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Draped in Strange Feathers – The Song

Chapter 2: Draped In Strange Feathers

I like this new overcoat, close against my body. Raindrops flow and I am safe. Fluff and snuggle, we dress up for courting season. I no longer lie down. I wear black velvet like a crown, carried high. Rich in red with blossoms of emerald, all the gifts of paradise draped delicately across my breast. Baby soft in my gleaming brightness, I take care so no water seeps in. Without bare skin, I forget how to swim. My glide is gone and I miss the taste of sea worms. Tiny toes get tired, grasping at the tall reeds of late summer. Worn out, I shed my secrets. In the cold, moonlit nights, I am alone. My cry, my song, grows quiet. All of my dreams—turquoise treasures, plumes of plum, circus parasols, dazzling white against a yellow fan —all of my tiny wants in a drop of dew, a grain of sand. I wait for my days of fluff and grace. Open and shut, open and shut; we hide in strange costumes.

Listen here for Part 2 of the “Strange Costumes” collaboration between Shelley and Kev

© Music Kev Moore, Lyrics Shelley M House 2009


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