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Broken Fibula

Broken Fibula

This is the result of what happened to me earlier this week. To read about what happened, please visit my Blog at:

March 7, 2009 - Posted by | Art, Bonny's Paintings, drawing, health, life, travel


  1. Oh Bonny, I am so sorry, sooooo sorry! It is always terrible for me to realise that while we are wonderful something awful can happen to one of our friends on the other side of the world…
    But wonderful how everybody helped and felt for you, and the flowers were beautiful.
    Now, Bonny, you have to use the time to paint or write, I guess!…
    We wish you not to suffer too much these long weeks… and come to us in Cafe Crem when you need some comfort and nobody else is around!

    Comment by Miki | March 7, 2009

  2. Ouch indeed!
    Sending lots of love and gentle hugs!

    Comment by viv66 | March 7, 2009

  3. Thank you, Miki and Viv! This is an inconvenience but it is still short term. I’ll be mended and healed and good as new in about 6 weeks or so.

    Getting treated very well in my rented wheelchair for now. Tomorrow we fly home and then I’ll seriously have to practise using my crutches.

    I’ll pop in as I usually do to see what’s new here at the Cafe!

    Take care!!

    Comment by Bonny | March 7, 2009

  4. Oh no! Here’s to a speedy recovery.

    Comment by sittingpugs | March 8, 2009

  5. Crikey Bonny! Sending you warm wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Comment by kevmoore | March 8, 2009

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