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Yesterday I was a portraitist-caricaturiste (how do you say this in English, Kev? anibody?) at a Familifête (another hard one… help me MIKI!) in the Mont-Bellevue district, where I live, in Sherbrooke, Québec…

I show you some portraits I made (you can see more at

portr big mama email

I show you also the model, so you don’t think I was mean…I’m not mean!

big mama email
Finally, that’s me, looking severe – but you really have to be like that if you want the little criters off your back!
eu pict 2 concentrat email


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  1. Great entry, Danu! -you’re looking well (and very intelligent – I always think looking over the top of your glasses does that!!) I think the words are Portratist, and Caracaturist, but I’m probably wrong. I suppose if you’re a little of both you’d be a…erm..Schizophrenic? 🙂

    Comment by kevmoore | August 23, 2009

  2. Hi Danu!
    I just came to Cafe Crem in the intention “to make an announcement” and was so happy to see your post… I think I will wait a little bit longer with my news. I prefer to see your post on top here!
    I always loved these caricatures you do at such events, they are full of life and “fraicheur”. I do find Amelia’s portrait cute, Amelia herself too! Nothing mean there.
    Happy too to see you, It seems that you have lost a lot of weight, haven’t you? You look great… not severe but serious, yes… I guess it has a lot to do with concentration too. I always look very serious when I am sketching myself

    Comment by Miki | August 23, 2009

  3. By the way, I would say

    “family party” in English
    “fête de famille” en Français…

    Comment by Miki | August 23, 2009

  4. Kev, my man! caracaturist reminds me of a sea monster (we say caracatita to the bloody thing I don’t remember, again! the name in English…the thing Jules Verne wrote about in 20000 lieu ? under the see… big criter with lots of arms and vetouses…) But caricaturist seems all right after Merriam Webster… probably a typo error for you… And I would say more like Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde rather than the dirty word…

    Comment by ivdanu | August 24, 2009

  5. […] As Kevin saw Danu’s post yesteray, he was at once inspired by the great caricature he saw there, and by the woman the […]

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  6. Thanks, miki! Very kind as usual! Familifête was the «official« name of the thing, in quebecois… Yeah, she was kind of cute! (ressembles a cousin of mine, too!)

    Yeap1 I lost some weight (not enough but I’m still young…) and I do not take any more medication for diabetes and such…a small miracle in itself… I discovered a lot of things, accepted my fate and such and I’m almost happy (I say almost because things are imperfect on this world, usually… I consider them perfect, like Leibnitz, in the given condition, but that’s another soupoe de poison comme disent des amis…)

    You should put kev to photographs you when you work… could be interesting for you (and for us!) Glad to be back here, among you, my friends…

    Comment by ivdanu | August 24, 2009

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