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Window On The World by Remi Makhoul

Remi Makhoul

Remi Makhoul

I commented on Final Words by Psychscribe and talked about the Kidz Dream Team in MiniBar in Cafe Crem and mentioned Remi Makhoul and I found this last thing he wrote Window On The World (before he died).  I think it is fitting to re-publish it here to express what Remi would have said today if he saw what was happening here on Cafe Crem and with MiniBar.

Window on the world by Remi Makhoul.pdf



January 24, 2009 - Posted by | death, men, Parents and Children, personal, The MiniBar, Vive le difference, writing | , ,


  1. A fitting tribute Michael, he seemed a kind and thoughtful man, and I welcome him here in spirit, which in part, is how we are all here in the Cafe isn’t it?

    Comment by kevmoore | January 24, 2009

  2. Great, Michael. Wonderful Window on the World… as I read it, I felt a deep deep pain in my heart, somehow, I suddenly felt the need to meet him… this was an awful feeling to realise it will never be possible, at least not “in the normal way”.
    Reading Kevin’s comment helped me a bit though, he is right somehow, and I kind of feel Remi among us, alive…
    It was also very interesting and touching to read about Kidzdreamteam… what a great project it was! We will keep it alive here, Michael, somehow…

    Comment by Miki | January 24, 2009

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