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Bubble Boy – 16 –

Bubble Boy - 16 - , by Miki

Bubble Boy - 16 - , by Miki

(Original German Version)

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Now Bub was standing there, with a tiny little Witch in a poison bottle in his pocket, with an owl who was staring at him from the top of a kitchen cupboard , and all this unfolding inside a Witches castle in the middle of a Witches land.

Following the natural curiosity which inhabits all children on our planet, even the ones born in a soap bubble, he started exploring the castle. Such a castle, with all the corridors, the rooms, the towers, and the hidden corners was certainly a very exciting and mysterious place for a boy. He spent hours and hours running up and down the stairs, opening doors and drawers and poking in all the nooks and crannies, leaving an indescribubble chaos behind him everywhere he went.

Tiwoo, who of course was following him everywhere very closely, got an unpleasant feeling in her tummy, thinking of Barbra who indeed hated it when somebody was putting his nose in her things. And of course, she hated it even more when this somebody was leaving everything all over the place.
On the other hand she was secretly very excited to finally be able to enter some rooms into which Barbra never let her in and always kept locked.
She had always been very curious to see what was hidden behind all these mysterious doors…
But to tell the truth, nothing special was behind these doors. Just totally normal rooms, most of them even empty. Tiwoo understood that Barbra had just wanted to make herself look important with these supposed hidden secrets.

After exploring every single corner of the castle, Bub sat on a step of the main staircase, exhausted. Tiwoo landed on the banister in her usual uncertain style, not too close to Bub, but not very far away either. To tell the truth she had lost her initial mistrust, the boy looking pretty harmless and anyway the lust of adventure was stronger than any fear: she really didn’t want to miss anything!
She realised too that this was THE occasion to make the sightseeing flight above the land around the castle she had been dreaming about for a long time.
Of course she hadn’t forgotten Barbra who still sat in the poison bottle in Bub’s pocket, but she calmed her conscience by the thought that the fresh air might do her brain good, and help to find a way to free our little Witch.

And this is why Tiwoo suddenly spread her big wings wide and took off. The fact that she looked like a bat didn’t bother her at all, because she had never seen bats before and didn’t know how ugly they are. But even if she had known, it probably wouldn’t have bothered her either, because she was a wise owl and knew, that in most cases it is not the beauty that matters but the efficiency. And one thing was certain: her wings were very efficient!

As Bub saw the owl flying away, he decided to follow her: the thought of staying alone in that castle with the ugly little person in his pocket was not reassuring at all!
He screamed:

“Wait for me, please, wait for me!”

and started running after her. For a second Tiwoo thought that there was no reason why she should wait for him, but well, one never knows what crazy ideas could cross his mind, for example, what to do with the bottle in his pocket! She definitely had to keep an eye on him! She let out a deep sigh
“Why always me?”
But once again her sense of responsibility won the day and she was ready to sacrifice her lusts for the sake of Barbra. She also decided to fly in a holding pattern, but not without moaning what a silly creature that boy was for not being able to fly!
On the other hand, she realised that it was perhaps better this way. At least he could never catch her and keep her in a poison bottle! This all the kind of stuff she was thinking about while waiting for Bub… as you can see: the fresh air was really doing a great job on Tiwoo’s brain!

(next instalment on Monday 2nd March 2009)

By Miki


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