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Bubble Boy – 9 –

Bubble Boy - 9 - , by Miki

Bubble Boy - 9 - , by Miki

(Original German Version)

(Bubble Boy – 1 –)     (Bubble Boy – 8 –)

And while the moon up there was falling deeper and deeper into depression and crying upon the world, he couldn´t help following with one tearful eye our little witch on her way through the galaxy. Barbra was slowly reaching her aim and had just started to make a landing manoeuver. Down there, in the sunless darkness of Barbracadabraland, stood her castle.

Yes, Barbra lived in a proper witch castle which she had conjured up herself. The thing is, a long time ago she had got a new broomstick for her birthday and on the first test flight she crashed exactly in this place. The air was clear and quiet. She was  gliding wonderfully through the sky and suddenly she had fallen asleep. A short while later, the impact with the ground had woken her up. She had not been smashed to pieces in the crash, but she she had got a lot of bruises and above all a big swollen nose. Unfortunately her nose had never swollen back again, and had even got a big wart in the middle. She was always asked if she had received the misshapen nose in the boxing ring and sensitive as she was, she hated it!  She had sworn to herself that this would never happen to her again, and she stopped sleeping on her broomstick, But over time broomstick technology made progress and one day she finally had equipped her broomstick with an autopilot. Since that day she’d been a fan of technology and kept herself informed about any new broomstick developments via the magazine,

“Witch Broomstick”.

Anyway, after that first fateful crash she had stood there, and there was absolutely nothing to be seen for miles around. She had walked all four points of the compass, but she had met with nobody…Well, almost nobody. In the woods she had found a strange creature with wings, let us call it an owl, which suddenly appeared and had flown behind her all the time. She thought, well, if nobody was there, then this land didn´t belong to anybody, and so she thought she might as well declare it hers. As nobody was there to vote against it, she called that land:


She had decided to build a real Witches castle there and flew back to her place, a little rented flat in Peckham . She spent day after day looking through hundreds of books featuring Witches castles. She seriously studied everything concerning their inner and outer architecture, and noted all the elements which she most liked. She was especially enthusiastic about a castle of which one of the towers had a long sleeping hat, and decided that she wanted a castle with such a tower. When she finally knew how her castle should look down to the tiniest detail, she started to study all her witch books to find out how to magic it into existence. She was extremely careful not to make the kind of fatal mistakes she always did, because a castle is really an important thing and she didn´t want to make a mess.  She finished her studies and eventually spoke the incantation, and there it was, her beautiful castle in the middle of Barbracadabraland.

Well, not all towers and corners were exactly straight , and not all lines obeyed the laws of perspective, but altogether it was the right castle for our little witch, and above all one of the towers wore a wonderful sleeping hat!

After that Barbra thought that it was time to change her look. She studied a lot of Witch fashion magazines, in search of the best outfit for such a castle …. She chose a long purple  hat –yes, Barbra loved all kind of long hats, perhaps because she was born with  a hat on her head!- and a long purple cloak…. . all wonderfully co-ordinated. Then she skipped the last month’s rent on her flat, climbed on her broomstick and flew back to her new castle in Barbracadabraland. In the moment she entered it, she felt a deep emotion, the kind of emotion you feel when you come home back home after a long journey.

Something though, was upsetting her.

She was not alone there.

The owl was back!

As Barbra was in the woods she had tried to get rid of her, but the bloody bird had followed her everywhere shouting

„Tuwit Tuwoo, Tuwit Tuwoo!“

all the time. And here it was again, following her into the castle.. Barbra, who was quite a superstitious person and had seen in her fashion magazines that modern witches have an owl as a pet,  thought that it was surely a hint of fate and decided to adopt her and call her “Tiwoo“. Original words were not Barbra´s  strength… And anyway most of the time she simply called her „Bloody Bird“.

Let us come back to Bub´s story now.  You remember, Barbra was heading home on her broomstick, with Bub caught in a net tied to the autopilot button. She had been away for days, her first long absence from her castle since she had got it, and she had missed it. She had even missed the bloody bird, although she would never admit it, and she felt a deep deep emotion as she saw them both again.  Because you know Barbra, although she was a real witch, was not so bad as the other witches we know from the stories. Sometimes she was really  happy about things, like the earth creatures were. She was quite ashamed of that though, and had tried, again and again to transform herself into a bad witch with some sophisticated spells, but it had never worked, She has even tried a very new method of psychology, called auto-suggestion, 1000 times loudly repeating to herself sentences like

„I am a bad witch I am a bad witch!“


„I want to be a really really bad, ugly witch“


„Me, Barbra Cadabra, the worst witch of all time!“

but it didn´t work. For example, she couldn´t help to feel some kind of warm thing in her heart for the bloody bird, sometimes it was even  like butterflies dancing in her tummy,  and  she  gave up eventually. She even thought, secretly of course, that these butterflies were quite a pleasant feeling! And anyway, nobody else but her could see her butterflies, and she certainly wouldn´t tell anybody about them, and certainly not the bloody bird! There was also no reason to worry about that…

(next instalment on Monday 2nd February 2009)

By Miki


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  1. I could jump into the atmosphere created by this illustration! It so complements the tale as it unravels…and the way the moon is looking rather cautiously at the Witch! Great!

    Comment by kevmoore | January 29, 2009

  2. Yes. This was a great read Miki.

    Comment by Michael | January 30, 2009

  3. Looking at the painting I feel the desire to be locked away in their for an indefinite period and see what comes from it.

    Comment by Michael | January 31, 2009

  4. Well Michael, you will see soon which kind of things happen in this castle… 🙂

    Comment by Miki | January 31, 2009

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