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Miki On The WallHi Cafe Cremers!

First of all I want to apologize for my long absence from here. Well,  I have been professionally very busy. But more than anything Cafe Crem seemed so empty to me and I could not face it, It looked to me like an abandoned heart, beating all alone by himself, without a body it was beating for… if you understand what I mean!  (sorry, my English is getting worse and worse, I didn’t practice my writing very much these last few months!).

Yesterday I was contacted by somebody from the USA,  concerning a project related to our Cafe Crem Logo Painting, and this  made me come to Café Crem (I will tell you later what the project is, if it becomes reality). This is how I saw that Danu had posted an entry and I want to thank him here very much for bringing fire back to my so loved Cybercafe.

Another coincidence is that 2 days ago, my brother living in Tahiti sent me a mail with the photo above, telling me that he found it in the internet. I have no idea when this photo of me with a huge coffee cup in the hand, was taken, and who took it, and on which wall the poster is hanging   🙂 Unfortunately I am not sure that it is a good advertisement  for Cafe Crem, as I don’t look quite happy there… but well, the other mug looks great, and this is the most important thing in Cafe Crem, isn’t it?

As always, I would be very thankful to anybody ready to share with us some coffee art, coffee music, coffee recipes, etc… above all if they are self-made!

by Miki


August 19, 2009 - Posted by | Art, coffee, friends, fun, personal, photo


  1. Your expression in this photo is a little worrying….It’s that look you get on your face when you have an idea forming in your head which usually means I’ve got to:

    a)build something
    b)Knock something down
    c)both of the above


    Comment by kevmoore | August 19, 2009

  2. I’ve been so down and snowed under with work. And it has been very quiet here too, and it’s hard to break the silence.
    My news? Well, my thoroughly nasty boss and her equally nasty sidekick were sacked a few weeks ago and my place of work is returning to a decent state again. I’m working very hard and having no time off till the summer season ends, which for me is 18th September, and then things go quiet again.
    *hugs* to you all!

    Comment by viv66 | August 19, 2009

  3. Hi Viv!
    My experience of work -as a mathematician in the industry and as an artist- is that it is better to have too much work than not enough!
    I am glad that the nasty people have left your work place… bad colleagues are like bad neighbours, they can really turn our lives into hell…
    Hugs to you too…

    Comment by Miki | August 19, 2009

  4. Oh boy did they make our lives hell. I was going in to ask to be put on excursions only and no teaching on the very day they were gone; they’d been sacked the evening before. How’s that for timing? I was at my last gasp of endurance.
    I’ll have not enough work soon enough but I do have other things I need to catch up with as the autumn comes on, so I just must keep trugging on till then.
    And now I also have bees to keep me busy…or should that be buzzzzzzzy?

    Comment by viv66 | August 19, 2009

  5. You look very nice and ready to become mondially famous, miki! Quite a coincidence! Very odd things happens in this internet world… sometimes nmore our world than the real world…

    Glad to be back here, even if, I will tell you all about it… I become rather partial to cocoq (or is it cacao?) Raw cacao, I mean…
    I feel really like coming home after a long voyage and I hope you& kev and the others will not kick me out because of my long absence…

    Comment by ivdanu | August 20, 2009

  6. @ Danu
    Thank you for the lovely compliment, a woman loves to hear things like that!
    You are always welcome here, Danu, how long ever your voyages last… we are always very happy when you enter Cafe Crem, really! Anyway, everybody here has been absent for a long time, me first! I guess it has been a time of voyages for everybody 🙂

    I would love to know which things are happening in your life, abobe all because you kind of sound excited about it. And you know how curious I am! But above all, I am so glad for you if good things happen to you, you soooooo much deserve them1 Let us know as soon as you can pleaaaaaase!

    @ Viv
    What is the writing doing by the way? Do you manage finding time for it lately? I hope so, as it was great!
    By the way, I have been sometimes to your log in these last months, but could never find time or energy to leave a comment. I was in my mind quite far from the blog world, perhaps because the “real world” had taken over with so much work for me…

    Comment by Miki | August 20, 2009

  7. C’est GEANT ! j’adore cette photo Miki ! Tchin, je prendrai un thé moi (dans un mug fétiche).

    Comment by Pomme | August 20, 2009

  8. Ah Pomme, quel plaisir de te revoir ici!
    Pour le thé il faudra t’adresser à Kevin, c’est lui qui le sert…

    Comment by Miki | August 20, 2009

  9. Hi Miki,
    Yes I have been writing, but not as much as I’d like. Partly a great deal of my pzazz(!!!!) has been squashed by the horrible woman who was my boss; she was only good at destroying confidence. But now she’s been gone a few weeks I feel things beginning to start up again.
    I know what you mean about the real world taking over but in many ways being able to blog about things kept me from going under and I have made some excellent friends through the blog world who I now know a bit in the “real” world too.
    I’m glad you popped by at times.
    It’s been very quiet at cafe crem but the autumn is coming and then people will be back to shelter from the wind and rain and share a coffee or two!

    Comment by viv66 | August 20, 2009

  10. Ah how so few have so much to share for so little. Wonderful news Miki. I have an rss feed for the site and agree with you it looked so dormant for awhile. I guess summer keeps us all busy. Waiting for the full story. Your friend!

    Comment by michael pokocky | August 20, 2009

  11. I just had a look in the spam column and there’s two comments there than oughtn’t maybe be there. I’d been wondering what happened to Michael and there he was.

    Comment by viv66 | August 20, 2009

  12. @ Viv
    Thanks Viv, I have no idea how Michael’s comments land into the spam box! I was quite horrified as I saw them there!. But they are back where they belong now, here with us in Cafe Crem!

    @ Michael
    God, Michael, we almost missed your comments! It is great to hear from you, we hope you are well. Let us know from you when you wish, we would be happy. Here in Cafe Crem or more privately.
    I will tell the full story as soon as it becomes definitely real…

    Comment by Miki | August 20, 2009

  13. Hi! Miki! I come to here by way of BonnyRacca. I was delighted to see Memphis on Beale Street again. I had not thought of Orange Mound in a very long time. this seems to be an older post. But what the heck. After I got back in to WordPress, It is a delight to see a Cafe internet Cafe.

    Comment by quiltknit | January 24, 2010

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