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The Unreasonable Man

Last spring I was suddenly involved in a poetry book illustration project… and here is the result:I am proud to announce today the publication of this book, called

“The Unreasonable Man”

Book Cover The unreasonable man

and written by the Australian poet

Tariq Segal.

In his own words

“Well…  I’m thrilled to announce, the release of my book, my thoughts about life, through the years that this took.
Glad that it’s finished, and glad that I spent, time penning my thoughts, letting emotions vent…”

The book is designed as a coffee table poetry book. It contains 60 of Tariq’s favourite poems with each poem accompanied by either an illustration or photograph.

Tariq says:

“.. I think the artwork alone is worth owning a copy, and being able to review my thoughts as well can only but confirm your own sanity…”

Well I must confess, most of these illustrations, about 50 I guess, are my paintings. 🙂

And here is what I have written in the preface of the book:

“Having myself been an „unreasonable“ person from the very beginning of my life, my encounter with The Unreasonable Man could not fail. As I started reading his poetry, I felt at once a deep connection to his wild world of thoughts, passion and revolt, and agreed at once to become with my art, a part of it.

I was amazed to see how many of my paintings seemed to have been created exactly for his poems,  illustrating in vibrant colours, lines, forms and structures what the poet is saying in words and the empty spaces in between.

But not each of his poems found its rightful painting.. We both collaborated in a weird process of  re-creation, by which  the characters featured in some of my paintings started to assume a life of their own, moving and wandering around, invading Tariq’s universe of poetry, in search of their own particular place among his words. Sometimes they even ended up taking possession of other paintings, either chasing the original occupants away or, more peacefully, finding their place at their side. You will understand what I mean when you look at the original works through my websites!

Anyway, to work on the illustration of „The Unreasonable Man“ was a totally new and very exciting experience in dealing with my own art, seeing me naturally „forcing“ them to interact and fit to the words.

I want to thank Tariq for this wonderful experience and his wise and creative advice in the choice of the paintings.“

For those of you interested in the musings of this troubled mind the book can be purchased online from the US  at:
1. :
2. :

The books are also available through Tariq Segal himself, above all for those of you who are in Australia. If you are interested please contact Tariq at

by Miki


November 8, 2009 - Posted by | Art, Cafe L'Arte, illustrations, life, Miki's Paintings, news, poetry


  1. So pleased and proud of you to see this project with Tariq come to fruition after all your hard work. Now we can boast a real-world coffee-table book in our own Cybercafe!

    Comment by kevmoore | November 8, 2009

  2. Yay Miki! Congratulations! I’ll be ordering a copy for my coffee table right away 🙂

    Comment by shelleymhouse | November 8, 2009

  3. Thank you so much, Shelley, I feel deeply touched to think that you will have this book on your coffee table! I hope you will love it…

    Comment by Miki | November 9, 2009

  4. Well done Shelley!

    Comment by viv66 | November 9, 2009

  5. Sounds like an excellent book. Congratulations on your work being in print!

    Comment by Jonathan | November 10, 2009

  6. Hey hey Miki! Sending my best wishes to you on the successful completion and launch of your book. I am proud of you and having known you for quite some time share an emotional bond with anything that brings joy to your life. Wishing you and Kev all the best,____Michael

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | November 11, 2009

  7. I read it wrong and sent the congrats to the wrong person. Blonde moment there!
    So backtrack… Congrats Miki, very exciting for you!

    Comment by viv66 | November 12, 2009

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