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Jackson 2

Okay, it wasn’t all rain in Jackson, we did manage to get out and take a trip around the local reservoir. Here’s a few pics from that day, plus a couple more as yet unpublished.

"After I'd been to IHOP I was THIS wide......"



Musician - alone with his thoughts

"Are you looking at me?"

Risking the wrath of the ducks, Kev balances egg on head.


"So where's this bloody ferry, then?"

Kev outside St.Paul's mean, the State Capitol building.

Look Ma, it's a reasonably old tall building!

Kev Moore


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  1. The second photo is my favorite from this bunch. I love the way the piers are parallel to each other but nearly perpendicular to the horizon, which is aligned in yet another direction vis-a-vis the streaks of clouds.

    How have the drivers been on your journey? Any particular state’s motorists strike you as memorable for better or for worse?

    Comment by sittingpugs | February 4, 2010

  2. SP – Good question about the drivers. Contrary to the image protrayed in movies (that Americans indulge in high speed car chases and wrecks at every available opportunity) I have found most drivers to be courteous and driving in a safe and within-the-speed-limit manner pretty much everywhere we’ve been. The noticeable exception is perhaps New Orleans, where they tend to break the speed limit on the highways on a regular basis. Plus, I still haven’t come to terms with the junctions where everyone stops for everyone else – its a kind of auto-love-in where no-one gets where they want to go!

    Comment by kevmoore | February 4, 2010

  3. Are you talking about a four-way stop? Or even a two-way stop?

    A four-way stop is an intersection where there is a stop sign for every direction of traffic. Whoever gets to the intersection first and stops first, gets to go first. If you and another car appear to arrive and stop at nearly the same time, one must yield to the right.

    An intersection with traffic lights out must be treated like a four-way stop. An intersection with blinking red lights must be treated like a four-way stop. An intersection with blinking yellow lights is trickier…proceed with caution, go when the car next to you goes.

    Comment by sittingpugs | February 4, 2010

  4. Okay…so, I should just get there before anyone else, right? 🙂

    If you want a clue as to where we are right now, here it is…..

    WHO DAT?!!!

    Comment by kevmoore | February 5, 2010

  5. Can I have another clue?

    Comment by sittingpugs | February 5, 2010

  6. “Oh when the Saints….”

    Comment by kevmoore | February 5, 2010

  7. You’re in Nawlins?!

    Comment by sittingpugs | February 5, 2010

  8. Yep – How cool is that??? 🙂

    We’ll be watching the superbowl at a bar downtown. Perhaps I should do a report from our point of view that you could use for your sports blog – what do you think?

    Comment by kevmoore | February 6, 2010

  9. I would like that very much. ^O^

    Comment by sittingpugs | February 6, 2010

  10. I am way off line here but its a good line: the photographs.

    I see in them the background of the story as image, but the photos of you with your expressions caught in a moment unguarded says way more and adds to the travelogue I think.

    There has been some emotional movements me thinks for you Kev?

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | February 6, 2010

  11. It is a very emotional journey Michael, that’s for sure. As a musician, every day is permeated with music of some form on this trip, it’s like I am building an Empire of the senses.

    Comment by kevmoore | February 6, 2010

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