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Apologies for my absence but I’m now back at work and both the tiredness and the stress is taking its toll on my creativity… but I thought I’d share this photo I caught yesterday in London. I had one of those tearing-out-of-hair days but all was ultimately OK.


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  1. Nice to hear from you, Viv!
    Well, I suppose on one part you must happy to be back at back, you seemed to miss it in the past. But of course, this is the old problem, to find the energy and inspiration to be creative when one comes back home, exhausted… this is one of the main reasons why I stopped my normal hob many years ago, and decided to dedicate my life to painting. But see, sometimes I miss it…

    Comment by Miki | March 29, 2009

  2. I would be glad to be back, but for the various undercurrents and politics at work!
    Plus the group I am with right now are from a school that is rather troubled. There have been issues from the start, a passport and two mobiles that vanished before they were even through customs, and the day in London yesterday was stressful and hard going as the kids are a bit wild. Five went AWOL and vanished, making us 40 minutes late leaving….
    I’m in the process of considering an researching my options and possibilties again; maybe do a masters but in what?
    *wanders off, pensively pondering*

    Comment by viv66 | March 29, 2009

  3. Really nice, crisp photo capture, Viv.

    I miss London, been to visit several times. There’s some really neat art shops there and I want to go back to the Tate Britain.

    Good Luck with settling back into work. It will take some adjustment until you get more comfortable.

    Comment by Bonny | March 29, 2009

  4. Thanks Bonny. I seldom get to go to galleries, because I go where the students need to go; in essence, after the obligatory tour of the main sites, that means going to Covent Garden, since it’s hard to get lost there and it’s a five min walk back to embankment and the coach! On Saturday, due to the G20 protest, they locked allto embankment gardens so we had to go the long way round; on my own, I might have shinned over the fence!
    I took a dozen or so photos, but some were not so clear as I was moving at the time. If you are ever in London, let me know nd I’ll come and meet you!

    Comment by viv66 | March 30, 2009

  5. Oh, it looks like your picture is gone…

    We keep looking at plane ticket prices to London. I’ll have to let you know if we make it out there this summer, Viv!

    I hope things get better for you at work. I’ve been thinking about returning to my original profession once my son starts school in the fall, but it is a difficult decision. I worry that I’ll get too stressed out with work to be a good mom to my kids.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | April 2, 2009

  6. I think it’s still there, even if I’ve been absent!
    I shall be posting soon, I hope. I’ve been away; first to Scotland for a family wedding and then to stay with one of our oldest and best freinds in North Yorkshire.
    back to work next week. lots of good news, some very exciting….

    Comment by viv66 | April 11, 2009

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