so I’ll have to expose Miki to it!

    Comment by kevmoore | March 13, 2010

  6. Whoa, it’s a very small world, isn’t Kev?

    Comment by sittingpugs | March 13, 2010

  7. […] I wrote in my last post, “A suitcase full of mugs”, we have brought 15 new mugs from the USA, and I have the intention to show them all here in Cafe […]

    Pingback by Starbucks Mug Nashville « Café Crem | March 13, 2010

  8. Pugs, scarily so! – which is why I fervently support the Orion project at NASA…..

    Comment by kevmoore | March 14, 2010

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