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Café and Coffee Life in Holidays

I was looking through our last Spain/Portugal photos this morning, searching some featuring me sketching – many people love to see photos of an artist at work…), as I remembered that this year we didn’t publish anything in Cafe Crem about that trip.

So, I have chosen for Cafe Crem some of the photos showing our Cafe Life on holiday. Most of the time, when we sit at Cafés, I am sketching, and Kevin is reading.

2009 06 Kevin and Miki with coffee in Cadiz

Well, this one is sitting at a cafe, but the coffee mugs are there, I am sure you can spot them between us! It was the first morning in Cadiz, we had the motorhome parked directly by the beach.

KEV: “Are you sure you don’t have a Snoopy head on Miki, you look like you have floppy ears!”


2009 06 Kevin in Cadiz Cafe 01

One of the many cafés where we sat on the main place of Cadiz. Simply wonderful and very relaxing!

KEV: “Indeed, I’m probably asleep in this photo…”


2009 07 Miki having coffee in Chipiona

Another morning coffee, in Chipiona this time, a little bit further up along the Atlantic Coast of Southern Spain…

And no, it was not Carnival;;;    🙂

KEV: “To paraphrase a Toto song, it looks like you could have a Party in your Pants!”


2009 06 Kevin in Chipiona Cafe 01

On the beach of Chipiona…

2009 07 Kevin in a cafe in Serpa Portugal

In Serpa, portugal, where we spent the whole last week of our holidays. Always on the road with the bikes!

KEV: “Can you see a pattern emerging here? – Kev asleep in a chair!”


2009 06 Kevin in the Boomobile

On the way back, coffee in the motor home.

Kevin is already rehearsing on his “air guitar” … as soon as we we come back he will have to fly to Bosnia for a gig with BC SWEET.

KEV: “If you look really carefully, you can see that I have broken a string….”


And if you want to see the sketches I did on that trip, please go here. I haven’t finished yet, but I am working on it!

By Miki and Kev Moore


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  1. It must have been very pleasant sitting at the cafe, drinking coffee, and working!
    It is impossible to live without coffee. Yeah, at least to myself. In the sunset, while sitting at my veranda, I have a cup of coffee. That’s very nice.
    Anyway, you’re very lucky: going around the world, traveling to many places and creating art works.
    Wish u luck.
    Best regards__Indonesian blogger
    U should visit Indonesia to have very-very nice coffee…)

    Comment by har | August 28, 2009

  2. Thanks, Har – and I can certainly agree with you – it is impossible to live without Coffee!

    Comment by kevmoore | August 28, 2009

  3. I absolutely adore these pictures.

    Comment by sittingpugs | August 29, 2009

  4. And we adored that place, Pugs!

    @ Har
    yes, our travels are always very pleasant to me.I do my work sitting at cafes terrasses, or in the middle of a beautiful landscape, or on the beach… it’s heaven!
    I imagine you sitting on your veranda by sunset in Indonesia, having a cup of coffee and I guess it is very nice too!
    And yes, I would like to go to Indonesia… for painting! And if the coffee is not too strong, for coffee too!

    Comment by Miki | August 30, 2009

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