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Bubble Boy – 10 –

Bubble Boy - 10 - , by Miki

Bubble Boy - 10 - , by Miki

(Original German Version)

(Bubble Boy – 1 –)     (Bubble Boy – 9 –)

But for now Barbra was manoeuvring her broomstick towards the highest turret of her castle, with feverish fingers and a seasick feeling in her tummy. She landed there the best she could, but to tell the truth: It was a real catastrophe!  This was a thing with Barbra: she could never learn to land properly! Perhaps the reason was that as soon as the broomstick was flying vertically towards the ground her hands always started to tremble and she got all sick in her tummy and dizzy in her head, so that she inevitably lost control of her machine.

After a while Barbra recovered consciousness and her first thought was for the crystal ball, wondering if it had survived the crash landing. But the ball laid there, a little bit flattened, yet complete. Barbra couldn’t believe her eyes as she knew how fragile glass is, having read in all her Witch books  how cautious one must be with glass balls.  Of course our little Witch didn’t know anything about soap bubbles and their elasticity. And although she thought that she didn’t care a fig about it she saw with relief that even the dwarf had survived the crash landing, even uglier  than ever!

And yes, our little Bubble Boy had survived the crash, but it had scared the hell out of him and he had felt very weird in his head then. But now he was very happy not to be falling from the sky all the time and to have some ground under his feet, wondering what would happen.

The moon up there had even stopped crying and to ask himself silly questions. It just looked sadly down upon the earth, no longer shining as brightly as before, and had apparently even lost some weight as his cheeks were not as round as they were previously.  Barbra’s eyes, on the contrary, were shining brighter than ever as she picked up the glass ball from the ground!  With big pride she took the long narrow stairs down to her Witching laboratory.

There she was now, standing in front of the heavy wooden door with the many locks. From inside she could already here the happy screams from Tiwoo the Owl, which she always locked in when she went for long trips through the sky. At the beginning she has taken the owl with her, but the bloody bird had the bloody habit of leaving its perch on the broomstick as soon as they were in the air and having a flipping trip on her own. Which always ended in her losing her way back and  Barbra having to search for it for hours and hours.

Because although she would never admit it,  Barbra loved the bloody bird much too much to leave it lost alone in that big sky and return home without it! And always, when Barbra came back from her trips, like now, they both were over the moon to see each other again even if Barbra, of course, tried to hide her joy.  This time again, like always, Tiwoo welcomed Barbra back with her awful screams

„Tuwit Tuwoo, Tuwit Tuwoo! “

and tried to land on her shoulder. But you know what one says about people and their dogs? That the dogs are like their masters? Well, in fact it is exactly the same with Owls. Just as Barbra never made a good landing, the same with Tiwoo. She had practised a lot though, but she always missed it. And today, so excited and happy she was about Barbra coming back home after the long absence, she missed her shoulder so completely that she landed on her Nose! Well, you could say that there was enough room there for a bird, but although long and thick, Barbra was a young Witch and her skin, even on the nose, was quite sensitive and Tiwoo’s landing left a big scratch on it. The result being a very angry little Witch, chasing the bloody bird with her hand and screaming:

„Leave me alone, bloody ugly bird, go away, fly back to your place and stop screaming like that, I can’t stand it! I should really go the woods with you soon and lose you there!”

Tiwoo’s eyes became suddenly very sad and scared. She let her ears and her tail hang down and flew back to her place, a tiny swinging perch above the wondertable. But couldn’t help thinking that in fact, it was Barbra who was screaming like that, and not herself…

Barbra, who above all had been terribly scared that Tiwoo had scratched her great crystal ball in the big welcome ceremony, calmed down a little and threw her a kind but severely meant glance.

„Well, for now, I forgive you, but so help me,  if you ever start again with this bloody sentimentality! You should be ashamed of yourself, you are a witch’s owl after all!”

Tiwoo  let her ears and her tail hang a little lower, her eyes downcast, as expected from an ashamed owl. But secretly she knew of course that Barbra would never get rid of her in the woods, having got so used to her. Barbra also could not allow herself to lose Tiwoo. At least not yet.
Why not?
Simply because Barbra still hadn’t learned how to conjure real living beings.
Barbra could conjure a lot of stuff: broomsticks, castles, books, beds, tables but not living beings. No men, no owls, no cats – what real witches normally have, not even rats or fleas was Barbra able to conjure!

But Tiwoo, who was sometimes a quite clever owl in spite of Barbra’s  declarations, exactly knew how important it was to let Barbra believe that she was scared by the wood. She also knew that she shouldn’t exaggerate with her looking scared: it must be the right amount, the right balance, like everything else in life too!
And this is why, because of the right  balance, Tiwoo stood in this humble position for the appropriate amount of time. But then she lifted her tail back up, pricked up her ears and looked wide-eyed at how the story would continue…

(next instalment on Thursday 5th February 2009)

By Miki


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  1. I loved the idea of telling the story and relating it to life. Life seems to be with all the questions we have a popular topic no matter what kind of story or whatever medium.

    Comment by Michael Pokocky | February 2, 2009

  2. The old crone looks so happy to be home there, smiling at her front door! ..and her and Tiwoo…I’m filling up (((sniff)))

    Comment by kevmoore | February 2, 2009

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