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Don’t be fooled by the title – it’s not very friendly at all!


Hello, you’re nice
And you have lots of friends
I’ve been on the outside
Living to the bitter end

Can I come in?
Enjoy the fun?
I sure do like the view
And if I’m really careful
I can appear like you

But look,
I’ve my own playground now
You’ll have to make amends
It’s a lonely wind that blows through yours
Cos I stole all your friends.

© Kev Moore 2009


February 12, 2009 - Posted by | Cafe Literati, friends, Kev Moore's Poetry, poetry, writing | , ,


  1. A strong and very scary poem, Kevin…

    Comment by Miki | February 12, 2009

  2. Very scary indeed.

    Comment by viv66 | February 12, 2009

  3. Why thank you Ladies – sometimes I scare myself!

    Comment by kevmoore | February 13, 2009

  4. The last line brought memories of “sin, cosin, and tangent.”

    This piece smells a bit of a ten year-old Oscar Wilde colliding with a seventeen year-old Dr. Seuss.

    Comment by sittingpugs | February 13, 2009

  5. I love Pugs comment; so true and so witty!

    Comment by viv66 | February 13, 2009

  6. I love them too, but I rarely understand them! This is the proof that one must not understand to love… 🙂

    Comment by Miki | February 13, 2009

  7. Good morning, Miki. I’m on coffee number 1!!
    and we finally have snow,,, but not a lot.

    Comment by viv66 | February 13, 2009

  8. Good morning Viv! I’m on coffee number 2!
    And we still have sunshine… quite a lot!

    Comment by Miki | February 13, 2009

  9. Ah but you’re an hour ahead of me!!!
    Oh but can you send some sunshine this way. It’s as grey as a wizard’s cloak here and it’s getting me down. I went out with my camera yesterday but the light was very dull and flat.
    Hoping for a brighter weekend, because we’re off to Cambridge on Saturday. Ellie has a tutorial and we’re meeting my parents too.
    Think I shall go and put the kettle on again…

    Comment by viv66 | February 13, 2009

  10. The poem reminded me of The Poison Tree(by Shelley I think)
    that starts,
    “I was angry with my friend,
    I told my wrath,
    My wrath did end.
    I was angry with my foe
    I told it not
    The wrath did grow” and charts a process of growing a tree that has poison fruit. I think you can guess the rest.
    I must look it up..

    Comment by viv66 | February 13, 2009

  11. Coffee number 3!
    I would love to send you some sunshine, you know, we have so much of it here. ut this will need another technology, i guess, not even a more sophistical internet will do it I suppose… but who knows!
    Wish you a great day in Cambridge with your family… and send my greetings to your golfer parents!

    Comment by Miki | February 13, 2009

  12. Thanks Viv. How unsettling would it be for a parent to be called into the principal’s office because one’s child recited Kevmoore’s poem at an assembly?

    Would the parent

    A. Be thrilled that the child has stopped reciting the lyrics of Michael Jackson songs (there was a phase).

    B. Be disappointed that the child has yet to expand beyond non-epic poetry.

    C. Be upset with the principal for wasting the parent’s time. Honestly, Principal Myers, don’t you have violent and unruly children to discipline?

    Comment by sittingpugs | February 13, 2009

  13. miki:the sunshine appeared here, thank you for puffing it our way!
    pugs: in an English school I suspect the principal would just be delighted one kid could read…I once filled in on my child’s contact form her religion as Melanesian Frog worshipper just to see what would happen…

    Comment by viv66 | February 13, 2009

  14. Ah, the unsavoury Principal Myers Pugs….on many a pupil’s “leaving day” hitlist. Wasn’t he the one who seeded the area behind the bike sheds with landmines to prevent any unhealthy fraternising between lovestruck pupils?
    Old boy Smithers told newspapers: “I might’ve lost a leg, but at least I had my first kiss….”

    Comment by kevmoore | February 13, 2009

  15. “Sin, Cosin, and tangent…” – you just sent a shiver through me Pugs: I remember sitting at my desk staring at pages and pages of logorithmic tables, my eyes glazing over as the terribel realisation dawned: I hate maths, and I will never have a proper job…..

    Comment by kevmoore | February 13, 2009

  16. Principal Myers would see to it that no hanky-panky went on behind the shed on his watch.

    Comment by sittingpugs | February 13, 2009

  17. This happened to me when I was a kid. . . The new girl in the neighborhood “stole” all my friends. The thing about life is that newness of anything usually feels so exciting. . . especially, new sex and new love. . . so it just seemes like it was stolen. . . but actually it was most likely only borrowed.

    Now that I’m older and I know that the newness always wears off, and true friends always have something in common to keep that friendship going. . . even if miles away.

    “I’ve learned that regardless of how hot and steamy
    a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place.” Unknown. . .

    Blessings all . . . Happy Valentines day to all of you!!!! Be Loved, but most importantly Be Love. . . CordieB.

    Comment by cordieb | February 13, 2009

  18. Great comment, Cordieb, so true with he “only borrowed”!
    Happy Valentines to you too… you sound as if you are Love, and I guess everybody around you feels it too…

    Comment by Miki | February 13, 2009

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