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journal entry 14.01.10

my wife drops me off and does her thing. LUCKY l can            write anywhere.

my wife drops me off and does her thing. LUCKY l can  write anywhere: Cafe Fayette

{Re-post from my blog and tweeted to @ThisIsMikesBlog

I am going to try something new for me.  Write a journal entry from my “real” journal.  That’s what I do everyday and today I just cracked my 69th journal.  So here we go.

cracked open a new journal no. 69

# A poet I am.  I poet I shall be. Cigarette break.

# poem:

tamed indifferece

such a stoic stance

silly.  foolish of me in fact.

have i not lived experiences

gained wisdom

felt an exacted toll

a full frontal cortex of assault

truthfully i wouldn’t change anything

in misery there is clarity eventually

for the mind has a way of favoring the elusive ego once found

and bliss is thy reward

# lait 1%, deca, aromatise, [this is all French but the keyboard is English] lait de soya, sirop, creme fouettee,  All exceptional for the pallet.  But I have made my choice: cafe au lait, no 1%, topped with dark chocolate peel extreme, a slight dollop sprinkle of cinemin essence.  Very good for clarity of mind and induction of state of bliss from which creative power flows.

Copyright (c) Michael Pokocky 14.01.10



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  1. Nice entry Michael. -and a lovely shot of the cafe! It’s good to hear your journals are still going strong. We’ve just returned from a little shopping trip down the interstate where we enoyed a wonderful Caramel vanilla coffee in the local mall- The aroma alone drove me crazy! Settling down to write the next instalmenbt of the travelogue now, before we head out to Nashville’s Ryman centre this evening to attend a live TV recording of the new Country Music talent final hosted by Leanne Rimes.

    Comment by kevmoore | January 14, 2010

  2. Thank you Kev. The journals are still going strong and in them are the keys to my future. That coffee sounds wonderful and can understand how it would drive you crazy. Looking forward to the next instalment — ironically came here to read it earlier today.{smile} And Leanne Rimes! You couldn’t do any better than her. What an amazing woman I watched grow up in the business here. Just lovely. You guys have a great time.

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | January 14, 2010

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