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Bubble Boy – 17 –

Bubble Boy - 17 - , by Miki

Bubble Boy - 17 - , by Miki

(Original German Version)

(Bubble Boy – 1 –)     (Bubble Boy – 16 –)

Our three heroes were now outside of the castle: Tiwoo in the air flying ahead, Bub on the ground running behind the owl and Barbra in Bub’s pocket bouncing about in the bottle. Good that you can’t see her by the way, as due to the incessant juddering she got really seasick, and evermore greener and angrier in her face – which she always was anyway!
They went straight on for a long time, until Bub totally lost his bearings. Not that he really had them before, but this time he felt as if he had absolutely no idea where he was, something like that awful feeling you have when you are lost! He looked around, trying to find anything known or comforting to his eyes and his heart. At some point he looked up in the sky and saw the yellow ball he had met as he was still floating in his bubble. The ball was so pale now, and no more round at all and the eyes were hidden behind a grey veil. He felt a strange sadness as he saw her, but some comfort too.
I forgot to tell you before that as a result of the dramatic landing on the castle tower, Bub had lost his memory and could hardly remember what was before. You will say that this probably wasn’t much anyway, having spent his whole young life floating in an almost empty sky, but well, for all of us, people, the personal  details are the most important thing in life. And Bub had forgotten all the details, had forgotten everything about the flight  in the net on the broomstick,  the floating bubble and of course  how he had come to earth in the Land of the Rising Sun. Just as he saw the moon up there something seemed to awaken in his memory, something like a nostalgic sparkling light which seemed to shine from very far away…

Bub didn’t know what that all meant, had no idea why he felt that way, no idea of all this feelings stuff, which normally fills human beings’ lives. Feelings like happiness, sadness, nostalgia, love, hate or even fear, all this was new to him.
He just knew that often he had felt terribly bad, as for example when he was sitting in his bubble and Barbra was staring at him and even worse as she had started screaming. He remembered also how much better he felt as he was crouching on the wonder table, quite big,  and hasn’t forgotten either the ugly look on Barbra’s face as she ran away or as he put the cork back on the poison bottle.

Oh dear! You will object now that I just told you that Bub had lost his memory about everything prior to the landing… you see,  this is exactly what one calls a bug!
But in fact I just wanted to test if you are really listening with attention!

Anyway, and this is not a bug, as he saw the moon up there right now, he felt suddenly better. Why he didn’t know, but the reason is obvious to us, isn’t it? I guess it was warm the warm  feeling of having something like a friend, somewhere in this big universe!
But let us come back to the facts now. At some point, after a long walk full of  these new sensations for Bub, they arrived at a crossing. Until this point he had only run behind Tiwoo all the time, and there was no need to think about where to go. But now they had arrived to a place, which seemed to be a very special one. Here was a sign which showed in four different directions. A big wooden sign made out of 4 wooden arrows on which weird characters were written. Of course normal people, at least the ones of a certain age who were able to read, would have recognised the weird signs at once, and read the words:
“North, West, East and South.
But our little Bub was not a normal person, he could not read and hadn’t even a clue what reading meant!

Tiwoo had stopped too, considering the crossing as a good occasion to make a rest. She perched now on the top of the post, staring down at Bub with a kind of  teasing look in her eyes, as if she wanted to say:
“It’s up to you now!”

(next instalment on Thursday 5th March 2009)

By Miki


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