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Facebook Games Replacing TV Leisure

watching TV

Many people are no longer coming home, turning on the TV, and flipping channels to see what’s on. Instead, they sit down in front of the computer.

relaxing with home computer
Even before checking email, many people now go to Facebook, just to see if anything is new on their home page, or to see which of their friends might be on line. Next, a few minutes is spent commenting on friends’ posts, or taking fun quizzes that their friends have taken.

Next, they check in to their games. In some games, money arrives every hour, and they want to get it to the bank before someone steals it. In other games, they want to buy items, and they only have an opportunity to earn money every six hours. If they already have enough money, they may now be going shopping (in their online game) to relax after work.

There are games for all ages, from kids to grandparents (such as World War II).  Some whole extended families play on line at the same time, from different locations.  One of the things I enjoy persoanlly is meeting people from all over the world who are playing these interactive games at the same time.

I’ve noticed a transformation in myself taking place since I’ve started playing these games, and since I’ve been using Facebook regularly. 

Facebook Logo

I write six blogs on completely different topics, and I’ve noticed my blogging has really suffered because Facebook is using up all my computer time! What are other people finding?
Just when I thought I’d finally get back to blogging, today I discovered Spy Wars and found that looks pretty interesting……..HELP!!!

–Madame Monet


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  1. I went through a time when I spent a lot of time on Facebook; I got bored and then frustrated by the inherent triviality and hardly use it at all now.
    To be honest, right now, real life and such like has more impact on my blogging efforts.
    We’re about to start keeping bees, for example, so the course for that is weekly and other things are also keeping me busier than I like.
    “this too shall pass”

    Comment by viv66 | May 30, 2009

  2. I hope this phase will eventually pass for me…how long did it take you to get through it?

    Comment by Madame Monet | May 31, 2009

  3. I started feeling unhappy about it within six weeks and it had tailed off to almost nothing by six months. Now, I get very irritated by it all; one real life friend has deleted me on facebook because i wasn’t joining in with the so-called fun! She lives less than 3 miles from me and yet, I haven’t seen her in 5 months; she’s utterly obsessed now by it and thinks it’s the best thing ever.
    I have 3 blogs, myself, this one, my own and a new one that is in the wings waiting for certain changes in my life before it becomes active. Facebook is too brief and lacking in depth for me.
    Good luck Madame Monet; there is life after Facebook!

    Comment by viv66 | May 31, 2009

  4. I don’t spend that much time on the FB compared to the time I spend on my blog (other blogs) or on the YT. Oddly, I check my email first to see if anyone’s sent or confirmed a friend request, commented on one of my posts, etc etc. If not, I usually don’t surf to FB.

    I “abandoned” myspace ages ago. The only reason I haven’t deleted my myspace page yet is b/c of networking contacts the don’t have (public/professional) FB pages.

    I am so tempted to close my myspace, though.

    Comment by sittingpugs | May 31, 2009

  5. I see this trend happening with some of my fellow bloggers. . . as for me, I, like you grew tired of fb as it doesn’t have the depth or give me the opportunity to be as creative as my blog does. I think it’s just a phase for many . . . at least it keeps some people entertained. Great observation! Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by cordieb | July 12, 2009

  6. I’ve never been interested in Facebook – it seems to me to be a little too intrusive, and the world and his wife can “get into your head” whether you want them to or not!

    I use MySpace, because its convenient for my music profile, but again, it’s not really my thing. If only I could get a decent music player working on WordPress (any ideas, anyone?) I would probably abandon it and concentrate on my site.

    Funnily enough, real life has actually been taking up a lot of my time recently…how strange is that?

    Comment by kevmoore | July 28, 2009

  7. hi i intrested to play this game and add this game to my site

    Comment by facebook game & app | August 23, 2009

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