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The nests we build: another cafe crem collaboration

Is there any limit to the versatility of the Kev Moore?  Check this out!  My second Soul Sketching demonstration video, completed with the soundtrack “Misty Mountains” by Kev.

And maybe in the comments section here Miki will tell the story of the early morning awakening with the theme in his mind.  A great artist just takes dictation while the voice of god whispers in his/her ear.  Well, something like that.  Anyway, thank you Kev!  It’s a perfect fit.  And next time I’m thinking a little henhouse rock n roll.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Soul Sketching #2“, posted with vodpod
copyright 2009  Susan Cornelis

February 8, 2009 - Posted by | animals, Ca' Puccini, Cafe L'Arte, Kev Moore's Music, Susan Cornelis' Paintings, video


  1. Inspiring. Provocative. Beautiful.

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | February 8, 2009

  2. Susan, it was a pleasure and a delight to work with you once again -let’s not leave it a year next time!

    Comment by kevmoore | February 8, 2009

  3. Susan asked me to tell you the story of the music theme for this video. Here is the mail I sent to her shortly after Kevin started to work on it:

    Tonight, it was about 5 or even earlier, some strange noises woke me up. I was exactly in a deep sleep phase and I didn’t feel very well to get waken up. After a while I noticed that Kevin was moving a lot, in fact he was jumping out of the bed. If you knew Kevin’s pleasure of quietly laying in bed in the morning, you would wonder how this was possible.
    “What are you doing?” I asked him
    “I have the theme for Susan’s Video in my head, I must write it down!”
    and he disappeared in his new sound studio. He reappeared at 7, waking me again in a deep sleep phase, with a lovely mug of coffee with milk for me. I felt exhausted!
    Just to tell you that Kevin has started with your video! I hope he won’t make an habit out of it… something similar had happened with Shelley’s video, but it was even earlier in the night!!!!

    Weird is that he awoke with the theme. I mean it was in his head before he awoke!

    Comment by Miki | February 8, 2009

  4. This was lovely and both restful and inspiring; you made it look so easy and natural.
    And the music was perfect too.
    Thank you both.

    Comment by viv66 | February 8, 2009

  5. You should have seen the reaction of my Muse group to the video yesterday. A couple of them had tears in their eyes – something about the combination of the sweetness of the music with my petting the chicken (?) or maybe it had to do with reminding them of the current economic gloom! Today there was an editorial in the New York Times titled “A Crack in the Nest Egg” or something like that, so I guess it’s timely.
    I’m much honored by Kev’s musical contribution to my life. And already thinking about our next one. . .

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | February 9, 2009

  6. Oh my! That was just beautiful! And such a treat…Susan, I’m a big fan of collage and watching true artist at work was a real treat…Kevin….the music was perfect…of course it had to be when the Muse throws you out of your bed.
    Guys, may I have permission to post your video on my website? I would give proper attribution of course.

    Comment by psychscribe | February 12, 2009

  7. P.S. i meant to say my blog.

    Comment by psychscribe | February 12, 2009

  8. I can’t speak for Susan, but from my perspective its fine – perhaps ask her on her blog in case she doesn’t pop back straightaway? Thanks for your kind comments Psyche!

    Comment by kevmoore | February 12, 2009

  9. Please, Psych, always when you post something which has been done as a collaborative work of 2 or more Cafe Cremers, say it explicitly. Just because it is what Cafe Crem is about, and it is a kind of “Trade Mark”. this is very important fro us. 🙂

    Comment by Miki | February 12, 2009

  10. Yes of course I would, Miki.

    Comment by psychscribe | February 13, 2009

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